WWE.com SD Preview From Manchester, England

Oct. 14, 2004

JBL has had enormous success defending his WWE Championship in the United States.

But how will he fare overseas?

We shall find out this week as SmackDown! invades Manchester, England, highlighted by a must-see main event.

JBL, who probably isn’t even fully recovered from his No Mercy battle with the Undertaker, will take on Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore Rules Match for the WWE Championship, per orders of General Manager Theodore Long.

Also, will there be any further developments regarding Undertaker, Heidenreich or new United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool?

Also, we learned Monday that Cena had to be rushed to a Boston area medical center following a nightclub melee after SmackDown! last week. Be sure to tune in to SmackDown! for all the latest details on Cena’s condition.

Don’t miss this historic SmackDown! from across the pond Thursday on UPN (8/7 CT).