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Someone must be spreading bad rumors about me retiring Daron. Could be Manolis got me confused with our other Jim to. Want me to explain?

Does it really matter what I want”¦I’m just your editor.

Well Manolis contacted me and said someone posted that I retired. I’m not retired I know that. Hell I love X-Assault too but I am not retiring over it. Love doing this way too much to retire. Love the fans too.

That’s good to know Jim”¦thanks for sharing

Vince emails again


Thanks again, you too overlord. *hail hail*

No problem Vince


Real quick back to Bullseye, seeing as how some people have metal plates in their body, or artifical hips/valves for hearts, so using Adamantium to bond some bones shouldn’t be that much of a stretch I don’t think. Probably wouldn’t need meds to control white cells. Bullseye seems pretty heathy (okay so the brain tumor sort of stunts him a bit)

Good explanation for Bullseye. Found a good way to explain why he lives.

I wish I had a question for you good sirs. But I pretty much know what I know (I sort of don’t collect anymore, just 100 bullets and Hellblazer because I have every issue, including Constantines first apprances in Swamp Thing).

Always good to know what you know. If you ever do need help with something you can ask. I really enjoy hearing from you.

And any I’ve had you answer from previous questions. Wait this was a while ago, when Captain America was paralized by the Super Soldier Serum because it was breaking down he had to wear that ridicules armor. How did he recover.

You know what. He got help from his arch enemy. That’s right. The Red Skull helped him. He also teamed up with Sharon Carter who also came back at the time.

Oh and what you’ve been waiting for…Thanos v. Loki, N-word please Loki is so dead. Thanos went toe to toe with Odin and walked away (When Thor went bedbugs) I don’t see how Loki could beat Thanos. So the Death enthralled Titan wins again.

All that’s left is for Thanos to wait for the fallout from Doom and Onslaught.

Yep and it looks like Onslaught will fight Thanos to me.

Thanks again Jim, Daron.

Your welcome Vince

You’re most welcome. Write back anytime. – The Overlord

Manny also gave me a question

Have you done a who is who on the new thunderbolts yet?

Nope, but I’ll do one now.


Real Name: Abner R. Jenkins
Occupation: Adventurer, former mechanic, professional criminal
Other Aliases: Beetle, M.A.C.H-1, and M.A.C.H-2
Place Of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Thunderbolts, Former member of Masters Of Evil, Sinister Syndicate, former employee of Justin Hammer
First Appearance (as Beetle): Strange Tales Vol.1 #123
First Appearance (as M.A.C.H-1): Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #449
First Appearance (as M.A.C.H-2): Thunderbolts #37
First Appearance (as M.A.C.H-III): not sure


Real Name: Melissa Joan Gold
Occupation: Adventurer, former professional criminal, wrestler
Other Aliases: Mimi Schwartz, Margie Green; Mockingbird (imposter), Dinah Soar (imposter); Lodestone (imposter)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mimi Schwartz (mother)
Group Affiliation: Thunderbolts, former member of Grapplers, Masters Of Evil, former partner of Angar The Screamer
First Appearance (as Screaming Mimi): Marvel Two-In-One #54
First Appearance (as Songbird): Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #449

Atlas III:

Real Name: Erik Stephen Josten
Occupation: Adventurer, former soldier, mercenary, professional criminal, soldier of fortune, smuggler
Other Aliases: Smuggler, Goliath III
Place Of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconcin
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mr. Josten (father, deceased), Mrs. Josten (mother, deceased), Carl Josten (brother, deceased), Conrad Josten (brother, aka Smuggler II, deceased), Lindy Josten (younger sister, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Thunderbolts, former member of Lethal Legion, Masters Of Evil, former partner of Enchantress, Swordsman I, Egghead, Eel I, Porcupine I, Black Widow, Red Skull I, Count Nefaria, Baron Zemo I
First Appearance (as Power Man): Avengers Vol.1 #21
First Appearance (as Smuggler): Spectacular Spider-Man #49
First Appearance (as Goliath): Iron Man Annual 7
First Appearance (as Atlas): Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #449

Radioactive Man:

Real Name: Chen Lu
Occupation: Professional criminal, former nuclear physicist
Place Of Birth: Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: former member of Masters of Evil, Titanic Three
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #93

Captain Marvel III:

Real Name: Genis
Occupation: Adventurer, protector of the universe
Other Aliases: Legacy
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mar-Vell (father, aka Captain Marvel I, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Ally of Avengers
First Appearance: Silver Surfer Annual # 6
First Appearance (as Captain Marvel III): Captain Marvel Vol. 4 # 4

Blizzard II:

Real Name: Donald “Donny” Gill
Occupation: Mercenary, Professional Criminal
Place Of Birth: Delaware, New York
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Employee of Justin Hammer
First Appearance: Iron Man Vol.1 #223

Speed Demon:

Real Name: James Sanders
Occupation: Professional criminal, former pharmaceutical chemist
Other Aliases: Speed Demon
Place Of Birth: New Your City
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Former member of Squadron Sinister, Sinister Syndicate, former employee of Justin Hammer
First Appearance (as Whizzer III): Avengers Vol. #70
First Appearance (as Speed Demon): Amazing Spiderman Vol.1 #222


Real Name: Janice (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: Criminal
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Masters of Evil
First Appearance: Amazing Scarlet Spider #2

Also Hawkeye possibly could be back for the new series..

Bill emails

I was reading your Blade postings the last couple of weeks. You mentioned that Blade, Deacon Frost and Hannibal King were the only carry-overs from the comics and the rest were movie originals.

You then mentioned that some other “crap vamps” were in the first film that were originally in the comics. Who were those minor vampires specifically? I’m a huge fan of live-action Marvel movies and I was just curious which characters came from the comics.

I mean ones that we have no names for basically. The reason I call them crap vamps is because they are canon fodder. I still think Blades mother appeared before the movie somewhere but I could be wrong.

So here’s everyone we know for sure.

Hannibal King
Deacon Frost

No one else major did until after the movies really. If they did after the movies then it likely was in comics based on the film.

Furthermore is it true that Dracula (from the Tomb Of Dracula series) is going to be in the upcoming Blade: Trinity?

Yes supposedly Dracula is in the new movie. Also there is a report that the other comic book Nightstalker Frank Drake could be in the movie but not as a Nightstalker. He would be a foe and he is related to Dracula, so he could be Dracula in the movie

Another Bill emails.


This is my first time writing since the move, but I stop by the nexus to check out the column. I’ve always loved comics trivia columns.

Well then let me first say, thanks for following us over to the Nexus, Bill. I’m glad you’re still with us. – The Overlord

A couple of quick questions, which will probably have long answers:

1) What can you tell me about the Serpent Crown?

(Right from the handbook)

The Serpent Crown was one of the most ancient and mightiest objects of mystical power in the history of humanity. It was a helmet made of an unknown material that was designed to resemble a coiled, seven-headed serpent. The Crown drew its power from its mystical link with the primeval demon Set; anyone who wore the helmet was granted tremendous superhuman abilities by Set. These powers included the ability to read minds, the ability to control the minds of others, the power to levitate oneself and other persons or objects, the ability to cast illusions, the power to project destructive bolts of mystical energy, the mental ability to manipulate matter and energy, and superhuman strength. (Apparently not everyone who wore the Crown gained all of these abilities. Presumably the number of powers one gained from the Crown depended on the wearer’s adeptness in learning how to use the Crown’s energies, the length of time that the wearer wore the Crown, and Sets own attitude towards the wearer.)

However, virtually anyone who wore the Serpent Crown fell under the mental domination of Set. Only a person with tremendous will power could free himself or herself from Set’s Crown-induced mental domination, and only if he or she then immediately removed the Crown from his or her own head. Anyone who has worn the Crown retained a psychic link with it.

Counterparts to this Earth’s Serpent Crown existed on at least hundreds of divergent Earths throughout the multiverse. All of these Crowns were mystically linked with Set, who apparently is a multiversal entity. Possibly Set was exiled from Earth before the divergences that produced the multitude of Earths on which Serpent Crowns were created.

Ultimately, the Serpent Crowns were to serve as the means by which Set would return to physical existence on one or more of the Earths of the multiverse. (Similarly, another of these primeval demons, Chthon, created the Darkhold as a means through which he could again manifest himself on Earth.)

I can suggest you also read this: Serpent Crown. This is a good site with some nice bios and also a lot from the old Handbook. The description is accurate and it gives you the full history. I don’t want to take up the whole handbook.

2) What can you tell me about Project: Pegasus?

I’m going to hold this one for next week if you don’t mind. It will lead the edition off too. I’ve got to research this one more and find the handbook with the information.

I remember both of these things vaguely from reading as a kid, but I don’t know any details. Google hasn’t been that helpful, either.


Some times you can’t find stuff like this online. Including the site I just gave you to read. Check it out for yourself though.

Leland emails

You’re doing a great job guys, long time reader, first time writer, so yeah meh. Anyway I had a question, since looking at the voting for the whole Villians tournament, I really got to thinking about the whole Onslaught arc, which of course I didn’t have enough cash at the time to read the full extent of. Anyway the main question here is who all did Onslaught use as his heralds, and such, and what where their powers. And finally any word on whether or not the crossover will be given the TPB treatment.

Good question

Onslaughts heralds where these characters

Dark Beast (from the AOA he joined Onslaught after revealing he was the fake Beast)
Holocaust (Another AOA character. Son of Apocalypse in that time line and also Horseman. He was sent after X-Man)
Hulk (Without Banner in control Hulk was sent after Cable before joining the heroes)
Sentinels (Onslaughts main strike force in the battle)
Gateway (The former X-Men ally seemed to be helping Onslaught during this time)
Havok (Working for Dark Beast meant he worked for Onslaught)
Fatale (Again worked for Dark Beast at the time)
Random (Also working for Dark Beast around the time.)
The Black Queen of European HFC (I can’t recall her name at the moment but she worked for him)

Used to gain power:

Franklin Richards (he absorbed the son of the FF into himself to gain more power)
X-Man (He did the same thing with Nate)

Also note there are 6 TPBs with all the issues of Onslaught in them. I believe the issues are still pretty decent prices to but Trades might be cheaper.

Voting…..Thanos, takes down Loki, and Doc Doom beats Onslaught.

Anyway thanks a lot in advance guys .

You’re welcome and your votes are counted.

I want to play devil’s advocate for a second and just say”¦I really didn’t enjoy the Onslaught crossover all that much. In fact it almost made me drop all the X-Titles. It started off good, but as with almost any Massive Crossover these days, it got really old fast. There are however some really good X crossovers and trades that are excellent. Anyone who hasn’t read AOA should definitely check out the forthcoming trades of the entire series. – The Overlord

Villain Tournament:

East: Thanos (6)
South: . Loki (1)

North: Onslaught (4)
West: Doctor Doom (3)

The Final battle is:

East: Thanos
North: Onslaught

Now I would love to see how the fight goes in your emails if you want to include them. I’ll make sure to post them here.

That’s it for this week. I’m happy to see a good amount of emails. Keep them coming and make sure to label them Marvel Handbook. I may not open them if not labeled. Hey Daron how was this weeks issue?

Actually, I have to say I was pretty impressed. You had some tuff questions this week, and you did a good job with them. Keep it up, and you all keep those emails coming.

Want to give them your sign off and anything else.

Like you need to ask”¦

Actually before I sign off, I have a question for you. I’m sure there are some other people out there who get a bit confused about Scarlet Witc’s powers (as I do). Can you try and explain them for everyone next week?

And as for the sign off, let me say this, if you didn’t check out my last Missing The Boat, please do. This was a particularly special edition of the column, and I want as many people as possible to read it. Also, be on the look out for a new interview by me tomorrow, with the creators of Small Gods (which was the focus of my first new edition of The Boat). And lastly, if you’re still now reading, I have to ask”¦what’s wrong with you? Check it out!

Reporting from the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a good week and see you again on Thursday.