Recapped: Lost – Episode 3

Recapped: Lost — Episode 3

Isn’t this the name of the Bushwhackers’ theme? Anyway, back with another one of those recap thingies, and this week is looking really good from the previews and there’s basically been a lot of buzz surrounding this episode and just how good it is. And any episode that seems to be focusing on Locke has to be good in my book. Didn’t watch much of the debate today, but I’m sure that it’s all a work anyway.

Reaching into the mailbag and pulling out something gooey:

This episode was here soley for moving the characters forward. It will be harder on the viewer down the line when some of the characters that we come to love are killed off. So I really liked this episode from a dramatic standpoint. However, the lingering question I want answered is “How did the plane wreck”. Also, what if Jin is really Sun’s brother–in–law who take’s over looking after Sun because her husband died on the plane. I personally think that the old man is a Merc. or a White Suprimisct. (the white piece and the black piece) But the way it looks in the previews for next week the old man gets it when he views the monster and is visiably shaken by what he sees. this show has me hooked.

I don’t think he’s a white supremacist at all, I think he just looked at the game of backgammon with a more philosophical view than most others would take towards it. I agree that it seems like this guy is a mercenary, or at least something else equally badass. I, too, want to know how the plane wrecked, and I can’t help but feel that Dr. Jack is somehow responsible. There’s got to be a reason why Dr. Jack is the most boring of the characters on the island so far.

I hope they don’t do a “cheat” sort of thing with this monster/alien. Re The Village if you saw that movie

I haven’t seen The Village, unfortunately, but I don’t think that whatever this monster turns out to be will be a disappointment. J.J. Abrams and his script team knows that they have something that people want to know about, and they don’t want to have some ho–hum explanation for what it is, they’re expecting something outlandish like this whole series has honestly been from day one. I have faith in Abrams, and sometimes the best you can do is hope that he has faith in you as a viewer, too.

Onward with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: There was a bunch of stuff that happened, but unfortunately we can’t really get to that right now, because we’re focusing on Locke.

Locke is just coming to his senses after the plane crash, and he looks around and sees his surroundings. He takes a look at his socked feet wiggling and then notices his shoe to the side. Talk about a crash knocking you right out of your boots. Vincent is barking as Locke puts his shoe on…

…and Vincent is still barking as Locke snaps back to reality and present–time. Michael tells Walt to keep the dog quiet while others are sleeping, but the dog is visibly shaken by something going on…uh–oh. THIS MONSTER LIVES…? Soon enough, all of the survivors hear the clanking noises that are startling Vincent, and they begin to crowd around the source of the noises, which happens to be the fuselage. Claire states the obvious, thinking that there’s someone in there, but when Sayid mentions that everyone in there is dead, the answer is right there. Dr. Jack says it all for us, but Sawyer isn’t rummaging through dead people’s luggage for more gentleman’s magazines: “Right behind ya…jackass.” Dr. Jack moves in for a cloer look and Sawyer and Kate are close to follow, and the noises turn into a growling—could this be the thing that chased Michael out of the jungle and into Sun? Everyone starts crowding around and they notice a shape move in the dark. Sawyer isn’t satisfied with the amount of light, however, and tries to shed a little more light on the situation. Dr. Jack tries to stop him, but Sawyer’s light has already startled the beasts, and Dr. Jack tells everyone to get the hell out of the way. Hurley wonders what’s going on now, and as everyone scatters, the beasts scamper about, knocking down Charlie (who will be known as Charlie Horse from here on out due to his heroin addiction) and then scurrying into the jungle. Everyone immediately wants to know what the hell that was, and Locke knows that they’re boars.

LOST. In Translation. LMAO, I’m so funny. Seriously, folks, enough with that pun.

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…we’re back, and Dr. Jack is treating Charlie Horse’s wound as he talks about the numerous bodies that are dead and rotting in the fuselage. Sayid breaks the bad news that digging will be difficult without shovels, but Dr. Jack isn’t thinking about digging, he’s thinking about burning. This offends Sayid, who thinks that the dead passenger’s religious beliefs should be respected in terms of their burial, but Dr. Jack knows that if they don’t burn them, they’re just going to become boar food. “They’re gone…and we’re not.” Dr. Jack doesn’t think we have time to “sort out everyone’s God,” but Charlie Horse brings the doctor back to reality and lets him know that all they have on this island is time. Dr. Jack is dead-set, however, on burning the bodies by sundown tomorrow night–with hopes that someone will see the big barbecue of burning flesh and come to the rescue.

A new day has come, and Sayid is busy working on a new gadget. Feeling the need to insert herself into every god damn scene, Kate comes up and asks Sayid what the deal is with the doodad. Sayid explains that he wants to make a few antennas to triangulate the French woman’s signal. Kate wants to help, and Sayid notices that they both want to get off the island as soon as possible.

Walt seems just at home with Vincent, however. Michael seems less than comfortable, however, and forces Walt to help him with the firewood instead of checking on “Mr. Locke,” who is browsing through a mysterious metal box.

Meanwhile, Hurley and Sawyer are fighting over a stash of peanuts that Sawyer found on the plane when he was snooping around. Sawyer claims that Hurley ate more than his fair share, and is basically being a dick until Dr. Jack interrupts. Sawyer wants “Metro” to stay out of it. Nice. Hurley tells Dr. Jack that there is nothing left of the food except what Sawyer has. “We kinda…ate it all.” Shannon freaks out, and the rest of the survivors are dismayed. Sayid is hopeful, however, and mentions that there are plenty of things that the survivors can eat. Sawyer takes a seat on an errant airplane seat as he asks Sayid how they’re going to find this food…

…right as a knife whizzes by Sawyer and hits the seat next to him. Everyone immediately looks over…at Locke, as a badass chord hits to signify that the Champ is most definitely Here. “We hunt.” Locke introduces himself to Dr. Jack, and he then goes into a description of what kind of hunting they are looking forward to. Locke needs a group of three to “flank one of the piglets, pin it, and slit its throat.” “And you gave him his knife back?” Sawyer questions this move, but I have faith in Locke. He wouldn’t steer us in the wrong direction. Sawyer doesn’t think that the hunting knife will cut it (get it?), but Locke notices this and kicks the lid of his metal box open, revealing six more much longer and much sharper knives. Hurley wonders out loud, “Who is this guy?”

…A phone rings and Locke answers. The voice on the other end immediately refers to him as “Colonel,” and it is here that I mark out. Yeah, he’s a badass military man. Locke and the voice on the other end of the phone exchange military lingo, when suddenly…

“Locke, I thought I told you I need those TPS reports by noon!”

A nod to Office Space, and this is just super–duper. I’m beginning to think this is some kind of messed up situation like A Beautiful Mind, where Locke is just making up shit as he goes along. Anyway, a person who I assume is Locke’s boss—and also much younger than Locke—scolds him about getting the reports done and not making phone calls about military maneuvers.

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…First image is that of KATE HOLDING A KNIFE…I don’t think Dr. Jack should be so trusting. Anyway, Kate and Dr. Jack exchange banter related to the fact that Kate goes on all the adventures and finds a way to get herself in every god damn scene. Kate just wants to know what’s out there; and she trusts Locke to give her some answers. Dr. Jack isn’t so sure, however, as he can’t bring himself to have faith in a man with a case full of knives. Dr. Jack can see through Kate’s lies, and Kate admits that she’s only going on the boar hunting because she’s going to set up the antenna that Sayid gave her…after all, she’s a vegetarian. Have fun with that, Kate.

Elsewhere, Walt is complaining to his father that he wants to go along on the boar hunting trip. However, Michael will have none of it. He notices Sun going by and then quickly catches up with her, awkwardly stumbling through a proposal to have Sun babysit Walt while Michael goes to hunt boar. How awkward? Michael uses broken sign language to try and make the offer. Sun accepts the offer with the international sign for “Okay.” Sun says something to Walt in Korean, but Walt responds with the international sign for “I’d rather be boar hunting on an island”: “Yeah. Whatever.”

Dr. Jack is gathering wood for the corpse BBQ, as Claire comes up and shows Dr. Jack a photo album of wedding plans. Dr. Jack doesn’t know how to proceed, and Claire suggests the possibility of a memorial service as all of the dead people burn. Dr. Jack is reluctant to continue his role as the Greatest American Hero, however; it’s not his thing. “Whatever everybody wants.” This is why I’m so suspicious of Dr. Jack. After the first day of saving everyone and everything that needed saving, he’s now becoming a reluctant hero. There’s something about Dr. Jack, and I don’t like it one bit.

Onto Boone, who is also partaking in the bark-a-thon. Boone walks away from the wood pile, however, and notices the black woman whose life was saved by Dr. Jack, just sitting on the Sand Dune of Reflection, much like Locke and Dr. Jack before her, staring out into the ocean. Boone brings it up with Shannon, but she seems to just want some food. Fatty. Boone thinks that he’s the only way Shannon is going to keep from starving, but Shannon points out that the ocean is full of fish. Boone breaks the bad news; “the ocean is not going to take your Gold Card.”

Off to the jungle, as Locke, Michael and Kate are gathering around some dirt. Locke talks about some of the habits of the boar, and basically translates his mini–rant into the fact that they are getting closer to the animal.

Back near the beach, and Charlie Horse is getting ready to satisfy his addiction again…but not quite yet, as Shannon comes walking up. Charlie Horse immediately stows away the smack, and Shannon explains that she needs someone who can fish. Charlie Horse volunteers himself for the job, smitten with lust for the manipulative Shannon.

To the wreckage now, as Boone is now pestering Dr. Jack. Boone doesn’t think the black lady has had anything to eat and drink lately, and that maybe Dr. Jack should talk to her. He’s not a psychiatrist, however—and I have doubts that he’s a doctor at all—but Boone just figured that Dr. Jack would be the right man for the job since he was the one who saved the lady’s life.

Sure enough, Dr. Jack goes over to the Sand Dune of Reflection and sits down to talk with Rose. Rose doesn’t give any response to anything that Dr. Jack says, and simply stares out into the ocean as she holds to her necklace tightly. Dr. Jack decides that they can just sit for awhile. Sure, because he’s used to it.

Welcome to the jungle, and Kate talks with Michael about Walt, as Locke takes a fleeting interest into what Michael has to say, especially when he mentions that he hasn’t been much of a father figure except for lately, since Walt’s mother died. Michael’s babbling about his family is interrupted by a deep growl, though, and Locke tells Michael to cease speaking. Everyone comes to a stop, and Locke is prepared for some boar flanking. The growling continues, and as Locke motions for Kate and Michael to surround the boar, Michael opens his mouth to say a snide remark and the boar immediately charges, as everyone but Michael is able to avoid the wrath of the boar as one of its tusks rips into his leg. However, everyone is thrown to the ground from the shock of the charging boar. Michael continues to groan on the ground as Locke can only blink and look at his feet.

“You’ve got to move, Colonel.” We’re sent spinning right into another flashback, as it seems that the maneuvers were actually a board game played by Locke and a co–worker. The smartass boss interrupts, wanting to know why Locke is a Colonel even though he’s never been in any of the armed forces. Locke is just playing a game, however, but the boss also wants to know about the “walkabout”. The boss seriously doubts that Locke would be able to do such a thing–which is basically hunting animals on foot. The co-worker (GL 12), mentions whether or not Locke is going to tell Helen, and the boss scoffs at the idea of Locke having a woman. The boss wants Locke to wake up and stop pretending, but Locke thinks that he is destined to be on this walkabout. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

“John, can you hear me?” John Locke. Nice. Locke is back in the jungle, and he’s finally back into it as he sits up and tells Kate that “I’m fine, Helen.” Whoops. Locke wants to know which way the boar went, but Kate insists that they go back to the beach because Michael is very injured. However, John definitely wants to go finish off that boar, and Kate screams after him, “you can’t!” “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

And now, a word from our sponsors…oh man, I hope he doesn’t bite the bullet so soon. This is a very dangerous situation for our Colonel.

…We’re now in the water, and Hurley is trying to spear him some fish. Hurley has never done this kind of fishing before, but he just doesn’t want to get near the fuselage…or Sawyer. Hurley gets frustrated as he misses another fish, but Charlie Horse (who is trying to get the fish for his beau) offers to start fishing himself. Charlie Horse is no good at the fishing himself, however, and they both laugh it off.

Return to the beach itself, and Claire is rooting through some more belongings, as he finds something that belongs to Sayid. It turns out to be pictures of someone who looks to be a love of Sayid or perhaps related to him, as he looks intently at the pictures.

Sand Dune of Reflection now, and Dr. Jack is sitting with Rose, who finally speaks: “His fingers swell.” She explains that her husband’s fingers swell because of the altitude of flying, and so she hangs on to his wedding ring around her necklace until the plane lands. Dr. Jack stays steadfast to his promise that he will stick with Rose until her husband comes back…which will be a long time. Rose finally takes a drink, as she compliments the qualities of Dr. Jack. Dr. Jack explains that he was born into his role as a doctor, he didn’t really work hard for it. Which makes me even more suspicious. There’s no way Dr. Jack can be so simple, so one–dimensional.

Locke is finally living his dream of a walkabout around the jungle as he searches for the boar…

…and we are abruptly shoved into yet another flashback. Locke is on the phone with somebody describing the rush he got from telling off his boss, Randy. The voice on the other end–different from GL 12–is proud of Locke, and he continues by talking about the Walkabout. Locke says that he’s definitely going to do it, and he has two tickets. However, Helen shoots it down immediately, but even though they’ve had an eight-month relationship, Helen can’t have relations with “customers.” Oh my god. Helen suggests that Locke gets a therapist, but Locke wants to talk. Helen reminds Locke that she’s going to need to charge for another hour if this goes on any longer, so Helen saves the emotional pain that will come and just hangs up on Locke. Locke is pissed off, however, and slams the phone down in disgust. Imagine that. This Helen turned out to be a phone sex operator. We’re just going deeper and deeper into Locke’s character, and I don’t know where the digging’s going to cease.

…Back to present–time, and Michael and Kate are slowly returning to the beach. Kate wants to stop, however, as she finds a tree suitable enough for putting the antenna on. She climbs the tree and begins to attach the antenna…


SOME KIND OF MONSTER is rattling up the jungle and making his rumbling noises as Michael seems poised to make a mess in his pants. Kate drops the antenna, screwing Sayid’s work over. Kate notices that they have nothing to fear, however, for the monster isn’t heading towards them…it’s heading for Locke. No, no, no, please don’t do this to me, don’t kill off somebody who I adore so much. I think we’re all pulling for Locke at this point.

Locke is deep in the jungle now, searching for that boar. He hears the sound of the boar, and rushes forward for the kill, but then he hears the rumbling and roaring of the monster, and we get a monster–eye view as it comes through the bush and zooms in on Locke’s amazed face, letting out a loud roar.

And now, a word from our sponsors…oh, poor, poor Locke. SOME KIND OF MONSTER is just going to rip him apart. Unless Locke manages to slay the monster. That would be super uber badass.

…Beach time, and Sawyer has found something that belongs to Claire, but can’t bring himself to admit that he’s done a good deed by handing it to Claire.

Walt and Sun are sitting around, and Sun is taking a leaf off of a plant. Walt wants to know what it is, and Sun demonstrates by brushing her teeth with it. Walt immediately understands and Sun shares with him the Korean word for toothbrush (or whatever), and Walt bonds with Sun despite the language barrier, repeating the Korean word.

Just then, Michael and Kate emerge from the jungle. Sawyer wants to know what’s for dinner, and doesn’t understand that the answer is most definitely “beef.” Kate blows him off. Walt wants to know where Mr. Locke is, but it’s doubtful that he’s alive.

While this is happening, Boone talks with Shannon about his worries that Locke is nowhere to be seen. Shannon only notices the lack of food that they brought back, and her fat tummy immediately begins to rumble. No worries, however, as Charlie Horse comes hobbiting up to Shannon, giving her the Catch O’ The Day. Boone bursts Charlie Horse’s bubble however, apologizing to Charlie Horse for Shannon manipulating the hell out of the heroin addict. Charlie Horse is visibly hurt. Perhaps in his funny bone. Well, so much for a Shannon/Charlie relationship. I guess Charlie Horse is going to have to start trailing the preggers again.

Back to the Sand Dune of Reflection, and Dr. Jack shares with Rose the plan to burn the fuselage. Rose doesn’t plan on going to the memorial service to say goodbye to her husband, because Rose still believes that he’s alive. Dr. Jack tries to give Rose some reality by explaining that everyone in the rear of the plane is gone. But Rose rationalizes by saying that they’re probably thinking the same thing about those who crashed with the middle of the plane. Dr. Jack is skeptical…and then he looks over.

AND THERE’S A MAN STANDING THERE! This image is so creepy, that it looks like it was torn right from The Ring. A solitary man standing there against the brush. Dr. Jack can’t believe his eyes, and as he turns to look at Rose, he looks back…and no more man. Dr. Jack goes to join Rose back at the fuselage. Creepy as all get out.

Kate goes back to Sayid with the broken antenna. “Guess I should’ve gotten the warranty.” Oh, don’t be such a stupid trick, Kate. Sayid is frustrated with his lack of progress in finding the source of the French woman’s recording, but Kate instills confidence in him and insisting that they need to try again. Dr. Jack comes up to Kate and Sayid excuses himself. Dr. Jack inspects Kate with much groping of the face, but Kate stops Dr. Jack and tells him that Locke’s gone, thanks to the MONSTER. Dr. Jack mentions that the fuselage is ready to go for the memorial service. As Kate continues to talk about the upcoming corpse BBQ, Dr. Jack looks over…AND THE MAN RETURNS. He quickly disappears behind a bush, but Dr. Jack is too involved now. Kate is being ignored (for once) as Dr. Jack gives chase to the man, rushing into the brush to find the man and noticing a shape disappear again…but Locke reappears from that same location, dragging a BIG BIG boar behind him. Not MONSTER–sized, of course.

And now, a word from our sponsors. Okay, first thing’s first…awesome that Locke’s still alive and that he came through with the food. Now, for something a little bit more controversial: I believe that the monster is actually a split personality. The man who Dr. Jack keeps seeing is like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing, where he’s a man one moment and a ruthless monster the next. It’s ridiculous, and there’s a good chance that the theory will be dispelled if Dr. Jack finds the man again in the tail section of the plane, but I hold out hope that I could be right here.

We’re in the home stretch as the memorial service is commencing. The fuselage is burning, as Claire talks about some of the dead in the fuselage. While this is going on, Charlie Horse pulls out his Smack Pack and satisfies his terrible addiction, before coming back to the group and watching it burn. Charlie Horse hasn’t seen Dr. Jack around when Kate asks about him…I’ve got a feeling…sure enough, Dr. Jack is on the Sand Dune of Reflection, ignoring the service. Michael compliments Locke on the hunting of the boar, and then wonders if Locke saw the MONSTER. Locke denies any such thing, however…I call bullshit on that.

…We go back into another flashback, as Locke is talking with a travel agent. Locke understands the dangers of the walkabout, and the man is skeptical whether or not Locke can do this. Locke has already given them his money, but the agent says that Locke never mentioned his condition…uh–oh. Locke explains that he’s had it for four years and it hasn’t affected him. It is an issue to the insurance company, however, and Locke just can’t go. Locke is set to go on the plane back to Sydney, but he doesn’t want to go, he thinks he can do that. The travel agent tells him, “No, he can’t.” and walks away….

As the camera angle changes and Locke maneuvers his wheelchair around to chase the agent out, complaining. Wow. Words cannot describe how much shock I’m in at this. I had a feeling this was what his miracle was, but I just couldn’t confirm it until now. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” But the bus is gone, and Locke is left alone in the station. We flash back to Locke wiggling his toes after the crash, and realizing that he is able to walk. Locke gets to his feet…and Dr. Jack immediately calls him over to get the debris off the injured man. Amazing.

Now at the fire, Locke can only stare at the fire…and the wheelchair next to the fuselage…the wheelchair that he no longer needs. Locke smiles as the flames engulf his image.

END SHOW! And I just started to breathe again!

So, what’s the truth about the MONSTER, and why is it so important that Locke not tell Michael about it? What’s the deal with that lone man running away from Dr. Jack? Is Rose’s husband indeed still alive, along with some other people from the tail end of the plane? Some quick answers: Locke knows the true nature of the beast, and had a revelation that fulfilled the purpose of what the walkabout would’ve given him. The lone man, I think is the MONSTER, but it’s far–fetched. At least I’m thinking. Is Rose’s husband alive? Yeah, I think so. Many others from the tail? I doubt it.

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