InsidePULSE’s WWE Smackdown Report


WWE Smackdown for October 14th, 2004. Taped from Manchester, England
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for www.insidepulse.

We start off with just about all of the Smackdown superstars, sans Taker among others, backstage in Theodore R. Long’s office. Rey is in a SWANK black suit by the way. Long informs them all that John Cena was in fact beat up by 10 marines in a bar in Syracuse and he lost his smi….. nevermind. Long says Cena could lose a kidney but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! They did the same thing after Owen died, they certainly won’t stop the show for someone who just got fake beat up. Anyways, Long announces that since Cena is out of action, there will be a open invitation battle royal TONIGHT. Long informs us that the winner of said battle royal will be the #1 contender for the United States AND get a title shot later tonight. The roster leaves the room satisfied, except for MY HERO Carlito Caribbean Cool. CCC tells Long that this isn’t cool.

Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupree
Dupree gets some solid anti-French heat. Have I mentioned how much I love the tag team champions theme music? Kenzo gets on the mic and sings “Living In America!!” complete with dancing! The referee doesn’t care for it and ejects Kenzo and Hiroko from ringside. RVD starts it off by slingshotting Dupree over the top rope. RVD tries a suicide dive, but missed. Dupree rolls him into the ring and tries a cover and gets 2. Dupree hits a back elbow and does the OUTRAGOUS FRENCH TICKLER! RVD ducks a lariat and DROPS DUPREE ON HIS HEAD with a release German suplex. RVD hits a legdrop and follows it with rolling thunder for 2. RVD misses the split legged moonsault. Dupree goes and grabs a chair and brings it in the ring. Dupree goes for a powerbomb but RVD backdrops him, hits a spinkick and then follows it with the ***** star frog splash for the 1-2-3!
Winner – Rob Van Dam

Backstage, Long tells Heyman that he and HEIDENREICH will have to issue a public apology to the fans.

Commercial break.

Charlie Haas vs Billy Kidman
Chaz Haas has an heavily bandaged knee and he has a very noticeable limp to his step. Basically there wasn’t much too this match. Kidman worked over the knee the entire time and eventually hit the most SWANK move in the business today, the SHOOTING STAR PRESS, RIGHT onto the knee. Dispite Dawn Marie’s protests?
Winner – Billy Kidman

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Moments ago: Kidman destroyed Charlie Haas’s knee.

Luther Reigns is backstage with some girls with Sun on their shirts? Luther hits on them all and rubs oil on his chest. Luther wants them to party with him after the show, but they already promised to party with Eddy! Luther promises to put Eddy in the hospital tonight.

Josh is backstage with YOUR WWE champion, JBL. JBL isn’t thrilled with having to defend the WWE title in hardcore match. JBL says he is like Jack Brisco! Like Bret Hart! He’s a technical wrestler and not a brawler! LMAO! JBL says he isn’t a protologist, but if he was, he would stick the enema for UK right into Manchester! Nice touch stealing that line from Bret Hart.

Recap of John Cena’s misfortune against CARLITO last week. Carlito is YOUR new United States championship.

Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the United States title
The Honor Society comes out together as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

Bear with me, battle royals are incredibly hard to keep track of. I’m mostly going to be mentioning the eliminations. Brawling all over the ring to start. Rey gets very close to being eliminated by Bubba Dudley. Orlando Jordan is the first man eliminated and Angle quickly eliminates Funaki right after. The tag team champs eliminate Nunzio together, then Dupree turns on Kenzo and eliminates him! Van Dam eliminates Spike and then gets takes out right after by both remaining Dudleyz. Jindrak and Luther take Stamboli up and over the top. The Dudleyz try and take Rey out, but Rey hangs on and Eddy helps Rey hold on and eliminate both Dudleyz! Angle and Eddy are brawling as we go to break with I believe 9 people left in the match.

Commercial break.

We are back with Scotty 2 Hotty hitting a bulldog and the Worm on Kidman, only to be eliminated right after by Angle. We are down to 8 men left in the match as Rico plants a big kiss right on Dupree who eliminates himself! Rey counters a powerbomb attempt from Kidman and eliminates him. Luther and Jindrak come back and eliminate Rico. Jindrak tries to powerbomb Eddy but it’s reversed to a headscissors and Jindrak is eliminated. Luther punches Eddy off the apron and HE is eliminated. Your remaining three are Luther, Rey and Angle. Rey quickly dropkicks Luther out the ring with some help from Eddy on the outside.

Angle and Rey Mysterio are your final two. Angle beats Rey down for a bit and dumps him, but Rey holds on. Angle counters a bulldog, sets Rey on the ropes and LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK! Wow that guy is my hero. Both men go crashing over and land on the apron. Angle dumps Rey again and this time stomps him down until he is hanging by one arm. Rey is able to hangman Angle on the ropes and come back with a standing tornado DDT. Rey hits a springboard dropkick. Rey goes up top and Angle follows with the pop-up suplerplex but its blocked! Rey crotches Angle on the top rope and goes for the 619 but Angle moves! Angle tries a powerbomb but Rey counters and dumps Angle to the apron. Rey hits a 6-1-9 from the ringpost and knocks Angle into the ring ropes and onto the floor!
Winner and #1 contender for the United States title: Rey Mysterio

Commercial break.

We come back and Rey Mysterio is backstage with interviewer guy Josh Matthews. CARLITO comes into the picture and says it was cool that Rey won the battle royal. Carlito says they should have their match tonight. Rey accepts and Carlito walks off. Josh asks Rey another question and CARLITO SUCKERPUNCHES HIM! Carlito takes out his trusty apple, takes a big bite, and spits it right in Rey’s face!

WWE Championship HARDCORE match: JBL (c) vs Hardcore Holly
This is also falls count anywhere. JBL comes out in a Rolls Royce! They start out clubbing each other with forearms and stinging chops. Holly hits a dropkick and clotheslines JBL over the top rope. JBL grabs a bunch of weapons and tosses them into the ring but gets hit with street sign. Holly follows with 4 straight trash can lid shots to the head for a 2 count. JBL comes right back and hits Hardcore in the head with a TV monitor. JBL clears off the table and Hardcore backdrops him onto it for 2. JBL comes back with a big boot and sends Hardcore into the ring. Hardcore grabs a trashcan and blasts JBL with it, then Orlando, then JBL again. Hardcore grabs the ring steps but JBL hits him with a sick unprotected chairshot to the skull for the 1-2-3.
Winner and STILL champion – JBL

Heidenreich’s apology is next!

Commercial break.

Heyman and Heidenreich come to the ring and Heyman gets on the mic and apoligizes. Heidenreich gets on the mic and Heyman gives him a written apology to recite. He reads it then says he DOESN’T apologize for hurting the Undertaker at No Mercy. Heidenreich challenges the Undertaker to bring the fight to him RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Heidenreich threatens to hurt a fan unless Undertaker comes out and confronts him. Heidenreich goes on the warpath outside the ring, even threatening Heyman! Heidenreich starts hitting himself in the face and lays down in the ring?! Strange fellow that Heidenreich.

Recap of Eddy-Luther from No Mercy. They are having a rematch TONIGHT.

Commercial break.

Ooooooh Chavo! The “Greatest Cruiserweight of All-Time” Chavo Guerrero returns NEXT WEEK!

United States Championship Match: Carlito Caribbean Cool (c) vs Rey Mysterio
They lockup and break clean to start. Rey grabs a headlock but Carlito pushes him off and boots him in the gut. Carlito sends Rey onto the apron but Rey hits a seated senton for 2. Rey tries a whip but Carlito reverses it into the corner and Rey hits hard. Carlito sets Rey on the top rope and hits some big lefts. Carlito climbs to the top rope looking for a superplex but Rey knocks him to the floor! Rey dives onto Carlito on the outside and gets back in the ring to play to the crowd as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break.

During the break, Carlito sent Rey shoulder first into the ring post. Carlito has an armbar on Rey as we come back. Carlito whips Rey into the ropes but he gets caught with a spinkick. Rey tries a whip but Carlito counters it and whips Rey on the ground all the way to the floor! Carlito sends Rey shoulder first into the STEEL ring post. CCC rolls him back in and gets 2. Carlito works a shoulderlock on the mat and knees Rey low when Rey tries to escape. Cool whips Rey into the ropes but gets caught with an elbow. Carlito tries a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and dropkicks him in the face. Rey blocks a couple of lefts with his bad arm :-( and hits springboard crossbody block. Rey tries a whip, its reversed and Carlito charges only to eat boot. Rey HITS the bulldog that Angle blocked earlier for 2. Rey tries a whip but Carlito blocks it and tosses Ray into the air and doesnt catch him! Carlito hits a single arm DDT for 2! Carlito hits the best scoopslam ever, the one with the arm tucked behind the back. Carlito goes up top and jumps….. but eats boot. Rey hits a lionsault for 2. Carlito sneaks in a big boot and tries a powerbomb but Rey headscissors him into the ropes. Rey hits the 619 and goes for the West Coast Pop but Carlito counters into a shoulderbreaker submission! Rey fights and fights and makes the ropes. Carlito boots Rey down and whips him into the corner. Carlito charges and eats an elbow. Rey tries a rana but Carlito counters it to a rollup and he grabs the top rope for leverage and he gets the 1-2-3!
Winner and STILL United States Champion: Carlito Caribbean Cool

Commercial break.

No Mercy Rematch: Eddy Guerrero vs Luther Reigns
Eddy comes out with the four Sun girls. Eddy doesnt take off his shirt and he slugs Luther to start and hits a couple of dropkicks. Luther catches him, crotches him on the top rope and hits a backsuplex. Luther hits a press slam and drops it into a backbreaker. Luther hits a double underhook suplex for 2. Luther hits another backbreaker and works the back but Eddy LATINOS UP and fires away the right hands. Eddy takes Luther down and then hits two of the three amigos. Luther counters the third into his neckbreaker and Eddy counters THAT into a MOTHERFUCKIN DRAGON SUPLEX! Eddy goes for the frog splash and Jindrak appears out of nowhere! Eddy dives onto him, but the heels take over and beat Eddie down drawing the DQ.
Winner by DQ – Eddy Guerrero

Luther takes Eddy out with his neckbreaker finisher as Kurt Angle comes to the ring with HAIR CLIPPERS! They hold Eddy and Angle is about to cut when THE BIG SHOW COMES OUT! LARIAT FOR JINDRAK! FOR LUTHER! Angle is able to escape as Snow cleans house as his music hits.

End of Show.