[Rock] Pearl Jam Ends Record Contract With Greatest Hits

Pearl Jam finishes up with Epic next month with its first greatest hits collection, entitled rearviewmirror (greatest hits 1991-2003), and due November 16.

Sixteen top 10 hits, remixes of three Ten tracks (“Once,” “Alive,” and “Black” – all by longtime producer Brendan O’Brien), as well as live favorite “Yellow Ledbetter,” “Man of the Hour” (from the Big Fish soundtrack) and “Last Kiss” (a 1950s cover released in 1999 as a charity single, penned for the 2003 Tim Burton film “Big Fish”).

The lone Pearl Jam track that appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 yet did not make the cut is 1995’s “Tremor Christ.”

Pearl Jam will work on its eighth album next month in the studio.

Track listing for rearviewmirror:

Disc 1 – Upside:
“Even Flow”
“State of Love and Trust”
“Spin the Black Circle”
“Not for You”
“I Got ID”
“Hail Hail”
“Do the Evolution”
“Save You”

Disc 2 – Downside:
“Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”
“Who You Are”
“Off He Goes”
“Given to Fly”
“Last Kiss”
“Nothing As It Seems”
“Light Years”
“I Am Mine”
“Man of the Hour”
“Yellow Ledbetter”

Credit: Billboard.com