The SmarK TV Rant for Joey: Season 1, Episode 6

The SmarK TV Rant for Joey – Season 1, Episode 6

“Joey and The Nemesis”

– Originally aired October 14, 2004

“I didn’t tell you to lick his face.”
“Well, I was into the moment!”

It’s nice to see both members of Mr. Show getting big roles in prime time now, what with David Cross on Arrested Development and now Bob Odenkirk playing what he plays best — a manipulative asshole — on an even bigger hit.

“Joey and the Nemesis” introduces us to Brian Michael David Scott (or Bri-Mi to his fake agent), Joey’s evil opposite who’s in contention for the same roles as him and somehow picks up on the very subtle hints of Joey’s problems with thinking in order to exploit him. I don’t know where he’d get THAT from. Joey, sadly, learns that the casting director WASN’T actually deaf, and that if there’s still 15 people hanging around the waiting room, the audition probably isn’t cancelled. Some people just need to learn the hard way, I guess. Thankfully, the saga of Brian Michael David Scott is left unfinished and Joey doesn’t get revenge, so I’m hoping for a return appearance.

Meanwhile, Gina finds new opportunity to mother Michael to death when he gets the flu, and it has the boys going crazy, as per usual. I mean, what if Joey wants to walk around naked! Gina lets him stay in her house (where there’s Cinemax) but Joey gets an unwelcome (and confusing) surprise when her boyfriend shows up in the middle of the night. Joey and Michael think this is the perfect chance to get Gina out of their hair for a while, by making sure the new relationship sticks, but unfortunately the guy has a few MINOR flaws (ie, a penchant for self-mutilation) and everyone makes up to end it. Well, except for Brian Michael David Scott, who’s still out there, screwing with dumb has-been soap opera actors as we speak”¦

The Good

– Bob Odenkirk, baby! When you need a smarmy jerk to deliver faux-sincere lines deadpan, he’s your man. Plus adding a Mr. Show alumnus gives “Joey” some instant cred.

– The hit-and-run sarcastic attacks of Bobby the Agent continue to work well in short doses.

– No Alex this week made for a nice change.

The Not-So-Good

– Not as funny as most of the episodes this season, with the overbearing mother stuff getting a bit too played out for my liking. There was a few good laughs to be had, but the B-plot felt a bit weak.

– No Howard! Wassupwitdat?