RAW News: Randy Orton On Jimmy Kimmel – Report


Randy Orton was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show tonight, in a very entertaining segment. Thanks to ME for this report:

– He was introduced as the “legend killer” and “youngest person to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight Title”

Q: So you flew in from Europe today?
A: Yes, Randy talked about all of the countries they wrestled in, and how great the fans are there.

Q: Do you wrestle on the plane on the way back?
A: Sometimes, if you get a little intoxicated…

Q: Your dad was Cowboy Bob Orton (shows a picture, and another guest, Andy Dick, complements the hat), he had a cast for like 15 years!
A: It’s still broken, he’s a slow healer.

Q: Your grandfather Bob Orton, Sr. (shows a picture), was a wrestler, so you grew up around wrestling…
A: Like any child growing up seeing your father do it, I wanted to do it, and I love it.

Q: Did wrestlers come to your house?
A: Yeah, my mother would cook, and there would be all these big guys at the table: Andre the Giant, Honkey Tonk Man, Don Muraco — Andre broke the banister once, he was a big guy, God rest his soul. A great man.

Q: So Taboo Tuesday is coming up, who are you fighting?
A: Ric Flair.

Q: {Joking) Ric Flair, correct me if I’m wrong, is an 85 year old man?
A: I gotta respect Ric, he’s 55, a legend among legends.

Q: What are you gonna strangle him with his colostomy bag?
A: Actually, fans are going to take part in choosing if it’s a cage match, last man standing or a falls count anywhere match.

Q: One-on-one with Ric Flair (he can’t believe it)?
A: Professional wrestling is Ric Flair…

Q: Are you gonna bodyslam a baby too?
A: I’m gonna bodyslam you!

Q: I’m not old enough. Fans will vote on which senior citizen you will kill?
A: Jimmy you’re killing me.

Q: I wish you the best, and I will be praying for Ric Flair…

They plug the PPV, and it’s a wrap!

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