InsidePulse Indy Report 10.15.04

NEWS: Tennessee’s CWA Wrestling Academy Opens
TASW – 10/8 – Ft. Hood, TX
WOWV – 10/8 – Whitesville, WV
PWG – 10/9 – Los Angeles, CA
CWA – 10/9 – Columbia, TN
MSW – 10/9 – Princeton, WV
MECW/NWA VA – 10/10 – Atkins, VA
MSW – 10/11 – Beckley, WV
MSW – 10/12 – Mullens, WV
MPW – 10/12 – Oak Hill, WV

Tennessee’s CWA Wrestling Academy Opens

The Columbia Wrestling Alliance would like to announce the opening of their Wrestling Academy on Saturday, October 16 at 4 pm. Those interested in tryouts will be given their chance to try out and enroll in the school.

Training will be instructed by Anthony Wayne every Saturday at 4 pm at Grand Slam Recreation Center in Columbia, TN. This is your chance to make your dream of becoming part of the incredible world of professional wrestling come true.

Full training is offered for those wishing to become wrestlers, referees, or valets/managers. Prices will be some of the best offered anywhere in the U.S. at any wrestling school, with extremely easy payment options.

Please contact Anthony Wayne at 931-766-2568 for information & prices for tryouts or enrollment or e-mail him at

TASW results
Fri, 10/8 – Ft. Hood, TX

*Nark The Nevulon def. Justin Blaze
*Humongous def. The Gimps
*”Wildcat” Scoby Gober def. “Wildman” Chris Allen
*Mr. Mayhem def. The Iraqi Assassin
*Bobby 2Badd def. ZenZen
*Ft. Hood Street Fight: The Iraqi Assassin

Wrestlers of West Virginia results
Fri, 10/8 – Whitesville, WV

*Jazz E def. Gary Vandall
*Jason Kincaid/Dan Richards def. JV Insanity/Ice
*Beau James def. Jason Lancaster
*Johnny Blast def. Scotty McKeever
*Clay Conners/Jowad Wayne def. Super Destroyer/Robbie Cassidy
*Kid Apollo def. Eric Steel;
*Non-Title Match: Rictor/Chad Cross def. WOWV Tag champions Chris Vega/Brett Sharp

Pro Wrestling Guerilla results
Sat, 10/9 – Los Angeles, CA

*Scott Lost/Chris Bosh def. B-Boy/Super Dragon
*Frankie Kazarian def. Tony Stradlin
*Samoa Joe def. Joey Ryan
*Bobby Quance def. Christopher Daniels
*Scorpio Sky/Quicksilver def. Disco Machine/Excalibur
*Puma def. UK Kid
*Top Gun Talwar def. Hook Bomberry
*Los Rojo Locos/Supa Badd def. “Funky” Billy Kim/Charles Mercury/Ronin

Columbia Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 10/9 – Columbia, TN

*Richard Ezell/”Chaos” Chris Oliver def. Southern Justice
*Big Country def. Tank Morton
*CWA Heavyweight Title Match: Shane Rhodes (w/ Fredrick Beckingham III) def. Arrick Andrews
*Ryder def. Lawrence (w/ Kyle The Butler)
*Anthony Wayne (w/ Lekisha) def. Jeremy Westmoreland
*Bubba Morton/Shane Morton (w/ Susan Morton) vs. Tim Renesto/Robbie Ruffin (w/ Amy) vs. Death Wish (w/ Gordon) vs. Mach 3 went to a no contest

Mountain State Wrestling results
Sat, 10/9 – Princeton, WV

*El Toro def. Total Eclipse
*Dan Richards def. Jason Kincaid
*Jazz E def. Roger Hamm
*Scotty McKeever/Chuck Jones/JV Insanity def. Drake Tungsten/”Bad News” Johnson/Steve Ramsey
*Joey Morton def. The Rebel by DQ
*Johnny Blast/Kid Apollo def. Scotty Blaze/Frank Parker
*Lumberjack Match: Jack Miller def. Chris Gilbert

Mountain Empire Championship Wrestling/NWA Virginia results
Sun, 10/10 – Atkins, VA

Crowd: 120
End of Year Awards:
*Most Popular: Bad News Johnson
Runner Up: Denny Cooley
*Manager of the Year: Erotica D’Vine
Runner Up: Sexy Kevina
*Rookie of the Year: Gregory Vercetti
Runner Up: Donnie Dollars
*Tag Team of the Year: The Underground
Runner Up: Extreme Outlaws
*Wrestler of the Year: Scotty Blaze
Runner Up: (tie) Frank “The Tank” Parker/Scott Sterling

*”Classic” Chris Collins/Steve Harris/Kamikaze Kid def. Dragan Frost/Donnie Dollars/Ravage Lee
*Frank “The Tank” Parker (w/ Erotica D’Vine)/Drake Tungsten def. Bruiser Graham/NWA Southern Tag co-Champion Denny Cooley
*MECW US Title Match: champion Gregory Vercetti (w/ Donnie Dollars) retained against Matty Dee
*The Extreme Outlaws (DP Holiday/Mikkie McMasters) def. Bad News Johnson/Midnight Mauler
*MECW Tag Titles Match: champions Stan “The Man” Lee/Sexy Kevina (w/ Erotica D’Vine) vs.
NWA World Women’s champion Kiley McLean/Jimmy Valiant went to a no contest
*MECW Heavyweight Title Match: Scotty Blaze def. Scott Sterling (w/ Erotica D’Vine/Sexy Kevina/Kiley McLean)

Mountain State Wrestling results
Mon, 10/11 – Beckley, WV

*Gary Vandall vs. Big Bad John went to a double count-out
*Total Eclipse def. Eric Steel
*Rip Manson def. JV Insanity
*Johnny Blast def. Dan Richards
*Joey Morton/War Machine def. Jazz E/TJ Phillips

Mountain State Wrestling results
Tues, 10/12 – Mullens, WV

*Joey Morton/Shane Matthews def. TJ Phillips/Jason Kincaid
*Super Destroyer def. Beau James
*Jazz E def. Roger Hamm
*Take A Bath Match: Dan Richards def. Cuban Assassin #2
*MSW Heavyweight Title Match: War Machine def. Ricky Morton

Mountaineer Pro Wrestling results
Tues, 10/12 – Oak Hill, WV

*Jason Lancaster def. Sin City Mike
*Rictor def. Eric Steel
*Dave Scott def. Bitch Lancaster
*Lance Erikson/Stan Lee def. Brad Batten/The Purple Tornado