The Crucifix

That was probably the lamest teaser I could have thought of, but it probably will be the basis for my creativity this week. I’m going to speak on many things this week. It’s going to range from Raw to my fantasy team, to smackdown to Yankees vs. Sawx. And oh yeah…Ken Caminiti’s death. For kicks I’ll start off with a picture that made me chuckle. I may illustrate a heck of a lot this week.

How does no tabloid print that picture? Especially with Eminem making it so clear for us?

Ahhh, well, where to start where to start. How about WWE Fantasy. Well, when you change your roster you are given a confirmation number as to acknowledge your changes. I guess I should’ve written them down. For some reason, Rob Conway was gone from my team when the rosters locked. There’s thirty something points right there. So I guess Blatt can gloat but I wouldn’t want to win cheap. But hey his column is still good.

On to Raw: 10.11.04
-Trish Stratus def. Stacy Keibler
-6 way brawl with the ladies, faces clear the ring.
-Simon Dean promo
-Eugene and William Regal def. La Resistance.
-Match is restarted and La Rez def. Eugene and William Regal.
-Bischoff tells La Rez that whoever the fans don’t vote for (CoughBenoitSNEEZEMichaelsCOUGH) will fight them at Taboo Tuesday for the tag titles.
-HHH gets angry and goes a little nutty. I guess someone took his secret hair jell.
-Snitsky is live in Stamford (DANG FANTASY TEAM!). He verbally bashes Kane.
-Steven Richards and Val Venis vs. The Superheroes ended in death for them all via Kane.
-Randy Orton gives a promo. Flair interrupts. They talk.
-Chris Jericho and Rhyno ended no contest when Chritian and Lt. Charisma run in.
-GM Eric via The Coach makes Captain and Lt. Charisma vs. Y2J and Rhyno…oh…and it’s RIGHT NOW.
-Rhyno and Jericho def. USS Charisma
-Batista assaults Jericho
-HBK and Benoit chat. Edge interrupts. They don’t want to talk to him.
-Edge, Benoit and HBK def. Evolution. Edge wins with the spear. Afterward, GM Eric announces a 3 way for next week between Benoit, Edge and HBK. Edge spears everyone to celebrate.

-All the women running in violates the Calvin Klein laws.
-Simon Dean telling everyone they’re fat is slander.
-Brass knuckles used by William Regal = Assault with a deadly weapon.
-Flag pole used by Rob Conway = Assault with a slightly less deadly weapon.
-Kane using a chair falls into that deadly category thing above.
-Batista’s run in violates Calvin Klein AGAIN!
-Edge interrupting HBK and Benoit isn’t illegal, yet it is slightly rude.

-I don’t want to go really far, but why are they pushing Stacy? Honestly, she seems like a very sweet, nice, happy person. From what I’ve read about her she is a doll. Except for the whole Test thing. But she’s not a wrestler. I know the same was said about Trish, but they could position someone else right now. It’s not like they don’t have options.
-Really interested in seeing when Chris Candido comes in to feud with Simon Dean.
-La Resistance is THE FORCE for a fantasy team right now.
-Way to sell “VOTE FOR THE CHAIR!” with Kane. Why do I think that is very funny considering I’m looking forward to sitting in a chair for this PPV.
-Flair looked good in the promo. Randy didn’t look great but didn’t look like hell. It just seemed like he was REALLY trying. Promos are like farts, just let ’em go.
-I know I need a better name for Christian and Tomko. Email me your ideas.
-So…when I vote 1,000,000 times for Shelton Benjamin to get the IC Title shot, can I also bet $1,000,000 that Batista gets the shot anyway?
-Edge is reeking of selfishness.
-Overall I didn’t mind the show. I miss CHRISTY! though. I wish, for the fans, that we REALLY and truly had control over Taboo Tuesday. The only problem would be that they’d have nothing to promote. It’s obvious they’re setting up Edge vs. HHH and Batista vs. Jericho. Why not just announce the matches and have us give the stipulations? Why lead us on? PRUDES!

smackdown 10.14.04
Yup, work sucks. Here’s my thoughts on Jennette’s report:

-If they play a John Cena package with that damn “Tell Me A Lie” song they used for Shawn Michaels I’ll put my foot through the TV. Only because that song was stuck in my head for weeks. I’m singing it to myself right now. Only I’m a baritone so it sounds odd.
-Who called RVD vs. Rene Dupree this week? YEA…THIS GUY!
-That Luther Reigns skits sounds like his bonus material in The Girl Next Door.
-JBL doesn’t want a hardcore match? Email me and call me stupid, but he was Hardcore Champion at one point, right?
-The U.S. Title contender battle royal sounded fun.
-Regardless of the outcome, I really don’t like Hardcore Holly. However, I respect JBL. Not just for really trying hard with the title, but he was great in the debate with Foley.
-Heidenreich sounds pretty nutty. I think he should keep beating up fans.
-Way to go CARLITO! Keep them Fntasy points going for me.
-If they wanted REAL heat, they should’ve had someone cut off Eddie’s mullet at its height of popularity.

Thoughts on Ken Caminiti’s death

Quite honestly, I knew very little of Caminiti’s achievements in baseball. I probably have a baseball card of his somewhere in my stash, but I never really knew about him. When I heard about it though, it gauged my interest for a couple of reasons: 1. He died in the Bronx, which is near me. 2. He used to be on drugs. Immediately I thought of wrestling related deaths and turned to a friend of mine and said, “Bet he had a heart attack or OD’d.” Autopsy reports showed that he overdosed on something, possibly cocaine. Anyone reading or writing on this site knows this story all too well. Normally it goes like this…Wrestler gets addicted. Maybe takes steroids (Caminiti admitted to that)…wrestler falls off the face of the IWC’s earth…wrestler dies…autopsy shows OD…we send condolences…life goes on. With that said, shouldn’t Caminiti’s death do something to a lot of people? He was a baseball player, which isn’t frowned upon by the mainstream media like wrestling is. So you’d think it would be more than the usual with this. Maybe the BALCO guys could say, “This is messed up.” Or there could be something to prevent these types of things. All I’m saying is this: Athletes are athletes, doesn’t matter if it’s wrestling or baseball. Seemingly you have the same type of death here as the IWC has seen for years (Hennig, Liz, etc.). Maybe someone can do something other than offer condolences. I don’t know about Caminiti or who he was, but his death should be a wake up call to the sporting world.

Who in THE BLOODY HELL expected the pitching out of Mussina and Leiber as opposed to Shilling and Pedro? WOW. Pedro looked good though. Not as good as out of the womb:

But the guy was good none the less. I couldn’t have predicted Yanks up 2-0. Crazy.

Sorry but this is perhaps one of the most screwed up and overlooked things this week: Pat Patterson isn’t with WWE anymore. This after it was reported that he told Vince that the HHHness of Raw needed to be toned down and new stars needed to be pushed. Say what you want about Patterson, but the man had a hand in many important and very good matches in WWF/E history. To be pushed out, if he was, is a disgrace. I enjoy HHH. But he needs to decide if he likes in-ring action or the front office. It’s that simple. Unless he can separate the two it leads to disastrous things. He has an ego. All people have egos. But when you can’t separate that from the ring and the paper, it causes problems. This is a fact in all facets of life. Good luck to Patterson and the same to Triple H.

Honky Tonk Man
As said in Goforth’s Column people don’t like criticism of faulty news. Guess what? NOBODY is perfect. Now, I never really enjoyed Honky Tonk. Anybody that let’s DDP drive is faulty with me. But I was really turned off when The Tonk was at it with Jerry Lawler back in the day. To be fair, I haven’t been writing for long so I should probably shut up. But to the emailer of Goforth: GET OVER IT. If it really bothers you that much start a site. Maybe a Honky Tonk tribute site. Just back off us though. Everyone has their opinions and can justify them by any means. Hey, if Honky is right about Kane and he’s choke slamming Jeff Jarrett in 10 months then he’ll be right. That’s all. He’ll be right. Nothing special about it. But for the time being, he’s been outed as being wrong. We report what we’re told. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOFORTH!


Hevia’s opinion: Thumbs Up! I enjoy Scott Keith’s rants and have read Tonight…In This Very Ring several times because while giving you a history, he makes you wet your pants laughing. Or maybe that’s just my little problem that I shouldn’t have said anything about. However, if you’re new to the site, be sure to check out Keith’s weekly Raw rant and pick up THE NEW BOOK or THE OLD BOOK. They’re both fun, easy reads and despite the Canadian Bias, really give you an informative look at where wrestling was and what it has become.

Despite playing MVP Baseball for the past 6 months and having my character hit 167 home runs, I can’t wait for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I love these kinds of games because when you’re angry, it’s a safe release of your tension.

Before I go, one final picture, this of Inside Pulse Headquarters Security Chief Chippy, on duty: