Kinetic #7 Review

Reviewer: Mathan “I Loved Focus®” Erhardt
Story Title: Young Love

Written by: Kelley Puckett
Penciled by: Warren Pleece
Inked by: Garry Leach
Lettered by: Pat Prosseau
Colored by: Wendy Broome
Editor: Matt Idelson

The issue begins with Tom pondering the pointlessness of life. Of course he comes to realize this because he’s still suffering from a darn teenage crush. Then he and his mom share a funny moment in the car. Once at school Tom tries to build up the courage to confront his the object of his affection, but he fails. Later Tom sits in class and runs down all of the things he hates. He also notices that a girl in his class is wearing a ring similar to the truck driver, and died when Tom realized his powers.

As Tom remembers the incident he comes to the realization that he’s partly responsible for the death of the driver. As he walks out of school, he sees some “popular” kids, a couple. He fantasizes about bashing the guys head into a bus, in an effort to “win” the girl.

The fantasy freaks Tom out. As he makes his way home Tom realizes that his abilities have changed him. He’s not the same person he was before he got them, and his personality and mentality have changed as well. He makes up his mind to change. He decides to become a superhero.

Puckett is writing a slow burning book. Some people might think that the title is just slow, but there really are some developments going on. Tom’s relationship with is mother is progressing. Tom has actually accepted what happened the night he got his powers. And Tom has realized that the powers have changed him. I was sad to hear that the book was canceled. But hopefully Puckett will resolve everything.

Pleece did a great job as always. This book is about as close to a 50-50 split in terms of storytelling. Pleece also gets an assist from Leach with inking this issue. The glimpse of Tom’s future on page two was nice, and his after school fantasy was pretty horrific. The art on this title has yet to disappoint.