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Unfortunately, last week, the TV guide said that Afterburn would be playing at 11:30, but it really played at 1:30, so I taped it at the wrong time. But don’t worry Afterburn fans, I am back!

It’s October 16, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Last Week: The US title becomes cool.

Our host today is Josh Matthews. He thanks the WWE fans of the UK for making the WWE lots of money. Well, not exactly, but you get the point.

We see SD GM Theodore Long talking to the Smackdown roster about John Cena. Why? It’s not like he’s dead or anything. Cena got involved in a fight at a club. Puncture wounds were present. Cena said that the show must go on. What if he didn’t say it? Would have SD not aired? There is going to be a battle royal for the #1 contendership for the US title. As everybody leaves, Carlito tells Long that what happened to Cena was about to happen anyway.

JIP, battle royal. We got Rico, Rene Dupree, Scotty, Mark Jindrak, Kurt Angle, Luther Rains, Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Kidman. Scotty does the worm to Kidman. Right after, Angle eliminates Hotty. Angle and Jindrak beat on Eddy, Rey and Kidman are fighting in one corner and Rico and Dupree are fighting in another. Rico gives Rene a kiss and out goes Dupree. Rey counters Kidman’s powerbomb and Kidman is eliminated. Rico is eliminated by both Jindrak and Rains. Eddy eliminates Jindrak the same way Rey eliminated Kidman. With one punch, Eddy is eliminated by Luther. Rey dropkicks Luther, but nothing happens. Angle beats on Rey, but Rey fights back. Eddy is on the apron and NOW Rey dropkicks Luther out. Rey and Angle are left. Rey with punches and tries to eliminate Angle, but no. Angle with a big body slam, kicks and punches. Angle tries elimination, but Rey holds on the rope. Rey with punches, no, Angle with a knee life. Off the ropes, duck by Mysterio, flying headscissors. Angle going for the elimination with Rey hanging on the top rope. Kurt applies the anklelock with Rey on the ropes. Rey throws Angle over, but not quite. Suplex by Angle. Another try at elimination, but Rey snaps Angle’s neck on the ropes. Rey with a springboard dropkick and flying DDT. Rey to the top, Angle goes with him and Angle gets crotches on the ropes. Rey goes for the elimination, but Angle hangs on. 619 attempt missed. Now, Angle snaps Rey’s neck on the ropes. German suplex by Angle. Angle slam coming up, no, counter, Angle on the apron. 619 and Angle is eliminated. Rey Misterio is the #1 contender. Replay of the 619 on the post.

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We’re back with Josh talking about what Heidenrich did last week to the fans.

In the ring, Paul Heyman is with Heidenrich. Heyman offers an apology for Heidenrich’s behavior. It will never happen again. Heidenrich says the fans really get on his nerves. Oooooh. Heyman gives Heidenrich a paper to read from. He is sorry for what he did. Heidenrich says he is not sorry for what he did to UT at No Mercy. Heidenrich challenges UT. If he doesn’t come, he’ll hurt someone. He goes outside, looks at the fans, the announcers and finally Heyman. Heyman gets really worried, but Heidenrich just starts hitting himself while he lies down.

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Afterburn returns with Josh talking about the fact that on SD, the WWE title was defended for first time in a hardcore match. I don’t think so.

JIP, Hardcore Holly vs JBL. Bradshaw is in control with punches and chops. Holly comes back with punches. Off the ropes, dropkick by Holly and clothesline out of the ring. JBL whips Holly into the steps. A chair and a garbage can are thrown into the ring. JBL is hit with a street sign. Holly hits JBL 5 times with a trash lid for a 2 count. JBL goes headfirst into the broadcast table. Holly gets hit with the TV monitor. The steps are thrown in the ring. Back body drop on the table by Holly for a 2 count. Holly has a cricket bat, but JBL gives Holly a boot. Both men in the ring and a piledriver is coming up on a chair. Back body drop on JBL. 2 garbage can shots to both OJ and JBL. Holly has the steps, but JBL hits him with the chair for the 1, 2, 3.

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Afterburn is back.

Josh interview Rey Mysterio, but Carlito Cool interrupts. Winning a battle royal, that’s cool. Hiding behind a mask, not cool. Carlito offers him a title shot tonight. Rey says it’s on! Carlito attacks him from behind and spits on him. Carlito should do more backstage skits, ala Rock.

JIP, Rey vs Carlito. Flying leg lariat by a Rey Rey. Carlito comes back by throwing him out of the ring. Shoulder first goes Rey into the post. Back in the ring, Cool gets a 2 count and has an armbar. Rey fights out of it, Cool comes with punches and a whip into buckle. Rey with an elbow after a charge, but Cool fights back. Sunset flip by Cool, roll through by Rey, seated dropkick on Cool. Both men up at 7. Rey with punches, off the ropes, reverse, duck, springboard cross body and a pinning combo for a 2. Rey with a foot up after a charge from Cool. Bulldog by Rey for a 2 count. Cool throws Mysterio in the air. Armbar takedown for a 2. Cool with a slam on the shoulder. Cool goes to the top, but Rey puts the boot up. Springboard moonsault for a 2. Carlito going for a powerbomb, but Rey counters and Carlito is in the position for the 619. Bang! Rey going for the hurrincarana, but Cool counters with an armbar. Rey trying to get out of it by trying to be grab the rope, nope. Rey finally grabs the rope. Carlito with a whip, charge into an elbow by Rey. Rey to the second rope, Carlito hits him, now Rey is on Carlito’s shoulders. Rey with a sunset flip, roll through by Carlito and pins Rey for the cover, the count and the victory with his feet on the ropes.

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We’re back with our final segment of Afterburn.

At No Mercy, Eddy Guerrero beat Luther Rains thanks to a baton.

JIP, Eddy vs Luther. Luther has Eddy’s back on his knee for a resthold. Eddy fights back with knees. Luther with a double underhook for a 2 count. Backbraker for another hold and Eddy fight back again. Luther hits Eddy, but it doesn’t affect him. Eddy with right hands. Eddy does the three amigos, but at third, Luther blocks it. Luther goes for his neckbraker, but Eddy counters into a reverse like DDT. Eddy goes to the top and goes flying into Mark Jindrak who made his way to ringside. Double team and Luther gets DQ’ed. Mark and Luther kick Eddy. Neckbraker on Eddy. Angle shows up with scissors and clippers. Don’t do it Angle, Eddy will be more depressed! Out goes the ref. Big Show comes in to save the day. Squash on Luther and Mark, then a double clothesline.

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.