'Joey' Spoilers

Episode 1.07: Joey and the Husband
Airdate: October 21, 2004

Gina struggles with nepotism at the salon when her boss hires his untalented daughter to take many of Gina’s regular clients. After hearing how unhappy Gina is at work, Joey and Michael plan to make Gina happy by helping her open a salon of her own. Meanwhile, much to Joey’s dismay, Alex’s husband Eric (Matt Letscher, “Good Morning Miami”) finally returns home.

The salon where Gina works is owned by a Russian man named Viktor. Viktor tells Gina’s clients that she is on vacation so they get their hair cut by his daughter who is not a good hairdresser. Alex husband’s finds it weird that his wife hangs out with a single guy (Joey). Joey goes to the salon to talk to Gina about it. Later, Joey meets Eric in the building’s hottub. Eric plays in an orchestra. Joey doesn’t understand why Eric says he’s not threatened by Joey hanging out with Alex and he tries to make Eric jealous.

Carly attended the taping and sent in the following report:

I went to see a taping of Joey on 9/3/04 for the show that will air 10/7/04. It is the fifth episode in the series. Basically, the show begins with Joey realizing that he has forgotten to return his rental car that he has had for a month. Joey’s sister Gina works for at a salon with a terrible owner named Viktor. Michael suggests to Joey that he give his “Lose My Looks” money to Gina so she can buy and open up her own salon. He offers it to her and they go salon shopping. Joey’s neighbor Alex is also in the episode. He finally meets Alex’s husband who is not intimidated by Joey at all. Alex’s husband plays the viola in a traveling orchaestra. Joey wants Alex’s husband to think he is sexy so he invites him over to fix a problem with his fireplace and tries to come on to him. Towards the end, Alex and Joey meet up again and there is some obvious tension – there is a mention of “obviously nothing could happen” between the two of them. Joey says he is goofy and was drawing dragons all day. There is a drawing of a dragon on the Etch-A-Sketch. The episode ends with Joey saying he returned the car but realizing he has another bracelet on his wrist reminding him to do something which he can’t remember.

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, Carly