'ER' Spoilers

Episode 11.04: Fear
Airdate: October 21, 2004

As the staffers work to save a pair of kids who fell from a third-floor window, County’s new social worker (Madchen Amick) tries to figure out if they were pushed. And if so, by whom. Meanwhile, Corday faces the music for conducting an illegal organ transplant and doesn’t like what she hears after the board makes her a dead-end offer; and Lewis returns to work in time to make sure that Neela does, as well.

Two small children are rushed to the ER after falling from a third story window. The attending staff believes an abusive father is at fault for the tragedy but not all is as it seems initially. Pratt treats a man who believes he has an unsightly rash which turns out to be lung cancer. Dr. Corday is disciplined by the hospital for performing an HIV organ transplant; instead of dismissing her, they offer her a non-tenure track position. Sam contemplates moving in with Kovac. Neela decides to leave her job at the mini-mart after Lewis, the new Chief of Emergency Medicine, offers her a job at the hospital.

The episode opens with an enraged man, the father, who wants to get in the house but the mother, Nichelle, doesn’t want to and tries to protect her kids. The father keeps banding on the door and uses a gun to pierce holes. He says he’s going to kill the kids if she doesn’t comply. She asks the kids to escape through the window… but they are three stories up! Abby goes to the scene. Throughout the episode, police and Wendall try to find out what happened, especially when the father is no where to be found… Corday is in her car with Ella. Her daughter goes through her mother’s purse and asks questions about who is on the pictures (her father, grandparents, etc.)… all meaning nothing more than photographs to Ella as she never (or rarely) saw them. Corday realizes, now more than ever, that Ella knows nothing about her family in England. Corday faces a few highplaced docots (including Weaver and Anspaugh) and the hospital doctor concerning an illegal proceedure. She’s in a lot of trouble. Is it time to leave? Sam wants Alex to go to the Science Museum. Neela, who’s Abby’s roommate for a while, she’s working in fastfood restaurant (or at least something similar to that). What will she say when Lewis offers her a job at the hospital? Chen appears in the episode.

Carter wants extra shifts but Weaver doesn’t agree saying he had drug problems in the past so why tempt fate again by working too much? Wendall James is a cute and athletic social worker who was in the 11.03 casting now seems to make her first appearance in episode 11.04. She is late because she covers two hospitals and Carter is not happy about it. They work together on a case. Lewis interviews residents. Howard, Pratt, Corday, Dubenko, Kovac, Ray, Sam, and Jerry also appear.

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