InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 10.17.04


Yay somebody gave props to the women! I thought that Victoria/Gail match was good! The Widow’s Peak blew the fans minds.
Also, Tajiri/Rhyno went up against Danny Doring and Arch Kinkaid, you gots to listen to Al Snow (I know, it’s hard). I think they were calling Doring something else though, but that didn’t stop the fans from busting out the EC DUBBBB
Good stuff!
Peter Kent


The two jobbers in question for the Rhyno/Tajiri match?

The “Dan Lloyd” is one that I’m suprised nobody picked up on across the
reports. He was announced by Howard Finkel (I think) as Dan Morrisson.
Its “Dastardly” Danny Doring who was one half of the last recognized
ECW tag
team champions along with the Amish Roadkill.

The second was Arch Babaganoush….or Arch Kincaid…another Indy star
getting a shot.

Good report though, I just wanted to send it since I’m a Doring fan.
there IS one or two around.


wouldn’t it be awesome if rhyno wrestles on the Heat portion next week, then wins the ic title on taboo tuesday, then on sunday they’ll have to be like “rhyno won the title but he just dosen’t feel like wearing it tonight”. what the f*ck am i talking about, rhyno ain’t winning shit.
ps the only thing dead around here is your baby.

I’m guessing the last one was pretty bored. But yeah, unless it’s the tag straps, Rhyno ain’t winning shit. I’ll try to type the jobbers names from now on, but I’m not to good with spelling, so if they don’t have a tag pop up, I apologize. Thanx for the mail!

Also, the Rasslin Roundtable should be up tomorrow, and will hopefully have more than two replies. Anyways, I’d just like to redeem myself now and say that Benoit will probably win the triple threat. You’ll see in the predictions.

Taped from Manchester, England
Hosts are Johnathan Coachman & Todd Grisham (We’re told that this is the permanent fix. So is Coach the color?)

Wow, the arena’s jam-packed, and it’s not even a ppv.

Shelton Benjamin vs Steven Richards – Shelton gets an armbar on Richards, but he makes the ropes to break it. Copy and paste. Stevie goes to punch Shelton, but Benj gets a fireman’s carry. Steven comes back with an enzugiri and a neckbreaker. Elbow to the head gets 1. Steven gets a chinlock on, but Benjamin gets out with a jawbreaker. Stevie’s back on him, but a suplex is countered to an inverted DDT. Benjamin just uploads all kinds of offense, and a Russian Legsweep gets 2. Shelton sets Richards up for the Splash. Richards moves, but Shelt uses his super-agility to jump to the turnbuckle. Benjamin rules! Top rope clothesline, splash, and his suplex gives him the win @ 5:52.

Video package of the Kane/Lita/Snitsky shit, and Gene’s interview from last RAW. Remember, The only thing dead around here is Kane’s baby.

We then cut to Kane killing everybody.

Chuck Palumbo vs Tajiri – You know, Coach and Grisham actually sound a lot alike. They have a funny conversation, with Todd talking about Coach constantly reminding him that he beat Tajiri at Backlash. Chuck tries to power him, but Tajiri gets in some kicks, and a headscissors tilt-a-whirl. The exchange irish whips, but Chuck gets caught in the Tarantula. Chuck gets in some clotheslines, and starts to take control. Some beatings to the midsection get 2. Tajiri comes back with a crossbody for 2. Clothesline levels Tajiri for 2. Tajri comes back with an ugly looking spinning heel kick, and gets his back elbow as well. Rube Goldberg bulldog gets 2. A RIGHT HAND gets 2 for Palumbo. Tajiri gets a kick to the face for 3 @ 6:03. The Buzzsaw actually looked kinda sloppy.

Fans voice their opinions of RAW last Monday. Hold on, so those must be different people than in the arena right now, right? But the arena looks the same. Hmmm.

Cheesy package tells us about Taboo Tuesday.

Highlights of the six man from last RAW, mainly the ending and Edge spearing everybody.

REMEMBER, tommorow night, it’s Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit vs Edge on RAW!

Gail Kim & Molly Holly vs Victoria & Nidia – Vic and Nidia have a weird funny little dance at the entrance. Coach and Todd are just having a giggle-fest at the commentator booth. Molly and Victoria start us off. Early standing shaking moonsault gets 2 for Vic. Gail in, who gets powerslammed for 1. Nidia comes in, and helps Vic hiptoss Kim. Dancing combo elbow drops gets 2. Northern lights suplex gets 2, as Todd starts talking about doing the robot upon THEIR entrance. Another northern lights, but Vic has the ref distracted, and Molly breaks it up, drawing boos. Molly comes in and gets 2 off of some punches. Molly and Kim tag in and out and work over Nidia. Molly gets a chinlock. Nidia tries to fight out, but gets a backbreaker. Nidia gets a surprise roll-up for 2. Nidia dodges a charge, and finally gets in Victoria. Kim also in, but Victoria’s a hot woman on fire! Awesome sidewalk slam gets 2, thanx to Molly. So, she gets speared by Nidia. Widow’s Peak is all @ 6:38.