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Weekend News, 10-17-04

Okay, I really have no idea what happened to my column. It was posted Saturday
night, and then totally disappeared. Well, I didn’t spend all this time writing
this column for nobody to read it, so I reposted. Now, on to the Weekend News!

Happy Sunday! My name is Andy Campbell, and I’m the weekend news guy,
if you haven’t noticed. Thanks again to those of you who wrote/IMed me with
feedback…especially in regards to where to get Smackdown. As you’ll notice
later on, I did, in fact, watch Smackdown this week.

On with the news!


Ultimo Dragon will be returning to WWE in a few months, without the mask, after
wrestling for the final time in Japan as Ultimo Dragon this week in a 6-man
tag. He, Jushin Liger and Great Sasuke faced three different Tiger Masks in
what was reportedly a great event. He’ll be returning to WWE using his real
name "Asai" with a backstory that he’ll have returned to Japan to
find himself, and come back to the US as a warrior, possibly teaming up with
other Japanese wrestlers on SD.
credit: pwinsider.com & wrestlingobserver.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
Hey man, anything that brings Ultimo Dragon back on my screen is a good thing.
I still think he’d be a great asset for Smackdown, provided they actually USE
him. I also wouldn’t mind getting ahold of that Dragon/Liger/Sasuke vs Tiger
Masks match…

Tough Enough tryouts are going on today and tomorrow in Venice Beach, with around
50 male competitors going through an obstacle course and bench press competition.
These will be narrowed down to 8 by the end of tryouts.
credit: wrestlingobserver.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
I may get some shit for this, but I actually enjoyed Tough Enough when it was
on. It’ll be interesting to see how it works this year, as it will reportedly
be a segment on Smackdown instead of a separate show.

Jamie Noble is now wrestling in New Japan, under his real name James Gibson.
credit: pwinsider.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
Hey, I’m glad he’s getting work. I’m a big Jamie Noble fan, and it was upsetting
to see him unceremoniously dumped by the WWE. What was the story with that,

TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today the names for its next two pay-per-view
spectaculars. “Turning Point” will be the name of the December 5th
event and “Final Resolution” will take place on January 16th.
credit: nwatna.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
They’re as good as any other names, I guess. Now, if they could just get Impact
on at a time when people can actually watch it, these PPVs will have a much
better chance at succeeding.

Oct. 19 – Taboo Tuesday (RAW) – Milwaukee, WI

Nov. 14 – Survivor Series – Cleveland, OH

Dec. 12 – Armageddon (SD) – Atlanta, GA

Jan 5, 2005 – New Year’s Revolution (RAW) – Puerto Rico

Jan. 30, 2005 – Royal Rumble

Feb. 20, 2005 – No Way Out (SD)

April 3, 2005 – WrestleMania 21 – Los Angeles, CA

May 1, 2005 – Backlash (RAW)
credit: wwe.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
Glad to see Survivor Series back in my hometown of Cleveland. In fact, the first
live wrestling event that I ever went to was Survivor Series ’92 in Cleveland.
Ah, memories. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this New Year’s Revolution
in Puerto Rico turns out. If nothing else, the crowd should be hot; they love
them some wrestling down there.

One more story to wrap things up…

New Jack has gotten himself into some hot water in Georgia while at a Thunder
Wrestling Federation event in Florida. While no specifics are given, he was
arrested and is currently being held on $40,000 bail after stabbing his opponent
14 times during a match.

While the promoter claim the match wasn’t supposed to be a hardcore match,
it was New Jack wrestling.

One Asshole’s Opinion
What the hell is wrong with New Jack, and what the hell is wrong with the promoter
who should have know better? Jeez…

The Adventure of Links

First things first; if you didn’t already read Eric,
and I don’t know why you wouldn’t have, go read him now. I’ll wait.

showed up this week…twice.
Required reading, so get to it.

Go read Gordi‘s
interview with Matt Borne. For more on Mr. Borne, keep reading…

Over in the Nexus, read Mathan
and Jim.
Great stuff, every week.

As a HUGE Astro City fan, I have to pimp Mike
‘s review of the Family Album TPB. Like all Astro City, it’s excellent
stuff. Also pick up this week’s Astro City Visitor’s Guide…fabulous.

Victory Road

Updated card for the Victory Road PPV, according to NWATNA.com:

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Jeff Jarrett [c] vs. Jeff Hardy

Hmmm…well, I haven’t been entertained by a Jeff Hardy match in awhile, so
I can’t say I’m too thrilled here. Anyway, I fully expect Jarrett to retain
his title because, let’s face it…he’s Jeff Jarrett.

X Division Championship
Petey Williams [c] vs AJ Styles

This should be a cracker of a match. Hopefully, Petey goes over, as that would
establish some major credibility on him. And Styles never fails to amaze.

The Return Of "In The Pit With Piper" with Roddy Piper

I got to see a live Piper’s Pit this summer at a Buffalo event. He was just
as incoherent as I expect him to be here. Yikes.

The Outsiders – Scott Hall and Kevin Nash To Appear

I don’t like either of them, so whatever. But if it gets more people to buy
the PPV, more power to them. Hopefully enough people buy it so that they can
afford these two gents’ payoffs.

NWA World Tag Team Title
Team Canada [c] vs. XXX or AMW or 3LK

If it were my choice, it would be XXX; they are just a fabulous team to watch

20 Superstar Invitational X Division Gauntlet Match

This’ll be lots of fun, I’m sure. A spotfest with minimal selling, to be sure,
but very fun nonetheless.

Raven vs Monty Brown vs Abyss

I expect this to be a good brawling match, as all three of these men are great
in their own right. Monty Brown has really come along, hasn’t he?

Russo or Rhodes: The Fans Make The Vote

Can the fans write in somebody else? Good lord, I am so sick of both of these


Okay, here’s how we’re gonna do this. I’m not gonna do a match-by-match report,
because you can get that anywhere (I’ll still do that for the PPVs, but that’s
beside the point). What I WILL do is give my thoughts and impressions on what
I saw. Go figure.

Teddy Long absolutely OWNS the mic.

Van Dam is still really over, despite his eternal non-push.

I really like Kenzo’s goofy singing. By God, it might actually get him over.

I also like Kidman as a heel, but there is one problem: the fans still go bonkers
for the shooting star press.

I like battle royales, so sue me.

Scotty Too Hotty is still alive? That’s a shame.

Despite what others may be doing on this site, I will not refer to Angle’s
stable as the Honor Society until they refer to themselves as such. Remember
all the people who looked like jackasses calling Triple H’s stable "Evilution"
before they were properly named?

Carlito lives his gimmick, man. He owns it. His delivery is impeccable, and
he seems to be solid enough in the ring too, but I still don’t agree with putting
the title on an unproven commodity. Ah well.

I’m tired of Hardcore Holly in championship matches. I mean come on…WWE Champion
Hardcore Holly?? That’s like saying WWE Champion Bradshaw. Oh f*ck.

I still think Heidenreich is blah in the ring, but they’re doing a good job
getting him over as an absolute nutter.

Luther has a bright future, mark my words

…unless he starts to suck, in which case, forget I said anything.

Coming to a Cinema Near You

Matt Borne wakes up on a ship with a bad case of amnesia. He begins to piece
together his identity as his raids his safe deposit box to find a squirting
flower, whoopee cushion, and balloon animals. Eventually, everything comes back
to him, and he realizes he is Matt Borne: the worst secret agent in history
(it’s hard to do undercover work with a distinctive clown face and green hair).
It is all for naught, however, as he is then gunned down by one of his many
enemies…right through the green, polka-dotted tie.

Well, that’ll do it for this week. Keep the e-mails and IMs coming, and let
me know what you thought, along with any suggestions of things you’d like to
see here.

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