SD News: Full Smackdown/Velocity Taping Results [Spoilers]


Carlito tried to hit on Torrie Wilson, who was introducing him. She wanted nothing to do with him, so of course, he spit an apple in her face. Should have rubbed a bannana in her hair.

Carlito b Rico

Teddy Long told Booker to team with Mysterio & RVD against Suzuki & Dupree & JBL in the main event. Booker didn’t want to be in a tag match, and told Teddy they must be mistaken since he hadn’t done his babyface turn yet.

Chavo Guerrero returned and he now loves the fans, and probably Uncle Eddie. Kidman came out, and of course, they got into it with Chavo cleaning the ring of him.

Heidenreich now has to come to the ring in a straight jacket because Paul E has picked up power and remembers it got Sabu over.

Heidenreich b Shannon Moore

Heidenreich challenged Undertaker to come out. Undertaker pinned him with a tombstone, and choke slammed Paul Heyman. I’m presuming htis was a dark match.

Wilson can’t believe what Carlito did. Evidently she never watches the show she performs on.

Teddy Long confronts Carlito about what happened in the night club where John Cena was attacked. Carlito said he doesn’t hang with thugs. Detective Teddy Long says he’s heard otherwise. Carlito asked to be read his Miranda rights.

Mark Jindrak b Eddie Guerrero. Kurt Angle gave Jindrak the ring bell and he put it on his chest. Guerrero came off with the frog splash, but got hurt by the bell and was pinned. Sounds like something Guerrero wuold have done.

Booker tells Mysterio and RVD to stay out of his way.

Booker confronts JBL saying he left Texas for New York. The ol Texas vs. New York rivalry, I see.

RVD & Mysterio & Booker b JBL & Dupree & Suzuki. Booker was still playing heel, but pinned JBL clean with an ax kick.


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