Rasslin Roundtable: WWE RAW Presents Taboo Tuesday


Christy vs. Carmella – Fans Choose The Contest
Aerobics Challenge, Lingerie Pillowfight, or Evening Gown Match

PK: Really, this basically proves that the whole Diva Contest was fixed, which leads me to believe that Taboo Tuesday will be fixed too. Anyway, might as well get some T&A out of the show, eh?
Poll Result – Evening Gown Match
Winner – Christy

Andy Campbell: After hearing all of Lawler’s incessant ranting, I’m convinced the fans will follow suit and choose the lingerie pillowfight. I give less than a shit about this match, however, so I’m gonna go with my hometown girl getting the win.
Poll result – lingerie pillowfight
Winner – Carmella

Matthew Michael: Carmella deserves NOTHING here. I, however, deserve
Poll Result – Pillowfight
Winner – Christy

Jed Shaffer: Like they’re gonna job out their Diva Search winner. Next.
Poll result – Pillowfight
Winner – The new chick

Raven West: Aerobics challenge? Who the hell would pick that. They-re gonna get out of their Evening Gowns anyway, so I guess just go right to the good stuff. As for the winner, the only reason I would see Carmella to win, is if they want to extend this feud. God I hope not.
Poll Result – Lingerie Pillowfight
Winner – Christy

Dan Hevia: CHRISTY!
Poll Result – Lingerie Pillowfight
Winner – CHRISTY!

Gordi: Seriously, who gives a crap?
Poll Result – Pillowfight
Winner – Carmella, with help from the heel divas

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: This will be your run-of-the mill T&A match, but it will at least be refreshing because it features two women that we have not seen extensively degrade themselves for the sake of T&A. I think Carmella will win because she will be a heel, and a feud (especially seeing that there are limited “divas” for these two to feud with besides each other) like this would be completely counterproductive if they put the face over right away. I think it will be an evening gown match because 50 Cent looks like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.
Poll Result – Evening Gown Match
Winner – Carmella

Michael Lawrence: The aerobics challenge will at least fulfill this as the masturbatory fodder that it is, and thankfully keep these two cokewhores from any type of physical contact.
Poll Result – Aerobics Challenge.
Winner – Carmella, to continue the unwanted feud.

David Goldberg: (Disclaimer: All results are decided by my roulette table.) The fans will go with the lingerie pillowfight….to no one’s surprise….it’ll be one of those silly things where some lucky bastard announcer like Coach or King gets to roll around in the middle….it’ll be a mess.
Poll Result- Lingerie Pillowfight
Winner – No Contest

KANE vs. Gene Snitsky – Fans Choose The Weapon
Lead Pipe, Steel Chair, or Steel Chain

PK: Why oh why is Snitsky being pushed to the moon? KANE has looked like a bitch lately, and he has lost WAY too many times on PPV this year to lose this match.
Poll Result – Lead Pipe
Winner – KANE

Andy Campbell: Snitsky has the weirdest face I’ve ever seen. That said, I believe Kane will be rearranging said face. Kane, with the lead pipe, in the…errr…wrestling ring.
Poll result – lead pipe
Winner – Kane

Matthew Michael: I think fans will want to see the steel chair, especially after what Kane did to Val on the Manchester RAW. It’s old school, it’s devastating, and hopefully Green Snitsky won’t screw the bumps up.
Poll Result – Steel Chair
Winner – Kane

Jed Shaffer: Quite possibly the best chance the WWE has on this card of doing something useful. I pay no attention to rumors started by the Honky Tonk Man…bottom line, Snitsky is getting MAJOR heel heat (which is strange) and Kane is being turned face by the crowd (which, consider he’s recently committed blackmail and, in a sense, sexual assault, you’d think they wouldn’t be so forgiving), so they got something they can really do here. Naturally, though, this is the WWE, where creative has, like the editor-in-chief in “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, taken an open-ended, 100 year vacation. Welcome to Squash-City, Mr. Snitsky. Population: You.
Poll result – Chair
Winner – No longer a babydaddy

Raven West: Well this whole stip came about when Snitsky busted open Kane with a pipe, but Kane used a chair this Monday. So on the final RAW, they-ll probably do something with a chain. Anyways, if the fans think like I do, they think that 2 out of 3 of these items are LAME, so that leaves the good ol- fashioned chair. As for the winner…I don-t know. Kane ALWAYS jobs, but he is a face now. Then again, his contract is coming up, and he could be filming his movie soon.
Poll Result – Steel Chair
Winner – Gene “It wasn’t my fault” Snitsky

Dan Hevia: The fans are sold on the chair. The only thing they could’ve added was a fireball as a weapon and it would’ve been fun. Kane murders Snitsky.
Poll Result – Chair
Winner – Kane

Gordi: Even by WWE standards, Kane’s face turn was rushed, poorly executed, and nonsensical.
Poll Result – Lead Pipe
Winner – Snitsky, by nefarious means to keep the feud going.

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: Why is his name in ALL CAPS now? Did I miss something? Did he become a Japanese villain all of a sudden? (PK’s Note: That is my doing… he is KANE!!!) In any event, I think that Kane will win because Gene Snitsky really needs to be sent back down to OVW, so Kane will basically KILL HIM DEAD, and you will not see him again until Paul Heyman needs a new maniac hoss as a “client.” Of course, Kane will select… I mean, the “fans” will select a steel chair, because it was what Snitsky hit him with that caused the babykill, and plus, it’s a f*cking steel chair, come on…
Poll Result – Steel Chair
Winner – Kane

Michael Lawrence: You’re going to hate me for this, but I’ve been looking forward to this match more than anything else on the card. It’s been built up better than any other match, and Snitsky is a laugh riot. How convenient to have his first pay-per-view match be one that’s pro-choice! He’s got two inches of face space that keep him from being a legitimate cyclops. I’ll go with the match being one of the steel chain variety. It’ll be sweet to see Snitsky shake it like a baby rattle to enrage Kane, and then wrap it around his neck and choke him to extend the feud. I could watch this thing go on forever and still be amused.
Poll Results – Steel Chain
Winner – Snitsky

David Goldberg: Rumors are flying that Kane is doing the Job! My roulette table agrees. Gene Snitsky will kill Kane with the lead pipe in the dining room with help from Ms. White.
Poll Result – Lead Pipe
Winner – Gene Snitsky

Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff – Fans Choose the Stipulation
Hair vs. Hair, Losers is the Winner’s Servant, or Loser Wears a Dress

PK: This will be entertaining. Eugene has to win this match to keep this interesting…and I like the dress idea. I don’t think it will be a hair vs. hair, only because I’ve seen Dinsmore without his long hair and a beard, and he looks completely different. If they decided to drop the Eugene thing, but keep Dinsmore, they can’t change much…that would be like KANE having short curly hair.
Poll Result – Loser Wears A Dress
Winner – Eugene

Andy Campbell: Well, seeing that the haircut is the only stipulation that’s really being talked about, I’m sure that’s how it will go down. The winner is harder to call, in my mind, because I can see reasons for both winning. I’m going to go nuts and say…
Poll result – hair vs. hair
Winner – none, Eugene FINALLY turns heel and joins Bischoff in shaving Regal’s hair

Matthew Michael: Everyone loves the hair vs. hair match. Which means Bischoff ain’t losing.
Poll Result – Hair vs. Hair
Winner – Bischoff, with help

Jed Shaffer: Yippie. A retard battling an authority figure…you’d think this was Austin vs. McMahon. Eugene is desperate need of a gimmick repackaging, but somehow, I don’t see him getting one anytime soon. And we can’t very well have Eugene lose AGAIN, can we, “creative”?
Poll result – Loser plays Mr. Hughes
Winner – Poor, poor Nick Dinsmore…

Raven West: Hair vs. Hair will definitely win, as either of these men bald would be funny. THOUGH, with that said, if it does come out to be the hair match, I don’t see Eric cutting his off. Plus, Dinsmore’s hair isn’t exactly…pretty. It looks like it’s falling out now.
Poll Result – Hair vs. Hair
Winner – Eric Bischoff

Dan Hevia: It’ll be hair vs. hair and Bischoff will win somehow. Maybe Coach running in.
Poll Result – Hair vs. Hair
Winner – Eric Bischoff

Gordi: Can Dinsmore drag an interesting match out of Uncle Eric?
Poll Result – Head Shaving
Winner – Bischoff

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: Oh Jesus Christ, this is going to be absolutely horrid. I could really care less how this ends up but I will say that Bischoff wins, and, as his servant, Eugene has to dress like Doink the Clown for the rest of his life. Then they can pretend that the Eugene thing never happened and just have Doink the Clown instead. I mean, Doink the Clown is pretty terrible, too, but it beats this dreadful Eugene angle.
Poll Result – Loser is the Winner’s Servant
Winner – Eric Bischoff

Michael Lawrence: After seeing Big Show lose his hair and become King Kong Bundy redux, I can live the rest of my life without another one of those matches, and I think the fans will feel the same way. This is a goofball match anyway, so it’ll have the goofiest result and also the one that can be dragged out the longest: the servant stipulation.
Poll Result – Loser is the Winner’s Servant
Winner – Eugene

David Goldberg: The fans will choose loser wears a dress because wrestling fans are homophobic and wearing a dress is worse than the violation of ones grooming and enforced servitude. Expect Eugene to lose, wear a dress on RAW and have a complete mental breakdown screaming -Why are you laughing at me??? Why?????- It’ll be fun.
Poll Result – Loser Wears A Dress
Winner – Eric Bischoff

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Molly Holly vs. Victoria vs. Jazz vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Nidia – Diva Battle Royal – Fans Choose the Outfits – WWE Woman-s Title
School Girl, Nurse, or French Maid

PK: OK…2 Diva Matches? My vote is for the French Maid…but I’m sure School Girl will win, and…um…Stacy has been a thorn in Trish’s side, so let’s go with her.
Poll Result – French Maid
Winner – Keibs

Andy Campbell: If I had my choice, it would be the French maid outfits, but it’s not my choice. As for the winner, I think Eric’s Beautiful and Beloved will take this one, which I believe is a big mistake (duh).
Poll result – school girl outfits
Winner – Stacy

Matthew Michael: Trish keeps it, although strangely enough it seems they’re building to a Stacy title win. Nah…
Poll Result – Schoolgirl
Winner – Trish

Jed Shaffer: Like I give a flying f*ck. Trish is merely waiting for Lita to recover from her miscarriage so the WWE can FINALLY do their one-and-only money match in the rapidly dying Women’s Division.
Poll result – Nurse
Winner – Mrs. Hyatte

Raven West: I guess school girl is the ultimate fantasy, by a little, and a lot of the fans may remember how Stacy looked in one, so there you go. Don-t see any reason why the title holder would change.
Poll Result – school girl outfits
Winner – Trish Goddess

Dan Hevia: School Girl Outfits will win out and Trish will retain.
Poll Result – School Girls
Winner – Trish Stratus

Gordi: Isn’t having a Battle Royal for a belt kind of an Indy thing?
Poll Result – School Girls
Winner – Evil Heel Trish

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: Wait a minute, didn’t we already have the obligatory T&A match? Can’t they just treat these women like the quasi-wrestlers that they are, instead of doing dumbshit stuff like making them wear school girl outfits? I mean, come on, imagine this… instead of having the fans choose the attire, have them choose the type of match: either an ambulance match, a hardcore falls-count-anywhere match, a barbed wire around the ring ropes match, or, if they really want to treat these women like strippers instead of wrestlers, and still make it not so campy, they can suspend the ring from the ceiling rafters and make it look like a big go-go cage. That would rule. Jazz would f*cking own.
Poll Result – Go-Go Cage… I mean, Nurse Outfits
Winner – Jazz

Michael Lawrence: I’m going to go with the school girl outfits. There’s a reason I became an education major, and it certainly isn’t the pay. Oh crap, that can come back and bite me in the ass later on. Stacy wins, defying all logic and decent taste, thus becoming champion.
Poll Results – School girl outfits
Winner – Stacy

David Goldberg: What the heck? What about dominatrix outfits or airline uniform outfits? What about Candy bras? Mmmmm….candy bras…..Fans will choose the maid outfits (are you kidding Roulette Table?) and the winner will be ohhhh let-s sayyyy…Gail Kim.
Poll Result – Maid Outfits
Winner – Gail Kim

Chris Jericho (c) vs. ?? – Fans Choose the Challenger – IC Title
Rhyno, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, The Coach, Tajiri, Tyson Tomko, Rosey, Batista, Chuck Palumbo, The Hurricane, Rodney Mack, Val Venis, William Regal, Maven or Steven Richards

PK: They have pushed Shelton, Batista, Christian, & Rhyno down our throats. I, personally, would like to see a Heat regular get the shot, and I will vote for Chucky P. However, since I think it’s fixed anyway, I think it’ll be Batista, who will take the strap.
Poll Result – Batista
Winner – Batista

Andy Campbell: My prediction is that lots and lots of people will be wrong here.
Poll result – Batista
Winner – Jericho

Matthew Michael: They have to change ONE title on this show, and this is it. Sorry Jericho, but you’re a placeholder. But who wins? Batista, Shelton, Christian, Regal can all seriously contend for the belt, but if Coach wins the poll, Jericho keeps the belt. From the way things have been booked over the past month or so, I think fans will want to see Jericho vs. Batista.
Poll Result – Batista
Winner – Batista

Jed Shaffer: Going on the assumption that the fans really do control this (I’m trying not to be too cynical here), the fans will vote for whatever is freshest in their memory. And Batista is just that person. I, myself, am voting for Rhyno, but no matter what, Jericho is a transitional champion. He needs the belt like Britney Spears needs publicity, and H-Cubed needs as many fresh as possible to bury between now and WrestleMania XXI.
Poll result – Batista
Winner – Metrosexual Man!

Raven West: None of the wrestlers really have their own fanbase, so…god I don-t know. Christian has faced Y2J two many times, so I guess Rhyno. Eh, the fans don-t really care about him, so Batista. I don-t think any of the titles will change hands.
Poll Result – Roid Boy
Winner – Y2J

Dan Hevia: Another case of a Evolution rigging the vote possibility as Batista will come out and win the IC Title.
Poll Result – Batista
Winner – Batista

Gordi: I’m actually interested in seeing how this turns out.
Poll Result – I’m actually predicting a “tie” which will make for a three-way dance.
Winner – Jericho retains over Batista and Rhyno

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: Of all of these would-be challengers, who really actually matters? We have Rhyno, who will never get a title ever, unless it’s one of those worthless, temporary mix-and-match tag teams that they love to do so much. Then there’s Batista, who is really just a hoss that nobody cares about. Shelton Benjamin would be awesome, but I don’t see the crowd picking him on account of there really being no feud or any other interaction betwixt he and Jericho. Ditto Lord Stephen Regal. Tajiri would also be an awesome contender, but since this show’s got no Cruiserweight Title, he’s got that Rhyno thing going for him, too. This, of course, leaves Christian, who will end up winning the title because he needs heat and Jericho draws heat with or without a title.
Poll Result – Christian
Winner – Christian

Michael Lawrence: This’ll be the second title change of the night. I think they’ve been pushing Batista and Rhyno down our throats, but I don’t think it’s going to work. I’m going to go with one of the biggest underdogs and best performers in the biz, Tajiri. This match will rock, and Tajiri will get his much due respect from everyone else besides the IWC.
Poll Results – Tajiri
Winner – Tajiri

David Goldberg: The Marks and Smarts will be split, but ECW fans will align together and pick Rhyno! And he-ll win!!!! Not in a million years.
Poll Result – Rhyno
Winner – Rhyno

Triple H (c) vs. ?? – Fans Choose the Challenger – World Title
Edge, Chris Benoit, or Shawn Michaels

PK: Man do I hate Edge…and I think his heel turn will be complete if he does not get the vote. So, it’s really a toss up between HBK and Benoit, which HBK will win anytime…not that it matters.
Poll Result – Michaels
Winner – HHH

Andy Campbell: By God, I think Benoit will pull this one off…the fans’ vote, that is. We all know the result of the match.
Poll result – Chris Benoit
Winner – Triple H

Matthew Michael: HHH’s not losing… the title.
Poll Result – Edge
Winner – Edge, by DQ

Jed Shaffer: So, the poll results are obvious. And so is the winner. H to the H to the H has yet to beat Benoit this year in FOUR title matches. No way the H’s-3 will stand for a 5th loss. BENOIT WILL DO THE JOB!!!
Poll result – Benoit
Winner – HHH

Raven West: Let’s see…Edge: Has a good case, he’s never got the title shot before, and got a win over HHH in tag action. Benoit: Has never been beaten by HHH, as far as WWE logic goes, but I could’ve sworn they wrestled at a PPV in 2000 where HHH won. Oh wait, that was 4 years ago. Anyways, besides that, Benoit’s done nothing to get fan votes since this PPV was announced. That leaves…HBK: Beat Kane, Christian, always make himself look good on the mic, and helped beat HHH in the 6 man. There’s your winner. Yeah, HHH and HBK have wrestled a million times, but he’s the most over guy of the group. Putting the title on him would be pretty stupid.
Poll Result – HBK
Winner – HHH

Dan Hevia: Well I kind of gave it away already. Edge will get it and lose and that’s when we find out the thing was rigged because Triple H wanted it easy.
Poll Result – Edge
Winner – Pat Patterson Killer 2000

Gordi: I’m from Western Canada, who do you think I want to see?
Poll Result – Benoit
Winner – HHH, with the Pedigree

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: It will be Shawn Michaels and he will lose when he gets disqualified for something or other, perhaps for going all Jesus and turning HHH into enough fish to feed the entire arena. The “fans” will pick HBK, because the “fans” will always favor an HBK/HHH match over any other match in the world, even over a Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle vs. La Parka vs. Andre the Giant’s ghost in a steel cage match. This sets up the obligatory Benoit/Edge feud, which will carry over into the
next match…
Poll Result – Shawn Michaels
Winner – HHH

Michael Lawrence: I’m going to be optimistic for a day and assume that none of the voting is rigged. With that in mind, this is still a tough one. Do fans really want to see HBK-HHH match # 4395031? Has Benoit made enough of a mark on the marks to win votes? I still don’t know why Edge is in there after never explaining his comeback from yet another injury. I’ll go with my gut and say Michaels gets the vote, but not by a landslide, and the match won’t justify the 34.95 but still be amusing nonetheless. I like Benoit and all, but think an HBK bout will be more entertaining, and this show desperately needs that.
Poll Result – HBK
Winner – HHH, natch

David Goldberg: My roulette table says the fans will not only go with HBK but he will win and be a NEW champion! Why? Because if the WWE is smart and they really want to promote this Tuesday gig, something big has to happen to make all the people go -Awww man, I chose Yankees/Red Sox over Taboo Tuesday? What was I thinking?-
Poll Result – HBK
Winner – HBK

La Resistance (c) vs. ?? – 2 World Title Challengers Not Picked – World Tag Team Titles
Shawn Michaels/Chris Benoit, Chris Benoit/Edge, or Edge/Shawn Michaels

PK: La Rez has been on fire lately, and I don’t see them dropping the titles to a thrown together tag team. Besides, Edge and Benoit won’t be able to get along, despite being former Tag Team Champions (they dropped them to La Rez to begin with). They need to re-establish the Tag Division, and taking the Titles off of La Rez only hurts that.
Poll Result – Edge/Benoit
Winners – La Rez

Andy Campbell: Going along with my pick of Benoit in the World title match, this one will be Edge/HBK, with Evil Edge not getting along with HBK, allowing La Resistance to win in nefarious manner again.
Challengers – Edge/HBK
Winners – La Resistance

Matthew Michael: I can’t see how Edge wins the poll, except I CAN see HBK and Benoit splitting the vote, and Edge squeaking by. La Res keeps the belts.
Poll Result – Benoit and HBK
Winner – La Res

Jed Shaffer: Obviously, this is contingent on the voting for the World Title match. Edge is in this no matter what…if they gotta rig it to be so, it’ll happen. This is where his heel turn officially, finally, occurs. Question is, who is it at the expense of? Benoit has nothing to do, but has been built up so much this year, that to job him to both Orton and Edge…not good. On the other hand, HBK could still be busy with Captain Charisma beyond this, and it’s not like HBK’s rub is golden anyway. Either way, the winner is obvious, so I’ll turn to my trusty friend, Mr. Lincoln…
Poll result – Heads! Edge/HBK
Winner – La Me

Raven West: I honestly don’t think they would give the titles up to Edge and Benoit (or any of the combinations), but if it is Edge/Benoit, it would add fuel to the fire. You know, that fire that represents their feud which they seriously need to have. Then again, that would be something productive for Benoit.
Poll Result – Edge/Benoit
Winners – La Resistance

Dan Hevia: It’ll be Michaels and Benoit because Edge is getting the push and it could follow the ‘Evolution rigged it’ plateau. La Rez will pick up the “W” though.
Poll Non-Result- HBK/Benoit
Winners – La Resistance

Gordi: Tuesday’s a good day for a heel turn.
Poll Result – HBK & Edge
Winner – Les Resistances, when Edge turns on HBK.

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: La Resistance will retain the titles when Edge finally completes his heel turn by kicking Benoit in the balls in lieu of tagging in to him when he is YOUR face-in-peril. He will then walk to the back and return later wearing a Montreal Expos hat. I think it would be really awesome if La Resistance started this thing where they tried to lobby and get their MLB franchise back, complete with wearing Montreal Expos jerseys and hats and stuff. They could say that Americans are filthy pigs because they ran the French Canadians out of the league and it will never be as good a league without the Expos, especially since the National League still has the Cubs. This will result in a feud involving some tag team from Washington, possibly Elliot Smilowitz and one of the guys from Bad Brains.
Stipulation Result – Edge/Benoit
Winners and STILL champs – La Resistance

Michael Lawrence: Well by default it has to be Edge and Benoit and as I recall from those encounters, this’ll make for a solid ten minute filler match without a title change. Survivor Series is too close for too many straps to switch, though not having them change will probably make the voters feel insignificant. Kind of like how we feel in Florida.
Poll Result – Edge/Benoit
Winners – Conway and Sylvain Learning Center

David Goldberg: Edge/Benoit will beat La Resistance and start the Edge heal turn. Or is it finish the Edge heal turn…I’m confused….
Poll Result – Edge/Benoit
Winner – Edge/Benoit

Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair – Fans Chose the Match
Submission, Falls Count Anywhere, or Steel Cage

PK: They must solidify Orton, this is the way to do it. I would like to see a Submission match, but I don’t see that getting “voted” in.
Poll Result – Steel Cage
Winner – Orton

Andy Campbell: I really really really really really don’t like Orton. But come on…who’s getting the monster push? Me or Orton?
Poll result – Steel cage
Winner – Orton

Matthew Michael: I THINK this may be the main event, depending on how they do the World/Tag Title matches. If so, expect them to send the fans home happy, and have Orton kill off yet another legend.
Poll Result – Steel Cage Match
Winner – Randy

Jed Shaffer: I’m voting for Steel Cage, but assuming it’s rigged, I expect Submission. That being said, the ending couldn’t be more telegraphed if a Western Union pony rider came up and handed you the results.
Poll result – Submission
Winner – The Legend Killer

Raven West: Well, Falls Count Anywhere is used often, as is the cage, so I guess the fans will choose submission, especially since Flair uses the Figure Four. But what will Randy use? Probably Flair’s own Figure Four, which will probably get him booed. The sharpshooter? God let’s hope not.
Poll Result – Submission
Winner – The Buzzkiller

Dan Hevia: I’d say the cage will get the vote. But don’t be surprised at a “Did Evolution rig the vote?” for submission. Orton goes over.
Poll Result – Steel Cage
Winner – Randy Orton

Gordi: This could be a good match. I believe that Orton genuinely respects Flair, so I expect Flair to get all his spots in before getting caught with an RKO out of nowhere.
Poll Result – Steel Cage
Winner – Orton, RKO

Jeffrey R. Fernandez: HAS to be a steel cage; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It will make the most dramatic match, and that’s exactly what they’re going for here. Submission would be awesome if it were Benoit/Flair, but Randy doesn’t really do the submission thing from what I can recall. This will be intensely bloody, and will end when Ric Flair ends up doing the right thing and putting over Randy. However, at the end there will be run-in from, no… not HHH, not Batista, but from DAVID FLAIR!!! David Flair will be the newest member of Evolution! You heard it here first! David Flair will beat Randy Orton senseless with a really big shoe, and then Stacey Keibler will run down to the ring and they will make out while standing over the bloody and beaten bodies of Ric Flair and Randy Orton. SMELL THE RATINGS! Taboo Tuesday will be an ignominious success!
Poll Result – Steel Cage
Winner – Randy Orton

Michael Lawrence: It’s clichéd but this will be the make or break match of Mr. Orton’s career. If he can’t have a decent match with Flair, even if it’s the geriatric version, he’s screwed. The ideal choice would be to make this a submission match so that Randy can debut a much needed submission finisher in high fashion.
Poll Result – Submission match
Winner – Randy Orton

David Goldberg: The fans will choose a Falls Count anywhere…why? Because that’s the best way for Flair to take some bumps without killing himself. Why would the fans care about that? Because the voting is rigged. That’s why! Flair will put in his licks but eventually we all know how this will turn out.
Poll Result – Falls Count Anywhere
Winner – Randy Orton

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