Silvertide – Show and Tell Review

When I first heard Silvertide’s single, “Ain’t Comin’ Home,” I was sure that either, 1) the Black Crowes had gotten back together or 2) this was Chris Robinson’s (lead singer of the Black Crowes) new project. When I found out that both of those theories were incorrect and that this was, in fact, an entirely new band that sounds like the Black Crowes, I was ecstatic. I ran out and picked up the CD, and it quickly became a mainstay in my stereo.

Silvertide follows the recent trend of “getting back to rock & roll” rock, like Jet and The Darkness. They’re much more like Jet, though, as they are not writing goofy songs or acting like morons to get themselves noticed. Strong guitars with a classic wail and drive amply back Walt Lafty’s vocals, and the result is both energetic and catchy.

The single, “Ain’t Comin’ Home”, is undoubtedly the high point of the record. It starts the album off strong and is followed by two very similar songs. After that, however, the energy dwindles a little and the CD becomes less charged and a little more somber. Fortunately, the energy is not broken, though, and Silvertide delivers an entire disc of good songs. “Devil’s Daughter” is the only track that really nails the energy that “Ain’t Comin’ Home” has – great lyrics and a solid guitar background make it one of the best on the album. “Heartstrong” really changes the mood of the CD . . . it’s almost poppy. Not like Justin Timberlake poppy, but like Matchbox 20 or Lifehouse, maybe. While it doesn’t rock as much as the rest of the album, it’s still a really good song. Make sure you check out “You Want it All” – it’s got the feel and lyrics of a Poison song, which is awesome.

While Lafty’s voice is almost indistinguishable from Chris Robinson’s at first, upon listening to the CD a couple times they show their deviance. The similarity almost disappears entirely when the songs slow down – Lafty lacks the haunting growl that carried the Black Crowes so far. They definitely share that characteristic edge, though.

Show and Tell is an awesome album – it shows that Silvertide is able to tap into the true essence of rock music, but also that they are able to make it current and keep it honest and powerful. Their artwork is nothing to scream about and there are no lyrics inside, but that’s all small change when you consider how strong the music is. I would definitely suggest picking it up, it’s a testament to the future of rock and roll. It’s not about going backwards, it’s about knowing your roots.