NWA TNA News: Impact & Xplosion Taping Results [Spoilers]

TNA Impact and Xplosion Results for October 18, 2004, as reported by Richard Trionfo at PWInsider.com:

While the WWE had their Taboo Tuesday interactive pay per view, TNA Wrestling moved towards their first Sunday night pay per view, Victory Road. As is the case with TNA tapings, the sound is not always the greatest and the fans in the Pit are a tad loud. This is what happened:

The show began with a video package to set up for Victory Road, and then they cut to footage of a fight in the back between America’s Most Wanted and Triple X. There are ladders at each Chute of Impact as well as at ringside.

Match Number One: Jeff Jarrett versus Ryan O’Reilly in a non-title match. Jarrett used the ladder on O’Reilly and then got the victory with the Stroke in about 1½ minutes. After the match, Jarrett continued to attack O’Reilly, and this brought out Jeff Hardy who sent Jarrett into the ladder in the corner.

We see a pre-recorded video of Scott Hall. This is followed by a ‘campaign’ video by Dusty Rhodes in his quest for Director of Authority at Victory Road.

Match Number Two: Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian (with Traci Brooks) versus Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt. This match was a time limit draw that showcased both teams well. One move from this match needs to be pointed out. Frankie Kazarian was on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd, and Chris Sabin came up and hit a release German Suplex from the top turnbuckle. Since it was a time limit draw, they went to Larry Zbyszko, who was at ringside this week, and he gave the victory to Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin.

They go to the back where Dusty Rhodes is with Shane Douglas, probably to talk about the ladder stipulation (bad sound), and Jeff Jarrett comes out probably to accept the ladder stipulation (since it was announced later that the World Title match would be a ladder match).

They have another pre-recorded video of Roddy Piper. This week he talked about the infamous Piper’s Pit with Jimmy Snuka.

Match Number Three: Eric Stevens versus Monty Brown. Monty Brown wins the match after giving Stevens two POUNCES. After the match, Monty Brown gets on the mic and talks about Raven. This causes the lights to go off and from out of nowhere (actually from right behind the Spanish Announce Table since he could be clearly seen from where I was standing) Raven comes to the ring. He has Monty down as the lights go back on, but Brown hits the POUNCE on Raven. The lights go down again, and this time Abyss emerges from the darkness (from the same spot as Raven) and he has Brown up for the Torture Rack Backbreaker, but Brown escapes it. Abyss finally hits the Torture Rack Backbreaker, and then TNA Security comes out.

Match Number Four: New York Connection (with Trinity) versus Scott Commodity and partner (could not hear name). The NYC get the victory in this match as Trinity joined Tenay and West at the announce position.

The battle between America’s Most Wanted and Triple X continues as they fight through the crowd and into the arena area. Daniels and Skipper are in the ring and Christopher Daniels suggests that they should find out who the best tag team is in TNA.

Then we see the Vince Russo ‘campaign’ video.

Match Number Five: A.J. Styles, Ron Killings, and Jeff Hardy versus Team Canada (Bobby Rude, Eric Young, and Ruffy Silverstein [with Scott D’Amore]). There was a ladder at ringside. Hardy gets the pin on Silverstein after a Twist of Fate. After the match, Petey Williams comes out and fights with A.J. Styles through the crowd, using the wall to the main seating area a few times as they fought to the back. In the ring, 3 Live Kru joined things while Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton from the top of the ladder. Jeff Jarrett came out and hit Hardy with the guitar.

Dark Match during changeover: Jerrelle Clark versus Andy Douglas (with Chase Stevens). Jerrelle Clark got the win with a rollup after Chase Stevens accidentally throw some white powder at Douglas after Clark moved.

Xplosion begins with a video package.

Match Number One: Kid Romeo and Roderick Strong versus Triple X. Triple X got the win when Christopher Daniels pinned Kid Romeo with a double team suplex into a powerbomb and neckbreaker combo. After the match Triple X formally challenged America’s Most Wanted at Victory Road.

We see the Roddy Piper video that was shown during the Impact taping segment of the night.

Time for another Vince Russo/Dusty Rhodes video package.

Match Number Two: Lex Lovett versus Abyss. Abyss wins with the Black Hole Slam in 1:15.

The Dusty Rhodes ‘campaign’ video aired again.

Match Number Three: Alex Shelley and Petey Williams (with Scott D’Amore) versus Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000. Williams and Shelley get the win when Williams hits the Canadian Styles Clash on Shark Boy.

Shane Douglas is in the back with America’s Most Wanted.

We see a Raven video package.

Match Number Four: Brian Gamble versus Raven. Raven got the win with the Evenflow DDT. This match went outside the ring and Raven hit three side Russian Leg Sweeps on Gamble against the guardrail.

They show the Scott Hall video that will also air on Impact.

Match Number Five: Kid Kash and Dallas versus America’s Most Wanted. This match went to a no contest because Triple X was standing in front of the announce table and they attacked America’s Most Wanted outside the ring. After the match, the brawl continued between America’s Most Wanted and Triple X while Kid Kash and Dallas had some words with the fans in the Pit.

Thoughts on the tapings: The crowd was the smallest since the move to Tuesdays and probably the smallest since the Hurricanes hit Florida. Three of the four bleacher sections were almost empty….Some of the crowd left during the Xplosion tapings because they take too long in between matches, and have Tim Welch (who is not a favorite of the Pit) trying to fill time….This is the second week in a row that Chris Sabin has been in what I thought was the best match of the night….Sonjay Dutt did not look to have too much ring rust since this was his first match back in TNA….Scott Hall was at the tapings, but was not on camera for anything other than the pre-taped segment…. If they are going to have run-ins or have the lights go out, they should not have the wrestlers in plain sight because I saw Raven in the corner just as the lights went down during the Monty Brown match.

[Credit: PWInsider.com]