The Spectacular Simpsons Countdown Week 6

I’ve had a really great week so far. Saw Team America yesterday which was absolutely amazing and bumps “Shaun of the Dead” out of the spot for my favorite film of the year so far. Pure genius. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It is well worth the time and money. If this were done in live action it still would’ve been great, and I agree with other staffers on the site in that it’s more a spoof of big budget action schlock then anything else, though the politics add a nice touch. And the music”¦..Oh man, the music”¦. Trey Parker can sing anything and make me laugh. This film needs to win the best animated Oscar and also best song. I’m guessing “I’m So Ronery” gets nominated and even though it’s not my favorite song it’s the least offensive.

Hung out with my friend Cedric and watched Taboo Tuesday bur not before landing an awesome toy find. I collect Marvel legends and was able to get a Goliath, Phasing Vision, and Appocalypse. If you know what any of this means you are aware of the joy I feel. The pay-per-view itself was rather entertaining, and as a huge Snitsky mark it was a blast to see him maim Kane. We watched it in a sports bar muted because of the baseball game so I couldn’t tell you about the crowds and such. I just know I got my fill in fried calamari and sports entertainment.

And speaking of entertainment we’re down to the last two installments of the Simpsons Countdown. This week we’re on number two of my top seven favorite episodes.

“Bart’s Famous”

Originally Aired Feburary 3rd, 1994

Written by John Swatzwelder and directed by Susie Dietter

The gist of it- Bart experiences Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame theory firsthand when he goes from being Krusty’s gopher to becoming an acclaimed celebrity as “The I didn’t do it boy”, but soon realizes that fame is fleeting.

Favorite Moments- Bart on Conan, the trip to the box factory, danish thievery, the hammer spoof, Homer getting attacked by an organ grinder, Bumblebee man filling in for Kent, Bart’s memory loss, Lisa’s fantasy, Future Hollywood Squares, Home’s lament over Bart the box

What flat out sucked-Not much. This episode was well structured, with each of the three acts being funny, though the first act is better than the latter two.

M.V.C.- The box factory man. I’m going to take a guess and say that one of the shows writers had a very traumatic field-trip at a box factory and was stuck being toured around by some poor sclub like this guy. His droll voice adds punch to the lines. I often find myself still quoting this character with friends. “Well we don’t assemble them here. That’s done in Flint Michigan”.

Personal Thoughts- An episode that perfectly captured the cruelty’s of fame, I especially liked how self-referential it was. When the show first premiered Bart became an instant household icon, not to mention a poster boy for juvenile delinquency. Bart should be neither of these things. He’s just another member of the family as far as I’m concerned, the way that Wolverine should be just another member of the X-Men. This episode shows how quick we are to latch on to fads and catchphrases. My collection of pogs Is evidence enough that I’m guilty of this. Luckily the Simpsons wasn’t a fad, and we still have it after all these years.

Since this episode dealt with fame, this week it’s the top 3 celebrity guest voices on The Simpsons.

3.John Waters as John from “Home’s Phobia”- The diabolical director was pitch-perfect as Home’s fa-laming new friend. If only everything was cast like this.
2. Luke Perry as himself from “Krusty Gets Kancelled”- Sideshow Luke Perry getting shot out of a cannon at the height of 90201 popularity, nuff said.
1. Phil Hartman-You might remember him as the voice of such characters as Lionel Hutts, Troy Maclure, Moses, Lyle Lanley. As if there was really any other choice. The second you saw what the top 3 was, you had to know it’d be him. He was an invaluable asset to the show, though I think it was admirable that his characters were retired after his passing. Like anyone could’ve replaced him anyway.

I’ll be back next week for number one. You’re all excited aren’t you? This week’s question: Based on what I’ve selected so far, what do you think the number one is going to be, and also, who was your favorite guest voice? Let me know, and be sure to come back Sunday for this week’s edition of Mikes Soapbox. I’m so ronery there without you.