RAW News: Kane/Val/Shawn Injuries, IC Title Poll Results, Blade Trinity


– The beating that Kane took from Gene Snitsky will keep him off of TV while he is away filming the film Eye Scream Man. He’ll be out around 4 months. [Credit: PWInsider.com, PWTorch.com]

– It was explained during the PPV that Val Venus was out of IC Title contention due to injuries suffered from Kane on RAW. [Credit: PWInsider.com]

– The 3.0 RAW rating from Monday was shocking to a lot of people backstage at the Taboo Tuesday PPV. WWE is claiming that it was low due to MNF and the MLB playoffs. [Credit: PWInsider.com]

– Stacy Keibler will be the guest on tonight’s Byte This on WWE.com at 8:00 PM ET.

– According to WWE.com, the actual voting percentages for the IC Title shot were:

Shelton Benjamin 37.5%
Batista 20.1%
Coachman 7.0%
Christian 6.7%
Rhyno 5.8%
Maven 4.2%
William Regal 3.8%
Hurricane 3.8%
Tyson Tomko 2.5%
Tajiri 2.4%
Steven Richards 2.2%
Val Venis 1.7%
Rosey 1.1%
Chuck Palumbo 0.7%
Rodney Mack 0.6%

– A new Blade: Trinity trailer featuring HHH is now out at ComingSoon.net. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– Shawn Michaels is having knee surgery this week. No word on how long he will be out. [Credit: PWTorch.com]

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