The Eyes– Switcheroo!

I want to start off this week’s column by apologizing for a lack of a column LAST week, but computer troubles prevented me from getting a column to you by deadline (meaning before the show), and what good are SURVIVOR predictions for an episode that has already aired? So, I apologize for that.

Now, on to business.

It’s always fun when things get switched up, because it opens the door for new possibilities. John K. must have been grateful, too, because now his neck is saved.

This switch was unique in the fact that the two new tribes each had its own clear majority and minority. For Lopevi, the advantage goes to the men against two women, and for Yasur, the females hold the sword against the single male, now that Travis is gone.

From the previews this week, we can know that we’ll see Rory throw a hissy-fit about not doing any work if he’s screwed anyway. I have mixed feelings about whether or not that’s the right thing to do. I mean, Jenna did no work at the end of Amazon when she was on the chopping block, and she ended up winning. However, this could easily just cause Rory to dig a deeper grave for himself. I honestly don’t think that he’ll get anywhere, because these women seem pretty tight.

Except Eliza. Man, isn’t she a little firecracker. I’m surprised she didn’t list “betraying alliances” as one of her hobbies on her biography, because it’s something she’s been doing a lot of relatively early in the game. Although, to be optimistic, she did end up going with the flow and voting Travis out this week, despite her objections, so I’ll leave her alone.

For now.

So, my prediction is that the Yasur women will stick together like glue, and if they lose again at Immunity, then Rory will be going home this week.

Lopevi, on the other hand, is a different story. There are some more possibilities with this group, I think.

On this tribe, we have John K., Twila, Chad, Julie, Chris, and Lea. On the surface, you could think that one of the girls would get kicked off. Probably that’s what will happen, but I like to be difficult, so bear with me.

We’ve seen that Julie will be taking it all off this week. I’ve seen promos, and in each one, Chris is saying “Someone like that could sneak into the Final Five.” So, he’ll be lobbying to get Julie off.

Then I see John K. leering. And I begin to think that he’ll switch over to the girls’ side. And then I think of another reason why he’d switch, besides falling for Julie’s weapon of sex appeal.

What does he have to gain by sticking with the guys? They dumped him and the other young ones without a second thought, and now suddenly he’s their best buddy because they need him? If I was John, I’d probably join up with the two females and force the rock issue. I wouldn’t want to be an enabler, and allow the male alliance to dominate if I still had a shot at continuing to destroy it.

But we’ll have to see. Prediction-wise, I’m going to stick with the safe bet and say that Julie will get kicked out of a Lopevi Tribal Council. Twila fits in with the guys like a glove, and the older crowd may not appreciate Julie’s ploy.

Then again, maybe they will. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now it’s time for my weekly rundown of the CBS website text teasers:

“Feeling vulnerable, one castaway gives an impassioned, persuasive speech in hopes of breaking the tribe’s alliances.”

–Rory refusing to do any work as long as his neck stays on the chopping block. Will it work? Doubtful.

“In a piglet-herding Reward Challenge, could one tribe’s chance of winning be hurt by a member’s fear of handling pigs?”

–Maybe that’s Julie because she just got through with her naked tan session.

“Things get very relaxed at one camp, where one castaway decides to do some nude sunbathing, and a walk to gather food fuels an alliance.”

–Julie gets naked. Maybe that alliance is a new alliance where some of the older guys try and pull Twila in with them because she fits in so well?

“Conflicted over how to vote in the upcoming Tribal Council, one castaway prays for a sign to guide the decision. POOF! The sign appears.”

–I have no idea what this sign could be. I’m not even going to guess, because I don’t want to embarrass myself anymore than I probably already have. Should be interesting, though.


Boot Pick—Rory
Sole Survivor—Ami

“See” you next week!