Recapped: Lost – Episode 4

Recapped: Lost — Episode 4
“White Rabbit”

Oh no, we’re not going to get some kind of Matrix tie-in here, are we? Follow the white rabbit… anyway, the big news today is that Lost was picked up for a full season along with Desperate Housewives, meaning that I won’t have to look forward to a cancellation of either of my shows that I’m recapping anytime soon. I’ve also heard mutterings that Alias might be moved to the 9:00 PM EST slot behind Lost on Wednesdays, and perhaps with some other reshuffling of his other shows in the works, it can become J.J. Abrams Day. Desperate Housewives is good, but ABC will have to wonder if the fan base for Alias will be strong enough to follow it to Wednesdays. As I mentioned in a previous recap, they’re going to have to promote the hell out of Alias if they want to move it, because treating Alias like that just because it’s a lower-rated show than Desperate Housewives doesn’t make it a bad show, it just makes it a lower-rated show than Desperate Housewives.

Enough ranting, let’s head on over to the mailbag for this week’s talk…

…the comic book the kid (Walt) found in the pilot is Part One of the Green Lantern/Flash:Faster Friends mini series that came out in 1997. I didn’t find anything else in the book that has showed up on the island yet, but the Polar Bear (which I missed on first viewing).

My first thought about the bear was that it must get awful cold there in the winter months.

I’ve seen some other message boards where they’ve theorized that the island is somehow making people’s fears or thoughts come alive. Using the polar bear/comic book connection as a jumping off point, if you noticed in the second episode as the Father said he would search for the dog as soon as the rain quit, it quit. While he was in the jungle by himself, he seemed to be afraid of something jumping out at him, and then he heard noises, which went away as soon as he saw Sun cleaning herself.

Could also explain Locke’s sudden ability to walk again, but it could also just be the shock of what his body went thru, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him lapse back into not being able to walk at some point.

Awesome to see that someone actually owns the comic book that Walt read in the pilot. As for the thought about the polar bear, it wouldn’t surprise me considering the freak weather that this island seems to have.

As for the theory on whether or not this island is powered by the fears and thoughts of the survivors, it’s entirely possible, but you do use the second part of the pilot as a jumping off point, which kinda sours the theory because the first part of the pilot had the all important monster, and I don’t think anyone was fearing that a very large monster would come after them on this island, their chief fear (except for Shannon) was probably whether or not they would be rescued. Still, it’s plausible if you use a certain jumping off point. And I, too, wouldn’t be surprised to see Locke lapse back into a state of non-walking.

Dr. Jack — I think that the mirage man is either father or grandfather that Jack probably disappointed at some time. Jack claims to be a doctor and told Kate a surgery story, but is he still a practicing doctor? Why was he in Australia?

I can’t think of what the monster is but I don’t think that it is a dinosaur. I think that the previous people were working on some type of cloning/genetic experiments on the animals.

Why Dr. Jack was in Australia is the best question to ask about him, and I hope that this episode is the one that finally reveals what the hell is up with Dr. Jack.

The cloning/genetic experiments thing is a little too Jurassic Park for my taste, but it would explain the polar bear (the scientists wanted to create a polar bear that could look like a polar bear but be able to stand the warm temperatures), and I wouldn’t complain too much about the storyline going that way, but still, I’d prefer that it be some other scenario.

What if they were the ones that left the message 16 years earlier, and the group of characters that we know are in some time loop. What if all of the characters really did die, just like Dr. Jack said, only to be reborn in purgatory. All the characters have some sort of dark secret and they are facing their sin’s before entering paradise. Paradise LOST! John Milton. Or what if Locke stuck some sort of mental deal with the Un-named Thing. He doesn’t want to go back to the real world, he won’t be able to walk there. One note of concern though. I love this show, but how are they going to make a year after year story out of this? That might be the greates secret on the island.

Tackling the greatest secret first, if anyone can do it, J.J. Abrams can. Despite it being a deserted island, there are a number of interesting things that could keep the series going if it seemed like it was coming to a sputtering stop.

The purgatory theory is the one that I hear the most, and I just can’t accept that. I don’t like it at all. I like the idea that everyone has a dark secret, but I also like the idea that everyone is punished for their dark secret in a physical way and not a mental way like going to hell. I do like the idea of Locke striking a deal with SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRRRR, as Locke could establish himself as the old man miracle maker on the island. A morbid idea surrounding the deal would be that Locke would sacrifice Michael (Walt’s father) to the monster in exchange for his own life, so that Walt and “Mr. Locke” could bond together.

As for the characters being in some time loop and the French woman being someone who was on the tail end of the plane, it certainly is a fun theory to exercise, but it’s a strange one and I’m not quite sure how they could carry it out on-screen.

I watched with my brother-in-law last night and he suggested that maybe the deal with the mysterious island, location, etc. is that they are really all dead and in some kind of purgatory. Like a ‘Lost Souls’ kind of thing. I don’t really buy that given that people are dying around them (like the cop for instance), but after the woman said that thing about her husband being alive and the back of the plane thinking the surivors were dead, and the whole thing with Locke being able to walk again, the supernatural element seemed to make more sense.

Yeah, going back to the last e-mail, if this really is purgatory, what sin did the U.S. Marshal have to face before meeting his doom at the end of The Gun? The sin of knowing that he let Kate seduce him, perhaps? That makes a mess of the purgatory theory for me.

Before I start with the recap, I’d just like to make a small note. If you have any spoilers contained in your feedback to me, please indicate it in the subject title. I do not like spoilers that much because I’m not just recapping this show to get on InsidePulse, I’m recapping it because it’s a great show and I’m hooked on it. I don’t mind if you send me spoilers, and there may come a point where I absolutely need to read them, but until then the general rule is: If it’s a spoiler, let me know about it before I click on the message.

Spoilers are defined as plot information that is definitely going to happen in the show, like shown in the previews. Now, if you have theories that you want to share with me that might involve going past what a character has done to this point in the show, that’s fine. Spoiler: “I know who the mystery man is thanks to a preview from CTV!” Not a spoiler: “Here’s what I think about the mystery man that Dr. Jack saw on the island.”

Got it? Great, let’s finally get this recap started!

Previously, on Lost: No previouslies, but read my previous column if you haven’t seen the last episode yet.

We open with what appears to be a flashback, because the surroundings would suggest so. A little kid is down on the ground as another kid is getting pounded in the gut against a fence. The other kid getting his ass kicked is looking at him for help, so the kid gets off the ground and goes to help, but the other bully grabs him: “You should have stayed down, Jack.” The punch comes flying in and everything goes black.

Charlie Horse is screaming Dr. Jack’s name as he comes rushing up to him, snapping him out of the flashback. Charlie Horse points out towards the ocean, where someone is calling for help. Charlie Horse doesn’t know how to swim, so Jack immediately strips off his t-shirt and goes out into the water to save the person in need. Dr. Jack gets out pretty far in the water, and dives under a few times…and comes up with…Boone? Does Boone scream like a girl? Boone wants to know if Dr. Jack saved “her,” and Dr. Jack doesn’t understand. Turns out Boone tried to save the same lady he was shooting for. The woman continues to scream for help in the water as Dr. Jack is trying to paddle Boone back to safety. Dr. Jack is conflicted in what to do, and he finally watches as the woman goes under the water.

Kate and Charlie rush up to the beach and take Boone out of Dr. Jack’s hands, and Dr. Jack immediately goes back out in search of the other person as the other survivors watch on.


And now, a word from our sponsors…good start. I was thinking that the woman was just a figment of Dr. Jack’s imagination, much like the mystery man, but since Boone saw her too, it must be true. He’s a licensed lifeguard, after all. I don’t know if Dr. Jack is going to find anyone out there, though, even if the woman does exist and Boone isn’t just seeing things himself. And if Dr. Jack doesn’t find her, he’ll look even crazier than he’s been acting lately. The flashback scene was interesting too, but I’m not going to look too far into it because I know that they’re going to expand on it after the break.

Tag team, back again, and Boone is now on the Sand Dune of Reflection, looking out to see what’s out there as he turns behind him to see a fully clothed Dr. Jack. Dr. Jack talks with Kate, asking about the lady. Turns out that her name was Joanna, and she wasn’t supposed to be on this flight because of an ear infection, but she did so anyway. Great choice there. Anyway, it isn’t a survivor from another part of the plane, it was actually a survivor that no one has even mentioned yet. Good job by the writers recognizing that they’ve been focusing on a set group of survivors when there are more people milling about. Dr. Jack feels bad because he never said a word to her, and now she’s dead. Dr. Jack thought he could save her and save Boone at the same time, but he decided not to go after her until it was far too late. While Dr. Jack is having his pity party, he notices someone on the beach…the mystery man! The creepy music is very effective as the man in a full suit has the water crashing around him, once again looking like something pulled straight from the reel of The Ring. This is definitely only something that Dr. Jack can see, as Kate didn’t see anyone in the water and wants to know when Jack slept last. Jack refuses to acknowledge his need for sleep, however, and is back to work.

Walt is brushing his teeth with the plant that Sun gave her, and Michael tells Walt not to swallow the ocean water because it’ll make him thirsty. Walt doesn’t understand why and Michael gets frustrated and tells him just not to swallow it. What, is it that hard to explain that there’s salt in the ocean water and that it’ll dehydrate him? Walt finally agrees and obliges as Sun looks at the scene that just transpired. Jin arrives, however, and tells Sun that she looks like she needs water. Sun refuses politely, and asks Jin when someone will come up with a plan of what to do, since she thinks no one is coming. Jin is more optimistic, however. Sun doesn’t want to be ignored by everyone else because of the obvious language barrier, and suggests that they try harder to communicate. Jin insists that they don’t need anyone else. Perhaps Jin and Shannon could get together and have a big No-Chocolate party while they wait for someone to come rescue them. Jin tells Sun that he will tell her what to do. So, is this Korean tradition that the husband is more dominant over the wife in the relationship? I’d assume so.

Over to another part of the beach, as Shannon walks up in a very flimsy green dress and asks Sawyer if “he’s got it.” Sawyer is expanding his intellectual mind with an actual book and not Playboy, however, and tells Shannon that “you’re in my light, sticks.” “Light sticks, what the hell is that?” “Light, comma, sticks.” Sticks was Sawyer’s pet nickname for Shannon’s legs. Shannon thinks that’s cute and all, but she needs some ointment to repel sand fleas. Sawyer’s got it, and Shannon wants to know the price. Sawyer knows that her money’s no good, but Shannon is repulsed at the thought of paying other currency to Sawyer. Sawyer changes his tune to “5 grand,” explaining that he was just negotiating and that he would take an I.O.U. from Shannon. “Something tells me you’re good…for it.” Shannon likes sand fleas a lot better than Sawyer, however, and throws the repellent back at him as she stomps off to picket against Hershey’s or something. Excellent scene, Sawyer is so awesome at being a pig.

Kate is rummaging through some clothes as Claire walks up wanting a hairbrush, since she can’t find one. She bends down to sit on the sand and has a moment of pain, but she’s alright, it’s just the heat…oh, and that baby. The baby’s kind of a problem too. Anyway, Kate is sorting the practical clothes from the impractical, and I can’t help but feel that this won’t last long because J.J. Abrams will give T&A to his demographic any way he can. What’s that, Kate? Your other roomier clothes got tore up by the monster and all you have left is this small barely-there bikini? Sucks to be you! Claire agrees to help, and asks if Kate is a Gemini. Sure enough, she is, as Claire is a big fan of astrology.

Hurley comes up to Dr. Jack on another part of the beach and notices that Dr. Jack looks tired. He then mentions that there’s a problem, and they go to another part of the beach where a rather small cooler is resting with the remainder of the water. Hurley explains that there’s only 18 bottles left because everyone took what they needed, assuming that they were going to be rescued. Charlie Horse adds that even if they split the bottles up, the 47 people wouldn’t be covered. Dr. Jack corrects them, because with Joanna’s death, we’re down to 46. Hurley warns that the survivors will freak out if they know that the water supply is running low, and Charlie Horse adds that the boar supply is running low. Hurley suggests that they make a “water-finding stick”…what the hell? And they both basically piss off Dr. Jack as he walks off, insisting that he don’t know…Jack! I made a funny! Hurley and Charlie Horse grab the water and walk to follow Dr. Jack, talking about what gameplan they should use, and giving Dr. Jack time to decide. But Dr. Jack doesn’t want to decide anything, but he doesn’t know why not, he just wants to walk off.

Flashback time, as we see the little version of Jack walking into his father’s room. His father asks what happens, and Little Jack explains that a couple of boys jumped Marc Silverman, some random guy who we probably won’t hear from again. Father Jack talks about a boy that he had “on his table today” who had a bad heart, and that the situation got out of control really fast; everyone was turning to Father Jack to make decisions on what to do with the boy. Father Jack tells Little Jack that he was able to make those decisions because at the end of the day, after the boy died, he was able to come home and eat some dinner, watch TV and laugh himself silly, even when he fails. Why? Because Father Jack has what it takes. He advises his son not to be a hero because when he fails, he doesn’t have what it takes.

Back to the beach, and Boone’s voice asks a spaced out Dr. Jack why he didn’t leave Boone in the water to go save Joanna. Dr. Jack doesn’t want to talk about it, but Boone said that he could’ve saved her. Dr. Jack gets in Boone’s face and tells him straightforward that he didn’t save him. And neither did Boone. Boone is upset now, and tells Dr. Jack that he could’ve handled himself out there in the water. After all, Boone runs a business. So who did appoint Jack to be the savior of the island? Dr. Jack doesn’t give an answer, because he sees the mystery man in the distance and runs off to chase him down, despite Boone screaming behind him. Dr. Jack speeds into the jungle, and comes right up behind the mystery man, who has his back turned to Dr. Jack. Dr. Jack approaches slowly and reaches out to touch the man, but the man turns around…”Dad?” Dr. Jack stumbles backwards at the relevation, and Father Jack simply walks off into the jungle.

And now, a word from our sponsors…lots of stuff went down in this segment, and it was all good. The show’s got me hooked in in the first fifteen minutes, and now they gotta keep me in. Oh, and National Treasure looks like an interesting dark spin on Indiana Jones, and it’s Jerry Bruckheimer. Can’t really go wrong there.

In the jungle, Dr. Jack is still freaking out over seeing his father, and we go right into another flashback with a woman telling Dr. Jack that “Your father’s gone.” Divorced? Dead? Dr. Jack is much older now and looking out a window. Theory: Father Jack left without saying anything to his son, and Dr. Jack went to Australia to track him down. Am I right? “He’ll be back.” Yep, probably. Dr. Jack’s mother wants him to bring his father back, but Dr. Jack doubts such a thing will be possible since they haven’t talked in two months. Father Jack doesn’t have any friends left to bring him back, but Dr. Jack is still reluctant to take the job. His mother scolds him about not understanding the pressure, but Dr. Jack refutes that right away. His mother pleads with him, saying that Father Jack can’t take care of himself, but Dr. Jack simply can’t do it. But he supposedly can’t say “I can’t,” not after what he did. Oh no. This can’t be good at all. The mother is now ordering Dr. Jack to bring him back, and sure enough, he’s in Australia. Dun dun dun. So he’s alive? Dr. Jack goes back on the trail again.

Walt runs up to Kate and tells her that the pregnant lady fell down. Charlie Horse and Michael are carrying her, and Charlie Horse says that she just dropped, likely because of the heat. The black undershirt might have something to do with THAT. Kate doesn’t know how to do CPR like Licensed Lifeguard Boone and Dr. Jack, so she just tries to get Claire back to her senses. Claire eventually does open her eyes, and Kate tells Charlie Horse to go get some water. Charlie Horse sets off to look for the water, but…”The water’s gone. Someone stole it.” What the hell?

On another part of the beach, Locke wants to know where the doctor is, but Kate says that no one can find him. Sayid claims it was foolish to keep the water supply all in once place, and Kate feels bad, offering to go into the jungle and find some fresh water. Sayid offers to go with her and Locke reminds both of them that when the others find out there’s no more water, it’ll get ugly. But when they find out that someone stole it, shit’s gonna go down hardcore, son. I’m just paraphrasing, of course. Locke finally offers his help to find the water, because he knows where to find the water and Sayid and Kate are more important to stick around since they are seen as leadership figures with the absence of Dr. Jack.

Speaking of the Doctor, he’s in the jungle searching for his father. Dr. Jack asks twice where his father is and then yells it, sparking another flashback…

…apparently, Dr. Jack’s father didn’t rent a car when he left the hotel three days early. He’s got alcohol in the hotel room drawer and drugs sitting on the end table. The hotel manager thinks that he didn’t rent a car because there was a disturbance at the bar that required Father Jack to be escorted back by security to his room. No rental agency in Sydney would rent a car to Father Jack, considering his condition. Dr. Jack takes offense to that, telling the manager that is father is the chief of surgery. Where? Father Jack left his wallet when he left, confusing Dr. Jack as the manager suggests that he talk to the police. He asks the same question of “where are you?” as he goes back into the jungle. And there he is, back turned to him again. Dr. Jack tries to keep up with him as the father walks away, and then he disappears again. Dr. Jack comes to a clearing dusted with fog, and then turns around to see his father right behind him. Dr. Jack runs towards him again, but this time trips over a hillside and rolls all the way down a hill, almost going off a cliff until he grabs onto some foilage to keep him from plunging into the very sharp rocks below.

And now, a word from our sponsors…only commercial of note here is “After the Sunset” using “I Feel Love” from the Blue Man Group, which is an awesome song. But that’s all there is to speak of.

…we’re back and Dr. Jack is still hanging on for dear life. He slips on some loose rocks and almost falls to his doom, but the bamboo holds him, as a hand reaches over the cliff and reaches out to Dr. Jack. Father? No. Locke. Jack and Locke inter-Locke hands and Locke pulls him to safety, both of them panting for air.

Back to the tent hospital, and Claire is starting to stir as Charlie Horse comes over with some water for Claire. Claire thanks him for the water, but Charlie Horse is still upset about the stolen water, and confirms that no one’s seen Dr. Jack lately. But Locke’s out in the jungle so someone’s on the way. Claire doesn’t trust Locke as far as she can throw him, but Charlie Horse rationalizes that it’s a choice between SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and “that geezer with his 400 knives.” The use of the word geezer alone makes this scene perfect. Charlie Horse cracks a joke, and Claire laughs but then wonders when they’re gonna be rescued. Charlie Horse thinks that it’ll be soon. Claire is glad that Charlie Horse can look her in the eye, because everyone else seems to be acting like the baby will end up needing more attention than anyone else on the island, and they’re scared of not getting their due attention over the baby. Charlie Horse isn’t scared of Claire, however, as the bonding continues.

Over to Hurley, who comes up to Sayid and tells him that the Chinese people have water. Sayid interrogates Sun, which is about as useful as punching concrete to make a hole, and Kate tries to tell Sayid that she doesn’t understand what Sayid is yelling at him about. Sayid insists that Sun understands, and asks if Sun stole the water. Sun responds in Korean, sans subtitles, but Jin storms in and yells at Sayid in Korean. Kate tries to defuse the situation, but Jin looks ready to kick some ass. Kate tries to ask Jin where he got the water from, and Jin points to Sawyer. Kate is ready to barge over there right now and demand the water, but Sayid tells Kate to hold her horses, since a rat will always lead you to its hole.

Sure enough, Sawyer wanders into the jungle and he uncovers his suitcase full of contraband–not water. Kate tackles him from behind as Sawyer grabs some smokes, and with Kate on top of Sawyer, Sawyer fires off a pig comment immediately: “I made this birthday wish four years ago.” Zuh? Wait a second…that doesn’t sound like typical Sawyer. Do these two know each other from previous encounters? Anyway, Sawyer turns the tables on Kate and pins her down, and Sawyer likes being on top better. Sayid pulls Sawyer off before Sawyer can get away with anything else, and Kate looks for the water that isn’t there. Sayid accuses him of giving two bottles to the Koreans, but Sawyer denies that. It was a trade. “Mr. Miyagi” traded the water for a fish he caught, caveman-style. And besides, it’s going to rain soon anyway. Kate goes to walk off, but Sawyer throws Kate the U.S. Marshal badge before she leaves.

Locke and Dr. Jack are in the jungle as Locke is gathering the water, and Dr. Jack asks how the others are doing. “Thirsty. Hungry. Waiting to be rescued.” But most of all, they need someone to tell them what to do. Dr. Jack says he can’t, because he’s not a leader, despite them all treating him like one. He don’t have what it takes. Locke then asks Dr. Jack why he’s out here and Dr. Jack says that he’s going crazy, but crazy people wouldn’t say that. Locke asks Dr. Jack again, and Dr. Jack says that he’s chasing someone. Locke recognizes it as the white rabbit. Dr. Jack sees him, but he’s not there. Locke tells Dr. Jack that he’s hallucinating based on what Dr. Jack would tell Locke if the roles were reversed. But if Dr. Jack isn’t hallucinating, then they’re all in trouble. Locke says he doesn’t believe in magic, but this might change his mind. He knows that this island is special. “What if everything that happened here happened for a reason?” Could it be possible that Father Jack is here? Locke doesn’t know what will happen if Dr. Jack catches his real father, but he knows that he’s seen the eye of this island, and it was beautiful. Locke goes off to find some water, but he tells Dr. Jack to keep chasing the white rabbit.

And now, a word from our sponsors…so, Locke saw SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR after all. He’s got the biggest dark secret of them all now, no doubt about that.

We’re back, and Dr. Jack is still in the jungle at night with a fire brewing. He’s staring into the fire, as we go right into another flashback…

…a doctor is walking with Dr. Jack as he talks about someone having a fatal heart attack due to a high blood alcohol content. Well, we can see where this is going. Father Jack is very much dead, as this island would have to be pretty magical if a dead man lives and it’s not a hallucination. Dr. Jack identifies the body…

…and we go back to the fire where Dr. Jack is crying. Some ice cubes rattle behind him and a branch snaps as Dr. Jack sets off to find what was making those noises. Dr. Jack comes upon a waterfall flowing into a body of water, and at the bottom is a doll. Dr. Jack snags it and keeps looking around, as he finds a coffin, supposedly among some wreckage.

Flashback to the airport, as Dr. Jack wants to know why he can’t take it with him. The attendant tells her that he doesn’t have the proper documentation, but he doesn’t want to leave without his father in the coffin. Jin watches Dr. Jack freak out at the attendant, and he says that the coffin needs to get out of Australia because he needs to bury his father. That convinces them, apparently, but the plane crashes and there’s the coffin, eh? Dr. Jack leans on the coffin and then opens it…and there’s no one there. Dr. Jack loses it and destroys the coffin, making incredibly loud banging noises.

…and now a word from our sponsors…we’re in the home stretch, folks.

We’re back, and on the beach as the fires are blazing. Someone puts three water bottles down on the ground and then gives a sip to Claire. Charlie Horse barges in as Claire wonders how…BOONE~! got the water. Charlie Horse immediately points the fingers at him, and Boone confesses that he had to take responsibility since Dr. Jack wouldn’t. Dr. Jack arrives just in time to stop Charlie Horse from destroying Boone. Dr. Jack makes a speech hypothesizing that help might not arrive. They need to stop waiting, and start figuring things out. Boone is about to be crucified after trying to save a woman’s life earlier today, and that “every man for himself” lifestyle just isn’t going to work out. They need to figure out how to survive here. He found the fresh water in the waterfall, and he’ll take a group up there to collect. If they can’t live together, they’re going to die alone; everyone has to contribute in some way.

Jin and Sun talk by the fire as Sun thanks Jin for the water. Jin says that’s what husbands are for, confirming that this is a husband/wife relationship, finally. Michael looks at his son, and Boone sits staring off into the distance as Sawyer congratulates Boone on becoming the new most hated person on the island. Kate brings some water over to Dr. Jack, as Kate asks Dr. Jack where he was. Dr. Jack said he had to take care of a few things, and then continues to explain that his father died. Kate apologizes, and of course my recording of Lost off TiVo stops at this point. Note to self: Make a five-minute buffer at the end next time. Thanks to reading stuff on the internet, I realize that Dr. Jack said “Me too.”

End show! I’m going to learn to record shows better!

So, it seems that we’re on a course for SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRR to kinda fade in the background, as the people are bound to start turning on each other, no matter what kind of leadership Dr. Jack thinks he can provide.

Relationships that are budding:

— Dr. Jack and Kate — Duh.
— Charlie Horse and Claire — Wouldn’t it be weird if Claire was a groupie for Driveshaft and one of the other members of Driveshaft knocked her up? How about that for a coincidence? But that’s not likely. Fun to think about, though.
— Sawyer and Shannon — This one is interesting because of the Boone factor, and one can only imagine how he’ll react to it. Or perhaps Boone will end up dead and Shannon will run to the arms of Sawyer?
— Sun and Michael — Once again, interesting because of a third party, this time it’s Jin. It will be interesting to see if they can overcome the language barrier in an efficient way, because Michael had Love At First Peep.

What did Locke find so beautiful about the monster? We know he saw it, now we’re left with the question of how it affected Locke and how he managed to get away from the monster without ending up like the dead pilot.

What conflict will bring Boone back to the center of attention as the newly-crowned Most Hated Survivor? Something could be extreme in the sense that the conflict leads to the death of Boone, which sets up Shannon/Sawyer as previously mentioned, but I think Boone is going to go through some more grief before we hit that point. Perhaps Charlie Horse will be the one who has conflicts with Boone.

Why was the coffin supposedly carrying Dr. Jack’s dead father empty? Was it not the correct coffin? One would figure that Dr. Jack would know his father’s coffin if he saw it, so there doesn’t seem to be any weight to the theory that another coffin with Dr. Jack’s father could be in it, and it’s still intact. The coffin was more of a symbol than anything else, of course, as Dr. Jack’s smashing of it signified.

Of course, feedback is always appreciated, just remember the spoilers rule as mentioned before. I would also appreciate it if you guys wouldn’t mention anything from the preview for next week, as that seems to be spoilerrific anymore.