Updates On “Dr. Death” Steve Williams’ Health

WrestlingObserver.com is reporting that Steve “Dr. Death” Williams will be undergoing another operation tomorrow where doctors will take skin from his leg to patch the hole in his throat. Although his throat isn’t completely healed from radiation treatment, doctors feel they can’t wait any longer for this procedure.

The following is from WWE.com:

Update on Dr. Death Steve Williams

Dr. Death Steve Williams is back in the hospital for further surgery to treat throat cancer. Williams underwent a laryngectomy (removal of the voice box) earlier this month.

This time the doctors will be taking a piece of skin from Williamsâ?? leg and use it to patch a hole in his throat. The procedure takes approximately 10 hours, and Williams will be out for approximately 24 hours.

The surgery is being done in hopes that Williams will eventually be able to speak again.

Williams appreciates all of the support he has received from the WWE fans and asks for their continued support and prayers in this time of need.

Additionally, 1Wrestling.com’s Georgiann Makropoulos has posted detailed information on Williams’ health, including a letter from Williams himself, and one from his brother Jeff. They can be found here (Jeff) and here (Steve).

InsidePulse wishes Steve Williams the best, and asks that you include him in your thoughts and/or prayers.

Steve Williams’ official Web site can be found here.