InsidePULSE’s WWE Smackdown Report


WWE Smackdown for October 21th, 2004. Taped from Rockford, Illinois
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for www.insidepulse.

We start the show Torrie in an extra skimpy gold outfit, major asscheekage tonight. Torre introduces YOUR UNITED STATES CHAMPION CARLTIO CARIBBEAN COOL! This show just got a lot better. Carlito checks out Torrie, then hits on her. He tells her that he would look good on HER! HAHA! Torrie tries to announce his opponent, but Carlito grabs the mic and tells her ignoring him isn’t cool. She tries one more time to announce CCC’s opponent, but Carlito SPITS THE APPLE IN THAT BITCH’S FACE! This draws out Rico for a non-title match.

Carlito Caribbean Cool vs Rico
Rico charges and the ring and the two exchange punches back and forth for a bit. Carlito takes control with a chinlock but Rico breaks it with a jawbreaker. Rico hits lariat but Carlito comes back with a knee to the gut. Carlito tries another move but Rico slaps his ass! Rico starts laying into Carlito with hard kicks to the ribs and head. Rico sends Carlito into the corner and charges, but Carlito sidesteps him and hits his new finisher, a stepover twisting neckbreaker (Randy Orton’s first finisher, the OZone), for the 1-2-3.
Winner – Carlito Caribbean Cool

Booker T is backstage with Theodore R. Long. Book calls himself the biggest star on Smackdown and he doesn’t want to be in tag team matches anymore. Long mentions tonight is the champions showcase and if Booker does well, he could get a shot in the near future. Long tells Booker to step up. Booker says aight.

Commercial break.

Some Tough Enough crap.

A video recap of Kidman’s heel turn and antics from the past several weeks. He took out Chavo, London, Jackie and Chaz Haas.

OOOOOH Chavo! The GREATEST CRUISERWEIGHT OF ALL TIME is back! 55 days ago, Kidman knocked him silly with a shooting star press to the face. Chavo thanks the fans for their support. Oh lord, please don’t tell me he is going to be a face. Chavo acts all gay somemore when KIDMAN COMES OUT! Kidman mentions they go way back, all the way to WCW. Kidman says they are both victims. Chavo got the concussion, Kidman’s fans turned on him because of an accident. Kidman knows that Chavo forgives him for the accident. Chavo says his family didn’t want him to make a comeback. Chavo says he was thisclose to retiring from this business. Chavo says an old friend convinced him otherwise and he is eternally greatful for this friend. Chavo shakes Kidman’s hand and hugs him. Chavo does the old Rock “not letting go of the hand” thing and he tells Kidman that friend….. SURE AS HELL WASN’T KIDMAN! Chavo lariats Kidman and beats him down all over the ring.

Backstage, Heidenreich is preparing for his match when Heyman comes in and stops him. Heyman informs him that due to insurance reasons, Theodore R. Long is forcing Heidenreich to wear a STRAIGHT JACKET to the ring before and after his match. Heyman doesn’t like and it and starts to go to Long’s office to protest, but Heidenreich DEMANDS he puts the jacket on him. This psycho Heidenreich is starting to grow on me.

Commercial break.

Heidenreich vs Shannon Moore
Heidenreich looks pretty damn intimidating with that straight jacket on. SHANNON MOORE IS BACK! He has a f*cking MOHAWK and tattoos all over his arms!! Moore attacks before Heidenreich gets him straight jacket off, but Heidenreich headbutts him. Heidenreich dumps Shannon to the outside and slams him into the steps. Heidenreich whips Moore into the ropes and charges, but eats BOOTS! Shannon starts laying the boots to Heidenreich but he gets booted down. Heidenreich hits a rib-breaker and follows it up with a straight right hand. Heidenreich punches Shannon in the gut and follows it up with a spinning slam Big Bossman style to finish Moore off. Heidenreich seems to like getting the straight jacket back on.
Winner – Heidenreich

Postmatch, Heidenreich demands Heyman get a mic. Heidenreich calls out the Undertaker and says its HIS TERMS, HIS TIME. Heidenreich demands Taker come out RIGHT NOW and face him. Taker doesn’t answer the call.

Some more Tough Enough crap.

Commercial break.

Torrie is backstage bitching to the makeup girl about how she had to wash her hair twice just to get the apple out! Kenzo appears out of nowhere and starts singing “You are so beautiful to me” HAHA! Teddy Long shows up and apoligizes to Torrie and tells her she is going to confront Cool. Teddy walks a bit and sees Carlito macking on some backstage worker. Long asks Carlito if he thinks its cool to spit in the face of a woman. Carlito blows him off. Long demands to know if Carlito was in the bar when John Cena was attacked and STABBED, BY GAWD. Carlito says he doesn’t hang out with thugs because thugs aren’t cool. CCC also thinks Long’s tone isn’t cool. Carlito says he isn’t saying anything else until he talks to his lawyers.

Elsewhere, Booker T is doing some jumprope action when Orlando Jordan comes up to him. Jordan apoligizes if he offended Booker in anyway last week and he tells the Big B Teezy that JBL wants to meet with him in his locker room before the match. Booker agrees but pretty much blows Orlando off.

Commercial break.

Eddy Guerrero vs Mark Jindrak
2/3rds of the Honor Society are here as Luther Reigns comes out in a nice brown suit with the reflection of perfection, Mark Jindrak. Eddy and Jindrak work an armbar and a hammerlock for a bit, then Jindrak grabs a headlock. They work out of the headlock for a bit until Eddy takes Jindrak down with a hairpull. Eddy hits two quick armdrags and dropkicks Jindrak out of the ring. Jindrak gets a breather as we go to a commercial.

Commercial break.

We come back with Eddy working Jindrak over on the mat. Eddy takes Jindrak down with a headlock, then another, then another! Jindrak takes Eddy down with a hairpull of his own and then hits a straight left hand that sends Eddy down. Jindrak lays the boots to Eddy and hits a suplex for 2. Jindrak goes to the chinlock and Eddy elbows his way out of it after a bit. Eddy hits a flapjack, but gets backdropped when he tries to whip Jindrak into the ropes. That gets 2. Jindrak goes back to the chinlock but Eddy fights out with a European uppercut. Eddy goes off the ropes but Luther trips him without the referee noticing. Jindrak tries a slam, but Eddy counters with a headscissors takedown. Eddy hits the rolling verticals and starts feeling froggy. Eddy gets on the apron, but Luther gets involved. Eddy boots him off the apron and the referee heads to the outside to EJECT Luther! Eddy heads up to the top rope, but not before KURT ANGLE shows up out of nowhere and tosses Jindrak the ring bell. Eddy leaps for the frog splash but hits the ring bell on the way down. Jindrak rolls the bell out of the ring and gets the 1-2-3!
Winner – Mark Jindrak

Backstage in Teddy Long’s office, Heyman shows up and asks Long to sign a match between Heidenreich and the Undertaker at Survior Series. Long agrees, but tells Heyman that HE has to get Undertaker’s signature on the contract himself and he has to do it by next week!

Commercial break.

Backstage, RVD and Rey Mysterio are talking strategy when Booker shows up. They want him to be a good partner, he wants them to stay out of his way and let him do his own thing. Aight? Aight.

Tough Enough Recap. Sorry, but I don’t care. If you do… check this out…

JBL and Orlando are walking and laughing backstage when they run into Booker T. Booker offers congrats to JBL. Booker says JBL is livin it up with his longhorn limo, big house in New York City and his own personal houseboy, but then says he was just playin. I dig this new loner Booker T.

Commercial break.

Champions Showcase Match: JBL and Team Amercia vs Booker T and Flying High
Dupree and Van Dam start us off. They work an armbar for a bit then work the mat, ending in a stand off. Dupree gets a boot to the gut, but Mysterio blind tags in and the faces hit a double dropkick. Dupree comes back and knees Rey low and tags in Kenzo. They attempt a double team but Rey ranas Dupree out of the ring. Kenzo hits a double chop but Rey catches him with an enzeguri. Rey hits the bronco buster and tags in Van Dam who follows it up with the split-legged moonsault. RVD tries a whip but Kenzo comes back with a double chop and some clubbing forearms. RVD sucks a chop and hits a spinkick. Rey tags in and hits a seated senton and follows it with a springboard crossbody for 2. All hell breaks loose and we have a pier 5 brawl with Rey and RVD going at it against the three heel champions with Booker staying on the apron, refusing to get into the action. Rey gets dumped to the outside and accidentally hits Booker on the way out as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break.

We come back with JBL holding Rey in a vertical suplex and finally dropping him after a good 20 seconds. JBL goes to a sleeper and holds it for a while until Rey finally escapes with a headscissors takedown. Rey looks to tag to Book, but he doesn’t seem interested. JBL attacks Rey from behind and tags Dupree back in. Dupree chops Rey down and kicks him in the back for 2. Dupree gets caught by a drop toehold right into perfect 6-1-9 position. JBL breaks it up with a knee to the back when Rey goes off the ropes, Dupree gets a 2 count off of it. RVD comes in illegally and clotheslines Dupree and Kenzo. RVD dumps Kenzo to the outside and tries to splash him from the apron, but Kenzo moves and RVD hits the announce table, taking him out of the match. Back in the ring, Rey hits a DDT on Dupree and both men are down. Dupree makes the tag to JBL and Rey TAGS Book! Booker comes in and smiles at JBL who smiles back. Booker picks up Rey and holds him so JBL can hit the clothesline from hell. JBL goes off the ropes, but Booker tosses Rey out of the way and hits a jumping sidekick on JBL! Booker goes off the ropes and hits a flying forearm. Dupree comes in and he eats a spinebuster! Superkick for Kenzo! Spinebuster for JBL! Booker clotheslines Dupree over the top rope and tosses Kenzo over the top rope! Booker backdrops JBL and knocks Orlando Jordan off the apron. Booker hits the scissors kick on JBL and gets the 1-2-3!
Winners – Booker T and Flying High

After the match, Booker hits the bookend on Orlando as JBL looks on in horror with a busted nose.

End of Show.