WWE News: Cena, Storm, Tough Enough, Johnny Ace, Taboo Tuesday

– Due to producing Smackdown on Sunday instead of Tuesday, RAW’s script wasn’t turned in until around 5pm Monday, instead of Sunday. This gave them less time for re-writes. [Credit: PWTorch.com]

– There are rumors going around the WWE office that the Taboo Tuesday voting was fixed, although some think the HBK win was the only suspect voting. [Credit: PWTorch.com]

– New VP of Talent Relations John Laurenaitis (Johnny Ace) has made it policy that anyone who enters the ring for a match must wear wrestling boots. There are some backstage that feel he has been making mistakes that Jim Ross didn’t make when in that role, including calling out one wrestler publicly for being fined. [Credit: PWTorch.com]

– Lance Storm discusses the 6 month anniversary of his in-ring retirement here.

– You can send your comments to the recovering John Cena at getwellcena.wwe.com. The following statement can be found on that site:

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore R. Long was saddened to confirm last week that John Cena was seriously injured in a melee at a Boston after hours club the previous weekend. According to reports, the former United States Champion suffered several puncture wounds, some of which came dangerously close to his kidney. WWE.com is shocked by this tragic turn of events, and shares the concern of all Cena’s fans the world over.

We have provided this page for anyone wishing to relay their wishes to John during this time. Type your message in the box below, and click send. The messages will be forwarded to John as he convalesces. Along with all of you, we hope that the Doctor of Thuganomics will be able to get back to taking SmackDown! Superstars to school very soon.

– WWE has signed one Tough Enough competitor who didn’t make the cut, due to a torn biceps. More information on Brian Carlucci, who really impressed WWE management after continuing to compete after he was hurt, can be found on his Web site here. [Credit: PWInsider.com]