InsidePulse’s WWE Afterburn Report


It’s October 23, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Video package of the Shooting Star Press. It’s bad!

Our host today is Josh Matthews in a turtleneck. People usually wear turtlenecks to cover up something. Hmm…

Chavo is back in the ring and he’s got something to say. Well, he says stuff like he’s happy to be back and he thanks the fans, you know, the usual. I’m just waiting for somebody to interrupt him. It’s Kidman. Kidman says it’s great to have Chavo back. This incidence brings them closer together, because they’re both victims. They both suffered. The fans turned on Kidman. But he knows that Chavo forgives him. Tell the fans, Chavo. Chavo says that this is tough business. He talks about how his family worried about him. Eddy didn’t seem to care. Chavo almost quit. An old friend was there with him all the way. Kidman and Chavo shake hands, but Chavo says “that friend sure the hell wasn’t you” and clotheslines him down. Chavo keeps beating him with punches and kicks. Clothesline out of the ring.

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We’re back with Josh talking Carlito’s winning ways.

In the ring, Torrie is the ring announcer and Carlito is hitting on her. The US title looks cool on him and Carlito would cool on Torrie. Torrie keeps saying “and his opponent”, while Carlito interrupts and tells her to answer him. Carlito spits the apple at her. Carlito is the man! Rico comes out and the match is on. Rico on him with a slap, punches and a backbody drop. Carlito comes back with a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Chinlock on Rico, but Rico gets out with a jawbreaker. Rico with clotheslines. Carlito hits a kneelift, off the ropes, duck, Rico with a spank and kick to the stomach and head. More kicks in the corner. Rico misses a charge and Carlito hits some sort of neckbreaker for the cover, the count and the victory.

In the back, Theadore comes to tell Carlito it’s not cool to spit in Torrie’s face. What is this, elementary school? Long is suspicious of Carlito and asks if he was at the nightclub when Cena was attacked. Carlito doesn’t hang out with thugs. Long asks him one more time, but Cool says talk to his lawyers.

Matthews wonders if Carlito did have something to do with Cena’s assault. That wouldn’t be cool, that would be crazy. That would also be none of his business.

Backstage, Paul Heyman with a straight jacket is with Heidenrich. Heyman says his match is cancelled unless he wears the straight jacket. The reasoning is that he might attack a fan or even himself. What would stop from going outside and doing it?

Shannon Moore vs Heidenrich. Heidenrich beats him down with a headbutt and kicks. Moore thrown to the outside. Clothesline by Heidenrich. Heyman is outside holding the straight jacket like a baby. Back in the ring, Shannon puts the boot up on Heidenrich’s charge. Shannon with puches and kicks, but Heidenrich gives a big boot. Backbreaker by Heidenrich. Heidenrich with a punch and the Bossman slam for the 1, 2, 3. Now, Heidenrich is put back in the straight jacket. He tells Heyman to get the mic. Heidenrich says he wants UT on his own terms and his own time. He wants the Undertaker now.

Backstage, Long and Heyman have a talk. Heyman says Heidenrich wants Long to make a match at Survivor Series between Heidenrich and UT. Done. Except that Long wants a signed contract. He wants the signature of the UT, and Heyman has to go get it. Long wants it by next week, or they’ll be no match. Why does Long need the UT’s signature? He’s the GM, isn’t that enough?

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Up Next: Highlights from Europe

Afterburn returns with Josh talking about the great fans of Europe and their money.

We see highlights from Europe.

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Afterburn is back.

Last week: Big Show saves Eddy’s hair.

JIP, Jindrak vs Eddy. Jindrak with a chinlock and Eddy gets out it with a flapjack. Eddy with right hands, off the ropes, reverse, backbody drop by Mark for a 2. Chinlock on Eddy. Eddy gets out of it with elbows and a European uppercut. Luther trips Eddy, but the ref didn’t see. Eddy with a flying headscissors and the 3 amigos. Luther is on the apron, but Eddy kicks him. See you later, Luther. Kurt Angle shows up and tosses the bell to Mark. Mark puts the bell on his stomach and Eddy frogsplashes the bell. Jindrak covers Eddy for the 3 count.

Up Next: 6 man tag

We’re back with our final segment of Afterburn.

Backstage, Booker T is with SD GM Long. Booker T says he isn’t interested in tag team matches anymore. Long says this is a championship showcase. He doesn’t care about his tag team partners. Long doesn’t care whether he has a fight with RVD or Rey Mysterio; the match is still going to happen. He wants Booker T to make an impact.

Next segment shows RVD and Rey Mysterio talk’n. Booker T shows up and says they’re a great tag team, but Booker T is his own man. RVD and Rey better stay out of his way.

Now, we see JBL and OJ walking and meeting Booker T. Booker T tells JBL congratulations. Booker T sucks up to Bradshaw. Looks like a setup.

JIP, Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree and JBL vs Booker T, RVD and Rey Mysterio. JBL has the sleeper on Rey Rey. Rey gets out of it with flying headscissors. Rey asks whether Booker T wants to go in and JBL hits with from behind. Tag to Rene. Kick and chop to Rey for a 2. Whip by Rene, Rey holds the ropes, Rene charges and Rey puts him in the 619 position. JBL knees Rey in the back and Rene cover for a 2. Rene knocks RVD down. Rene and Kenzo go for a double team move, but Rey gets out of it and RVD double clotheslines Dupree and Kenzo, as well as knocks JBL down. RVD smashes the table after a missed bodypress. With RVD out, Booker is the only man Rey could tag. This is good stuff. Mysterio with a DDT on Dupree. Tag to JBL and a tag to Booker T! Booker T is smiling and so is JBL. Booker T holds Rey for JBL, but when Bradshaw goes for the clothesline, Booker gives JBL a spinkick. Booker T with right hands, whip, reverse, knocks JBL down. Spinebuster for Dupree. Superkick to Kenzo. Spinebuster to the champ. Out goes Dupree. Out goes Kenzo. Backbody drop on JBL. OJ on the apron, OJ off the apron. Booker T with scissors kick on JBL for the 1, 2, 3. Bookend on OJ! JBL is in shock.

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.