Latest 'Apprentice' Victim Still Talking

Even though Stacy Rotner was the seventh person eliminated on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” she isn’t finished talking. “I was really shocked to be fired,” Rotner told The Associated Press Friday.

Before the 26-year-old lawyer was told “you’re fired” by Donald Trump on his reality show, the gender-divided teams encountered a dog-themed task and a “corporate restructuring.” Three women were sent to the Mosaic team while three men were moved to the Apex team.

Soon after, project manager Wes Moss realized something about Rotner.

“Stacy can’t shut up,” Moss said during Thursday’s episode. “This is incredible. I thought I talked a lot. I’ve never known anybody like her.”

But Rotner believed her chattiness wasn’t a hindrance to her team.

“I do talk a lot. I do argue. That’s part of who I am,” Rotner told the AP. “That’s part of what makes me a great lawyer. It’s not a bad trait.”

Moss didn’t think so. He brought her and Andy Litinsky, who lost his cell phone during the task, into the boardroom. Trump fired Rotner, saying she “never took responsibility” and was “always complaining.”

“My strategy was to be me at all times,” said Rotner. “If that led me to victory or being fired, I didn’t care.”

Credit: AP/Yahoo