InsidePulse Indy Report 10/24/04: Recent News & Results

Indy Pro Central Wants You to Vote for Indy’s Best

Indy Pro Central is accepting nominations from fans for favorite indy promotions, wrestlers, & valets/managers. You can submit up to five nominations per category by November 15.

Starting November 20, a vote will take place to name the favorites. Visit the site for more information.

NWA Hammerlock Moves Training Center

NWA Hammerlock has moved to a new facility:

Black Belt Kickboxing Academy
Cross Street,
Kent. ME4 4LT

There is an entrance to the facility on the left hand side of the building, upstairs, & with a larger facility. The facility is close to the town centre & not far from the train station.

They have new equipment, including a large crash mat. They will be open Saturdays from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Tennessee’s CWA Wrestling Academy Opens

The Columbia Wrestling Alliance would like to announce the opening of their Wrestling Academy on Saturday, October 16 at 4 pm. Those interested in tryouts will be given their chance to try out and enroll in the school.

Training will be instructed by Anthony Wayne every Saturday at 4 pm at Grand Slam Recreation Center in Columbia, TN. This is your chance to make your dream of becoming part of the incredible world of professional wrestling come true.

Full training is offered for those wishing to become wrestlers, referees, or valets/managers. Prices will be some of the best offered anywhere in the U.S. at any wrestling school, with extremely easy payment options.

Please contact Anthony Wayne at 931-766-2568 for information & prices for tryouts or enrollment or e-mail him at

TASW results
Fri, 10/8 – Ft. Hood, TX

*Nark The Nevulon def. Justin Blaze
*Humongous def. The Gimps
*”Wildcat” Scoby Gober def. “Wildman” Chris Allen
*Mr. Mayhem def. The Iraqi Assassin
*Bobby 2Badd def. ZenZen
*Ft. Hood Street Fight: The Iraqi Assassin

Wrestlers of West Virginia results
Fri, 10/8 – Whitesville, WV

*Jazz E def. Gary Vandall
*Jason Kincaid/Dan Richards def. JV Insanity/Ice
*Beau James def. Jason Lancaster
*Johnny Blast def. Scotty McKeever
*Clay Conners/Jowad Wayne def. Super Destroyer/Robbie Cassidy
*Kid Apollo def. Eric Steel;
*Non-Title Match: Rictor/Chad Cross def. WOWV Tag champions Chris Vega/Brett Sharp

Pro Wrestling Guerilla results
Sat, 10/9 – Los Angeles, CA

*Scott Lost/Chris Bosh def. B-Boy/Super Dragon
*Frankie Kazarian def. Tony Stradlin
*Samoa Joe def. Joey Ryan
*Bobby Quance def. Christopher Daniels
*Scorpio Sky/Quicksilver def. Disco Machine/Excalibur
*Puma def. UK Kid
*Top Gun Talwar def. Hook Bomberry
*Los Rojo Locos/Supa Badd def. “Funky” Billy Kim/Charles Mercury/Ronin

Columbia Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 10/9 – Columbia, TN

*Richard Ezell/”Chaos” Chris Oliver def. Southern Justice
*Big Country def. Tank Morton
*CWA Heavyweight Title Match: Shane Rhodes (w/ Fredrick Beckingham III) def. Arrick Andrews
*Ryder def. Lawrence (w/ Kyle The Butler)
*Anthony Wayne (w/ Lekisha) def. Jeremy Westmoreland
*Bubba Morton/Shane Morton (w/ Susan Morton) vs. Tim Renesto/Robbie Ruffin (w/ Amy) vs. Death Wish (w/ Gordon) vs. Mach 3 went to a no contest

Mountain State Wrestling results
Sat, 10/9 – Princeton, WV

*El Toro def. Total Eclipse
*Dan Richards def. Jason Kincaid
*Jazz E def. Roger Hamm
*Scotty McKeever/Chuck Jones/JV Insanity def. Drake Tungsten/”Bad News” Johnson/Steve Ramsey
*Joey Morton def. The Rebel by DQ
*Johnny Blast/Kid Apollo def. Scotty Blaze/Frank Parker
*Lumberjack Match: Jack Miller def. Chris Gilbert

Mountain Empire Championship Wrestling/NWA Virginia results
Sun, 10/10 – Atkins, VA

Crowd: 120
End of Year Awards:
*Most Popular: Bad News Johnson
Runner Up: Denny Cooley
*Manager of the Year: Erotica D’Vine
Runner Up: Sexy Kevina
*Rookie of the Year: Gregory Vercetti
Runner Up: Donnie Dollars
*Tag Team of the Year: The Underground
Runner Up: Extreme Outlaws
*Wrestler of the Year: Scotty Blaze
Runner Up: (tie) Frank “The Tank” Parker/Scott Sterling

*”Classic” Chris Collins/Steve Harris/Kamikaze Kid def. Dragan Frost/Donnie Dollars/Ravage Lee
*Frank “The Tank” Parker (w/ Erotica D’Vine)/Drake Tungsten def. Bruiser Graham/NWA Southern Tag co-Champion Denny Cooley
*MECW US Title Match: champion Gregory Vercetti (w/ Donnie Dollars) retained against Matty Dee
*The Extreme Outlaws (DP Holiday/Mikkie McMasters) def. Bad News Johnson/Midnight Mauler
*MECW Tag Titles Match: champions Stan “The Man” Lee/Sexy Kevina (w/ Erotica D’Vine) vs.
NWA World Women’s champion Kiley McLean/Jimmy Valiant went to a no contest
*MECW Heavyweight Title Match: Scotty Blaze def. Scott Sterling (w/ Erotica D’Vine/Sexy Kevina/Kiley McLean)

Mountain State Wrestling results
Mon, 10/11 – Beckley, WV

*Gary Vandall vs. Big Bad John went to a double count-out
*Total Eclipse def. Eric Steel
*Rip Manson def. JV Insanity
*Johnny Blast def. Dan Richards
*Joey Morton/War Machine def. Jazz E/TJ Phillips

Heartland Wrestling Association results
Tues, 10/12 – Evendale, OH

*Necessary Roughness def. AJ Sparx/Hellena Heavenly
*Mike Desire def. Ooga Booga
*Nigel McGuinness def. Deuce
*Foreign Intelligence def. Viper/El Timore
*Dean Jablonski def. 4BJ
*JT Stahr def. Tack

Mountain State Wrestling results
Tues, 10/12 – Mullens, WV

*Joey Morton/Shane Matthews def. TJ Phillips/Jason Kincaid
*Super Destroyer def. Beau James
*Jazz E def. Roger Hamm
*Take A Bath Match: Dan Richards def. Cuban Assassin #2
*MSW Heavyweight Title Match: War Machine def. Ricky Morton

Mountaineer Pro Wrestling results
Tues, 10/12 – Oak Hill, WV

*Jason Lancaster def. Sin City Mike
*Rictor def. Eric Steel
*Dave Scott def. Jason Lancaster
*Lance Erikson/Stan Lee def. Brad Batten/The Purple Tornado

NWA-GCW results
Thurs, 10/14 – Columbus, GA

*Chad Collyer def. John Bogie
*Erik Watts def. The Grappler
*Chad Collyer vs. Nigel McGuiness went to a draw
*GCW Heavyweight Title/US Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Glenn Gilberti def. Jason Cross
*GCW Tag Titles Match: Sonny Siaki/David Young def. The Steele Brothers
*Loser Leaves Match: Vordell Walker def. The Wrestler

GCW results
Thurs, 10/14 – Coalmont, TN

*The Purple/Gold Exspress def. The Sex Kittens
*Tyler Dooley def. Chris Kopek
*GCW Grundy Title Match: champion Alora Barnes retained against Jordon Myers
*GCW Hardcore Title Match: champion Bethany Cooley retained over Jamie Lockhart, Jessica Guess, & Jon Barnes
*Nick Jensen def. John Tigue
*Bullrope Match: Chuck Conry def. Catdaddy
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jason Evans retained against Slim “The Armidillo” Smith

Mountain State Wrestling results
Thurs, 10/14 – Beckley, WV

*Gary Vandall vs. Big Bad John went to a double count-out
*Total Eclipse def. Eric Steel
*Rip Manson def. JV Insanity
*Johnny Blast def. Dan Richards
*Joey Morton/War Machine def. Jazz E/TJ Phillips

World Of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 10/15 – Lake Luzerne, NY

*WOHW Women’s Title Match: Barbie (w/ Kenny Casanova) def. Kayla Sparks
*Cheech def. Cloudy
*WOHW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion “Buttery” Bert Williams (w/ Synndy) retained against Chuck Deep (w/ Nick Neighborhood)
*Shockwave def. “Superfreak” Reed James (w/ Mickey The Quickie)
*WOHW Hardcore Title, Tables Match: Punk def. Virus
*WOHW US Title Match: champion “Throat Load” Brodie Lee (w/ Kenny Casanova/Miss DeVille) retained over Nick Neighborhood (w/ Chuck Deep)
*Last Man Standing Match: Swinger Sidusky (w/ Shana) def. Shane Alden
*Texas Outlaw/Gary Braham def. Danger/”Mr.
Spotlight” Jeff Starr (w/ Shana)
*Battle Royal: Shane Alden

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/15 – Denton, TX

*”Dirty” Craig Jerikho def. Jacob Ladder by DQ
*Bryan Justice def. Scott Phoenix by reverse decision DQ
*XCW Ironman Title Match: champion Lady Draven retained against Mr. Mayhem
*Sidd Chaos def. Jack Drastic (after interference from Gemini
*Bull/Action Jackson (w/D-Money) def. Team Extreme (Kit Carson/Khris Germany)/Bullman Downs by DQ

USA Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/15 – Nashville, TN

Thanks to
Crowd: 56
*”Hot Chocolate” Kory Williams def. “the Idol” Matt Catalano
*Cassidy Reilly def. Hammerjack
*Shawn Schultz def. “Charismatic” Cat Taylor
*”Livewire” Chris Vaughn def. “The Headliner” Chris Michaels via DQ
*Jason Brisbain def. Big Bully Douglas
*Chase Stevens/Chris Michaels vs. Chris Vaughn/Cassidy Reilly went to a double countout

NWA Wildside results
Sat, 10/16 – Cornelia, GA

*”Nitro” Nick Halen/”The Sensational” Jay Fury def. The Texas Treats (Don Juan/Chris Marvel)
*Iceberg/Tank def. Alabama Attitude (Adam Roberts/T.C. Carnage) (w/ Zero X)
*”The Technician” Todd Sexton def. Wolfman by submission with a sharpshooter
*Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson/Nemesis) def. Biohazard/Storm
*NWA Wildside Tag Titles Match: The NWA Elite (“The Soul Assassin” Rainman/”The Angel of Death” Azrael) def. Brandon P/Brett Anthony
*3 Guys Who Totally Rule (NWA WS Jr. Heavyweight champion “Kool” Seth Delay/Fast Eddie/”Unrated” Sal Rinauro) def. Randall Johnson/Anthony Henry/Billy Buck
*”The Genetic Powerhouse” Onyx def. Sean “Shocker” Evans by pin
*Sweet Dreams/Skeeter Frost def. Pomp & Circumstance (“The 7 Figure Deal” Ace Rockwell/”The Shuggah” Shaun Tempeers) (w/ Al Getz) via DQ
*NWA WS TV Title Match: champion Jeremy V retained against Ray Gordy (w/ Al Getz) by pin

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 10/16 – Marion, IN

*Big John def. Mr. Bongo
*Mislead Youth def. Mr. Main Event/Black Velvet
*Melliki def. Damon Starr
*The SiKness def. Hank Calhoun
*Osyris def. Denzel Titan
*EWF Tag Titles Match: champions Soul Shooters def. Blake Stevens/Seth Clash & Hypnosis/Fallen Dragon
*Pheonix def. JD Elite
*Jack Hammer def. Brother Clay
*Dean Jablonski def. EWF Heavyweight champion Big Cheez in a non-title match

ECWA results
Sat, 10/16 – Newark, DE

*ECWA Heavyweight Title Match: John Walters def. Austin Aries & Andrew Ryker
*ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match: “Bonecrusher” Fred Sampson def. Billy Bax
*Battle Royal: Andrew Ryker
*Flag Match: The Canadian Superstars def. The Shaolin Wrecking Crew
*The Chick Magnets def. The OC Boyz
*Arm Wrestling Match: Carlton P. Hightower def. Ace Darling
*Scotty Charisma def. Andre Lyonz
*Japanese Pool Boy/Andrew Ryker/Johnny Maxx def. Prince Nana/Mr. Ooh La La/Arch Kincaid
*Mike Fury def. Freak Nastty

Empire State Wrestling results
Sat, 10/16 – Wheatfield, NY

*Benjamin Smythe/Brandon Thurston def. The New City Thugs
*Damien Alexander def. Armand
*Kevin Grace def. Randy Walker
*Ice def. Johnny Adams
*J-Man def. Mastiff & Chris Cooper
*Shade def. Cody Steele by count-out
*Eric Everlast def. Sean Spears
*Jonny Puma def. “Sexy Monkey” Robin Knightwing

Premier Championship Wrestling
Sat, 10/16 – Harlan, KY

*Plan 9 def. Angelo Young & Phoenix Fuel
*Billy Maverick def. The Punisher by pin
*Ryan Dookie def. JT Money
*JD Biggs def. Remerias “The Greek God of Wrestling”
*PCW US Title Match: champion Mike Stone def. Blade
*PCW Tag Titles Match: champions Team Obscene def. Kid Flash/ Brian Storm
* Jimmy Golden def. Tim Lightning
*PCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Chuck Lee retained against Buff Bagwell via pin

Southern Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/16 – Altamonte Springs, FL

*Aaron Epic def. Flatline
*Erick Stevens/David Mercury def. Flatline/Leon Scott
*Dagon Briggs/Seven def. Mister Saint Laurent/So Cal Val
*SCW Cruiserweight Title Match: Johnny Schumacher def. Josh Rich
*SCW Tag Titles Match: Sean/Phil Davis def. Axis/Python
*Vordell Walker def. Manny Montana
*Larry Zbyszko def. Jason Hexx

Music City Memories results
Sat, 10/16 – Nashville, TN

Thanks to Alan J. Wojcik of
*Germel Quinn def. Cat Taylor
*Void Effect (Zero/A.M. Vicious) def. Sean Schultz/Jason Brisbane
*Ryan Wilson def. Hammerjack via DQ
*”Hotshot” Cassidy Riley def. “Headliner” Chris Mic
*Bullrope Match: Chris O’Neal def. “Dynamite” Seth Knight (w/ John Michael)
*Jerry “The King” Lawler (w/ April Pennington) def. “Notorious K.I.D” Kid Kash (w/ Dallas)
*Loser Leaves Town: “Idol” Matt Catalano def. Big Bully Douglas
*”Wildcat” Chris Harris def. Abyss
*USA CW Tag Titles Match: The Naturals (Chase Stevens/Andy Douglas) def. Risky Business (Rick Santel/Chris Vaughn)
*”Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm def. Michael Shane via DQ

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/16 – Arlington, TX

*The Bug def. Frankie Fisher
*G-Slice (w/ J.T. LaMotta) def. “Arkansas” Dave Rutabaugh
*PCW Heavyweight Title, #1 Contender Match: Action Jackson vs. Chris Stevens went to a double DQ
*”Main Event” Mike Foxx def. J.T. LaMotta (w/ G-Slice)
*PCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Eddie Atlas (w/ Stephanie) def. Apocalypse

Columbia Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 10/16 – Columbia, TN

*Robbie Ruffin (w/ Roger) def. Big Country
*Jeremy Westmoreland (w/ Roger) def. “Impressive” Anthony Wayne (w/ Lekisha)
*Susan def. “Sex Kitten” Kathy by no show forfeit
*Lee Victory def. John Noble
*Ryder def. Lawrence (w/ Kyle)
*Southern Justice (w/ J.D.) def. Richard Ezell/”Chaos” Chris Oliver
*CWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion Shane Rhodes retained against Aarick Andrews
*CWA Tag Titles Match: champions Shane Morton/Bubba Morton retained against Death Wish, Eric Robertson, Mikey Dunn, Robbie Ruffin, & Lawrence

WAW results
Sat, 10/16 – Lowestoft, England

*WAW British Title #1 Contender Match: Zak Zodiac def. Ricky Knight
*WZW British Title Match: champion “The Dark Angel” Ashe retained against Justin Starr
*WAW Tag Titles Match: champions The U.K. Pitbulls retained over The Kraft/Bash
*WZW British Women’s Title Match: Klondyke Kate def. Sweet Saraya by DQ
*WAW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion “The Tattooed Warrior” Steve Quintain retained against “Gentleman” Jimmy Ocean

American Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/16 – Waskom, TX

*ACW Light Heavyweight Title Match: Mongoose def. Sean O’Neil
*American Anarchy def. Spoiler 2000 By DQ
*ACW Tag Titles Match: The New Legacy def. Mace/ACE
*Joey Titan def. Andrew Dalton
*Joseph/Spoiler 2000 def. Sean Cordova/Krazy J
*ACW Heavyweight Title Match: champion New Age Dogg retained against Gemini by DQ

All Pro Wrestling results
Sat, 10/16 – Newport, TN

*Battle Royal Winner: Big Pimp James
*APW U.S. Title Match: champion Mr. X def. Da Gangsta & The Rowdy Boy
*APW Tag Titles Match: champions The Ghostriders def. Doug/Jimmy Gibson (w/ Dangerous Dave)
*Denny Cooley def. Stan”The Man” Lee
*Greg Rocker/O-Dog (w/ Precious Robin) vs. Big Pimp James/Danny Gibson (w/ Sapphire/Mr.USA) went to a double count-out
*The Deathriders (Chic White/The Equalizer) def. Big Country/Da Gangsta
*APW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Ricky Morton def. Doug Gibson

Independent Wrestling Manitoba results
Sat, 10/16 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

*Kevy Chevy def. AJ Sanchez by pin after a frog splash
*Jean Maurier vs. Cory Kovacs went to a no-contest after Axe interfered
*Axe def. Ox Anderson
*Alex Rain def. “The Rebel” Bobby Collins via pin
*”Primo Latino” Gibby Guerro def. “Beautiful” Bobby Jay
*Zero Tolerance (Bratt/Stardom) def. Justin Tyme/Damon Marx
*IWM Heavyweight #1 Contender Match: Zack Mercury def. Moses Luke after interference from The Axe

Alternative Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 10/16 – Ft. Branch, IN

*The canvas bag def. Screamer
*The Wulf def. Smokey St. Ides
*Viktor Kain def. Drake
*AWF North American Title Match: champion JC Karnage retained against Adam Krane & Corvin
*Jasper Jones/Mooch def. AWF World Heavyweight champion Linkin Moseley/Highscore Kid
*Havoc/Trash vs. The Wulf/Viktor Kain went to a no contest

South Bayou Wrestling results
Mon, 10/18 – Conner, LA

*Heath Trenchcoat def. JP Brutal
*Sgt Hurt’Em def. Mike Jenkins
*Jack/Cedrick Holloway def. The New Assassins
*Craig Michaels def. Todd Kenneth
*SBW Tag Titles Match: Joseph/Evillive def. Youth of Today

Mountain State Wrestling results
Thurs, 10/21 – Beckley, WV

*Jason Kincaid def. Dan Richards (by DQ)
*Total Eclipse def. Smoke
*The Cuban Assassin #2 def. Big Bad John
*Chance Prophet def. Kid Apollo

World Of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 10/22 – Hudson Falls, NY

*WOHW Women’s Title Match: champion Barbie (w/ Kenny Casanova) retained against Kayla Sparks & Miss DeVille
*WOHW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion “Buttery” Bert Williams vs. Chuck Deep ended in a double pin
*Olaf, The Belligerent Scandinavian (w/ Good Lord Willing) def. Axel Phoenix
*WOHW Hardcore Title Match: champion Punk retained over Virus
*”White Lion” Jim Tanner def. Cheech
*”Mr. One Night Stand” Steve Kruz (w/ Mickey The Quickie) def. Warpath
*Cloudy def. “Superfreak” Reed James
*Shane Alden/Texas Outlaw def. Swinger Sidusky/Vendetta

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/22 – Denton, TX

*Total Justice (Dave the Rave/Brian Justice) def. Bull
*XCW Ironman Title, No DQ Match: champion Lady Draven def. “Dirty” Craig Jerikho by pin
*Action Jackson def. Bullman Downs by DQ after Team Extreme (Kit Carson/Khris Germany) interfered
*Jack Drastic/Jacob Ladder def. Sidd Chaos/Gemini
*XCW Tag Titles, Texas Tornado Hardcore Match: Scott Phoenix/Drunk Adam def. Team Extreme