InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 10.24.04

Well, looks like my votes DIDN’T count, as most of the things I voted for on for Taboo Tuesday didn’t happen. I mean, Benoit got less votes than Edge! In fact, Hair vs Hair was the only winner that I voted for.

Taped from Chicago, Illinois
Hosts are Johnathan Coachman & Todd Grisham

Rosey vs Steven Richards – I guess Rosey is still a face, but Hurricane’s trying a heel turn? Or maybe they scrapped that. Rosey takes Richards down with a shoulderblock, and the two exchange arm wringers. If only I had a dollar for every time people exchanged arm wringers on Heat. Richards splashes Rose in the corner but gets clotheslined. Scoop slam, but the leg drop misses. Richards works on the leg and gets a leg bar. Rosey gets out. Steven goes for some leg move, but Rosey kicks him off. Back elbows, and clothesline, followed by a backdrop. Steven comes back and goes up, but gets caught. SUPER leg-drop @ 5:13.

We see the end of Orton/Y2J vs Batista/Flair……Oton uploads on Flair and gets a backdrop and powerslam. Gets 2 cuz of Dave. Y2J in, and gets a crossbody on Batista. Ugly looking bulldog, and it looks like Chris is going for the Lionsault, but opts for Dave instead. Orton comes in and goes for the RKO, but bumps the ref, and Ric goes low. Chris gets the Walls of Jericho. Ref is down, so of course Flair taps. Batista clotheslines him, and Ric gets the Figure Four. Jericho oddly taps.

Lame black & white pics of Flair/Orton at Taboo, as well as Y2J/Shelton. I voted for submission and Tajiri on those.

More still photos of Kane/Snitsky. I voted chair. I’d also like to take this time to say that I didn’t even buy the ppv.

Rodney Mack w/Jazz vs Mike Mondo – I wonder who’s gonna win this one. Mack sends Mondo out, and he gets BITCH SLAPPED BY A BITCH! Mike gets thrown back in for 2. Mack works on the arm, and rams his arm into the post for 2. Scoop slam gets 2. Mondo comes back and gets a bulldog for 2. Powerslam and DDT finishes it @ 5:19.

Clips of the Survivor Series press conference.

Clips of WWE RAW going all over England.

We see the end of Edge/Benoit/Michaels……Edge sends Benoit sternum first into the turnbuckles for 2. Michaels goes up, and Edge tries to get him, but Benoit tries to german HIM, so Shawn gets a double sunset flip for 2. Shawn gets some ugly forearms, can’t even kip up. Michaels atomic drops Benoit, but I don’t know who it hurt more. Clothesline, and Shawn drops the Elbow. Shawn tunes up, but Benoit ducks it, and gets the germans. Diving Headbutt, but Edge looks for the Spear, and finds post. Late cover gets 2 for Chris on HBK. Benoit gets the Sharpshooter, and they do the Sweet Chin Music spot, which looks dumb, by the weak kick and Chris selling it like it was a Stunner. Edge crotches Shawn, and gets 2 on Benoit. He goes for the Spear, but Chris wants the Crossface. He rolls him up, but Edge rolls through, and grabs the tights for the win. It looked like the ref counted 4.

Still photos of HHH/HBK.

Robert Conway w/Sylvain Grenier vs Maven – The two exchange arm wringers, and Rob gets a scoop slam. Rob gets a hammerlock, but Maven comes back with a headlock. Shoulderblock from Maven gets 2. Snapmare gets 2, twice. The Quebecians work over him on the outside, and gets thrown back in for 2. Maven tries to comeback, but gets clotheslined down for 2. Maven fights out of a chinlock, and eventually gets a couple of dropkicks for 2. Grenier trips Maven, so he takes the flag and starts waving it. See, Maven likes quebec too. The ref takes it away, allowing La Resistance to get their double team move @ 6:46.

Well Survivor Series is up next month. Finally, another WWE ppv that I’ll buy. Seriously, if all ppvs were joint, I’d buy every one. Anyways, since I do the pre-show for the thing, I think I have a right to give my thoughts on what the card may be. Right? No? Yeah, this is just some execuse to do some fantasy booking. Anyways, since this is the 1st Heat since the last ppv, this will be the edition which I do it. Usually that means that the build for the ppv would have already begun, thus a few matches would have already been announced. Oh well, just do it form scrap. Here’s what I think the card will be like (A lot I just had to make up from assumption):

-Elimination: Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, & Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, & Mark Jindrak
-Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs Nidia
-No DQ: Randy Orton vs Batista
-World Tag Team Championship: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs La Resistance
-Gene Snitsky vs Eugene
-WWE Tag Team Championship: Rico & Charlie Haas vs Dudley Boyz vs Kenzo Suzuki & Renee Dupree
-Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin vs Christian
-The Undertaker vs John Heidenrich(sp?)
-Edge vs Shawn Michaels
-WWE Championship: Booker T vs JBL
-World Heavyweight Championship: Ric Flair vs Triple H

I tried to make it WWE-ish, but WWE-ish at it’s best, if you know what I mean. If not, then to bad.

Until next week, go RED SOX!