RAW News: Official WWE.com RAW Preview

From WWE.com:

Oct. 25, 2004

The WWE fans had their first chance to make a direct impact on the RAW Superstars, and they certainly made the most of it at Taboo Tuesday last week, as their choices sent a shockwave through the entire brand.

The fans voted in Shawn Michaels over Edge and Chris Benoit to challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship despite, the fact that Michaels had a seriously injured leg. Edge, who claimed he was younger and hungrier than both Michaels and Benoit, was furious at being denied a shot at the title. His consolation prize was to team with Benoit in a World Tag Team Championship bout with La Resistance. Edge and Benoit had won the titles in April but La Resistance since beat them and have held the belts ever since. Already being a 10-time winner of the belts, Edge felt as though he was above such a match, but made his way out to the ring anyways. Benoit, while obviously disappointed in not being able to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, came to the ring with his usual intensity and no-nonsense attitude.

Edge and Benoit began the match on the same page and went back and forth with the champs. While the referee was distracted, Benoit tried to tag in Edge. Since the ref did not see the tag, Edge was forced to go back to the apron. Infuriated by the ref’s decision, Edge inexplicably left Benoit in the middle of the ring and picked up his bag and left the arena. Benoit, being the fierce competitor that he is, battled back from adversity and was able to dethrone the champs on his own. Benoit comes into RAW holding both tag team belts and will be looking for answers from Edge. Will Edge take the other belt? Will Benoit be able to pick a new tag team partner if Edge refuses? Or is it possible that Benoit will defend the titles on his own? Tune in to RAW Monday night to find out.

In the opening match of Taboo Tuesday, the fans chose Shelton Benjamin to take on Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship. Finding out about his being chosen just seconds before bell time, Benjamin excitedly made his way to the ring. Jericho, not knowing who he would face, had no way of preparing for his championship match. Even so, the match went back and forth with both Superstars gaining the upper hand. After Jericho scored with the Lionsault and tried for a couple of pin attempts, Benjamin came from out of nowhere with the T-Bone Suplex for the 1-2-3 and a new Intercontinental Champion was crowned. Jericho was a class act after the match and congratulated Benjamin but after having time to think about it will Jericho still feel the same? Will Jericho be mad at the fans for their choice? Will Jericho feel as though he had no way to prepare for such a challenge?

And every Superstar in the building will be on their toes doing their best not to upset RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff after his Taboo Tuesday experience. After losing a match to Eugene, Bischoff and his lackey The Coach tried to weasel out of the GM getting his head shaved, but Chairman Mr. McMahon came down to the ring to enforce the fans’ wishes. After Bischoff’s own nephew Eugene shaved his head, McMahon and the crowd realized that the GM’s black head of hair wasn’t really black after all. In fact, it was “as gray as a ghost” as McMahon pointed out. Before Coach could slink away back to the control center, McMahon punished him for trying to help Bischoff get off easy. The Chairman made Coach strip down to his skivvies and put on a dress that he will have to wear for a month. Bischoff was on a rampage following his haircut, so only time will tell what he has in store for RAW. Will the GM get his revenge on the fans?

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