InsidePulse Indy Report 10.25.04

NEWS: Rikishi & Samu Seminar
IWA MS – 10/20 – Bloomington, IN
IWA MS – 10/21 – Evansville, IN
IWA MS – 10/22 – Lafayette, IN
NWA VA – 10/22 – Richmond, VA
WOHW – 10/22 – Hudson Falls, NY
SBW – 10/22 – Cameron, LA
IWA MS – Sat, 10/23 – Highland, IN
FPWA – 10/23 – St Petersburg, FL
EWF – 10/23 – Marion, IN
PCW – 10/23 – Arlington, TX
AWA/IWF-TN – 10/23 – Livingston, TN
WED SHOW – 10/27: CCW – Evansville, IN
THURS SHOW – 10/28:
IWA MS – New Albany, IN
MSW – Beckley, WV

Rikishi & Samu Seminar

On Friday, November 5, Samu’s Jungle Gym (629 Manatawny RD, Boyertown, PA) will be hosting a seminar with Rikishi & Samu.

The fee is $100 in advance or $150 day of. Save $50 by sending payment via paypal in advance to

They will also be signing autographs, 8x10s, Polaroids & more! Anyone interested in attending this seminar should e-mail or for more information.

IWA Mid-South results
Wed, 10/20 – Bloomington, IN

*Austin Aries def. Sexy Ace Steel via pin after a 450 splash
*Abyss def. Spyder Nate Webb by pin after a Black Hole Slam
*Shane Hagadorn def. Matt Turner
*Mercedes Martinez def. Tracy Brooks via pin after a Fisherman Buster
*Chad Collyer def. Danny Daniels via submission with the Collyer Cloverleaf
*Brandon Thomaselli def. Double C by pin after an Air Raid Crash
*CM Punk def. Super Dragon via submission with an Anaconda Device
*Davey Andrews def. Ian Rotten after interference from Steve Stone, Chris Candido, & Jim Fannin
*IWA MS Tag champions Wildcards def. Gang Green (Anthony Franco/Evan Starsmore)
*NWA TNA X Title Match: champion Petey Williams def. Alex Shelly via pin after a Styles Clash
*Christopher Daniels def. Chris Sabin by pin after the Angel’s Wings
*Samoa Joe def. Ryan Boz with a Rear Naked Choke
*Chris Candido def. A.J. Styles
*IWA World Title Match: champion Arik Cannon retained against Roderick Strong

IWA Mid-South results
Thurs, 10/21 – Evansville, IN

*Davey Andrews def. “Spyder” Nate Webb & Ryan Boz
*Nigel McGuinness def. Chad Collyer after interference by Roderick Strong
*Ace Steel/Chad Collyer def. Nigel McGuinness/Roderick Strong
*CM Punk def. Alex Shelley
*Mercedes Martinez def. MsChif by DQ
*IWA MS Tag champions Wildcards def. Gang Green (Evan Starsmore/Anthony Franco) & Delirious/Double C in a non-title match
*Chris Candido def. Danny Daniels
*Matt Turner def. Shane Hagadorn
*Samoa Joe vs. Abyss went to a count-out
*Super Dragon def. B.J. Whitmer
*IWA World Title Match: champion Arik Cannon def. Austin Aries via pin (*due to a lariat from Aries, Cannon broke his collar bone)
*IWA World Title Match: A.J. Styles def. Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, & Christopher Daniels

IWA Mid-South results
Fri, 10/22 – Lafayette, IN

*Mickie Knuckles/Daizee Haze def. Mercedes Martinez/Angel Williams
*Gang Green (Evan Starsmore/Anthony Franco) def. Davey Andres/Matt Turner
*Chad Collyer def. Black Jack Marciano & JC Bailey
*Jimmy Jacobs def. Shane Hagadorn
*Abyss def. Ryan Boz by DQ when Boz struck referee Tommy Thompson
*Chris Sabin def. “Spyder” Nate Webb
*CM Punk/”Sexy” Ace Steel/Matt Sydal/Danny Daniels def. Chris Candido/Steve Stone/Nigel McGuiness/”Double C” Claudio Castagnoli

2004 Revolution Strong Style Tournament:
*Round 1: Roderick Strong def. B.J. Whitmer
*Round 1: Samoa Joe def. Austin Aries
*Round 1: Super Dragon def. Eddie Kingston
*Round 1: B-Boy def. Homicide
*Semis: Samoa Joe def. Roderick Strong
*Semis: B-Boy def. Super Dragon
*Finals: Samoa Joe Def. B-Boy

NWA Virginia results
Fri, 10/22 – Richmond, VA

*”Malibu” Sean Calloway vs. NWA VA Six Man Tag co-champion Bad News Johnson went to a double count-out
*NWA VA Tag Titles Match: champions Old School Empire retained against Marty Reid/Jon Jon The Phenom
*Dragan Frost/Malicious Murphy def. Ron
Pharoah/Global US champion Chris Dramin (w/ Max Dynamite)
*NWA World Women’s Title Match: champion Kiley McLean retained against Stacy Hunter
*NWA Virginia State Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion Grail retained against Quickstyle via pin after a tombstone piledriver
*Scotty Blaze (w/ Erotica D’Vine/Frank “The Tank” Parker) def. Donnie Dollars
*Hurricane 6 Man: Mike Vaughn def. Prince Malik, Robert Royal, Pete Jannings, El
Toro Rojo, & Gregory Vercetti
*Preston Quinn def. Frank Parker by pin

World of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 10/22 – Hudson Falls, NY

*Barbie (w/ Kenny Casanova) def. Kayla Sparks/Miss DeVille
*Bert Williams vs. Chuck Deep ended in a double pin
*Olaf (w/ Good Lord Willing) def. Axel Phoenix
*Punk def. Virus
*Jim Tanner def. Cheech
*Steve Kruz (w/ Mickey The Quickie) def. Warpath
*Cloudy def. Reed James
*Shane Alden/Texas Outlaw def. Swinger Sidusky/Vendetta

South Bayou Wrestling
Fri, 10/22 – Cameron, LA

*Heath Trenchcoat def. Mike Jenkins
*JP Brutal vs. Surge went to a time limit draw
*Sgt. Hurt’Em def. Pete Marshall
*Cedrick Holloway def. The New Assassin #1
*Eddie Larue vs. Lamar Mirabeau went to a double DQ
*SBW Tag Titles Match: champions Joseph/Evillive retained against Youth of Today & The New Legacy

IWA Mid-South results
Sat, 10/23 – Highland, IN

*Trik Davis def. Chandler McClure
*Davey Andrews def. Mike Wallace
*Matt Sydal def. Chris Sabin
*Ian Rotten/Dusty Rhodes def. Candido/Stone
*Mickie def. Mercedes by DQ when MsChif interfered
*Jimmy Jacobs def. JC Bailey
*Ryan Boz def. Abyss by DQ
*Chad Collyer def. Double C via tap out
*IWA MS Tag Titles Match: champions The Wildcards retained against B-Boy/Homicide
*Nigel McGuiness/Austin Aries/Roderick Strong def. Samoa Joe/Ace Steel/”Spyder” Nate Webb
*Chris Daniels def. B.J. Whitmer
*IWA World Title Match: CM Punk def. AJ Styles

FPWA results
Sat, 10/23 – St Petersburg, FL

*”Hot Ass” Amy Love def. OG Scarface (w/ Ana Mosity) & Bo Tayvian (w/ The Psychedelics)
*Halloween Masked Man Gauntlet: Heater def. El Nino, Ice Dragon, BSC, Rip Malibu, & the Mexican Nightmare
*Barney Rumble def. Demetric Malloy
*Torcher (w/ Heater) def. DJ Arnold

FPWA Tag Title Tournament:
*Semi: The Psychedelics (James Morrison/Jerome Hendrix) def. The Powers of Pat (Pat Powers/Pat McGroin)
*Semi: Pretty Fly/Vindetta def. Eddie Taurus/Luther “Bodybag” Jackson

*”Untouchable” Leon Scott (w/ Tiziana) def. “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo (w/ Bambi)
*Prime Evil/BoneZ the Cutthroat def. “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel/Bruce Steele/Erick Stevens
*Ring of Horror: Dagon Briggs (w/ Se7en) def. Mideon
*FPWA Heavyweight Title Match: “Superfan” Mark Zout (as The Undertaker) def. “German Heartthrob” Amir

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 10/23 – Marion, IN

*JD Elite def. Hollywood Nightmare
*EWF Midwestern Title Matcv: Ryan Paradise def. The SiKNess, Hank Calhoun, Jack Hammer, Hypnosis, & Fuji Brown
*Jeff King def. Fallen Dragon by DQ
*Soul Shooters vs. Blake Stevens/Seth Clash went to a no contest
*New Jack Hustlas def. The Soul Shooters
*EWF Midwestern Title Match: champion Bob retained against Ryan Paradise
*EWF Title, Casket Match: champion Big Cheez retained against Osyris

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Arlington, TX

*”Reckless” Ricky Jackson def. Pendragon
*PCW TV Title Match: champion “Sexy” Steve DeMarco def. Dallas by DQ
*”Hotstuff” Hernandez def. “Reckless” Ricky Jackson
*Elimination Match: G-Slice (w/ Davi Diamond) def. Frankie Fisher & The Young Pioneers
*PCW TV Title, Contender Match: Justin 2 Fine (w/ Justine 2 Fine) def. Apocalypse & Brett Anthony
*Brett Barner (w/ Paul Lewis)/Eddie Atlas (w/ Stephanie) def. B.J. Turner/Action Jackson

AWA/IWF-TN results
Sat, 10/23 – Livingston, TN

*KIT/Freak vs. Tony Dalton/Nightwolf
*Jason Scott def. Dexter after J.T. Hott interfered
*Dr. Quack def. Lance
*Daddy Mac/Big Poppa vs. J.T. Hott/Dr. Quack went to a double DQ
*Railroad def. Josh Benson
*Pain def. Creed
*The Dream Squad (Jason Scott/J.T. Hott) (w/ Beautiful Tom) def. Backstreet/Big Poppa/Southern Kaos

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Evansville Coliseum, Evansville, IN
Wed, 10/27

IWA Mid-South
National Guard Armory, New Albany, IN
Thurs, 10/28

Mountain State Wrestling presents “Halloween Screamfest”
Bargain Park, Beckley, WV
Thurs, 10/28 – 7:30 pm

*”Beautiful” Bobby Eaton vs. Eric Darkstorm
*Hardcore Tables Match: The War Machine vs. Jazz E
*The Cuban Assassin #2/Dan Richards vs. Roger Hamm/Jason Kincaid
*Beau James vs. TJ Phillips
*Joey Morton/Shane Matthews vs. Johnny Blast/Kid Apollo