'ER' Spoilers

Episode 11.05: An Intern’s Guide to the Galaxy
Airdate: November 4, 2004

A day in the life of County’s interns finds Neela, Ray and Abby dealing with a physics-crazed Dubenko (Leland Orser), a grisly watercraft crash and one another’s insecurities. Things get even weirder during the shift’s second half, when one of them fakes an HIV scare to score meds for a patient, another gets a tragic lesson in cutting corners and the third recruits God to help a man with leukemia.

Neela returns to the ER after working at the Convenient Store near the hospital. On Neela’s first day, Pratt expects the interns, Abby, Ray and Neela to take on a large patient load during their shifts at the hospital. Pratt turns processing the patients into a competition, in which Ray is clearly going to be the winner. In the rush to process the patients and stay in the lead, however, Ray makes a big mistake donating a patient’s organs against the family’s wishes. Ray helps Abby obtain HIV medication from the pharmacy against hospital policy for a patient that had unprotected sex. Carter asks Wendall (Madchen Amick) to walk out with him in a coy pursuit.

Abby is starting to find life as an intern a bit hectic. Pratt tells the med students that today they need to act as doctors and discharge 25 patients each in this shift only. That seems to include the interns too. One patient was in a jet ski accident and Dubenko is called in to help. One of Neela’s patients escapes the ER and is found in the chapel. Abby takes care of a woman who’s slept with one of the employees at the firm she is a temp… it turns out her one night stand may have given her HIV.

Ray makes rounds with students and gives them tips. One case he takes care of involves a 6-year-old with lead poisoning. He has a way with the kid who seems to really like his doctor. Neela is back in the ER and even has a med student assigned to her. Neela and Abby take care of a teenager skater. Carter talks with Ray because he deals with patients a bit too fast and doesn’t fully explain the proceedures to them. Sam and Pratt also appear.

Credit: SpoilerFix, TitanTV