New Kids On The Blech: The Surreal Life Review

The Surreal Life- Sundays at 10:00 on VH-1

Episode 8, “Haunted Hospital”

We start off at the house and everyone’s hanging out. Charo’s chasing Coochie, Brigitte’s working out, but now we get this weeks edition of “The Surreal Times”. This weeks mission is for housemates to work a graveyard shift at a hospital.

The housemates get to the hospital and meet Dr. Larry Montz, proffessor of paranormal psychology. He explains that the hospital has been closed for 31 years. Ryan already starts to freak out.

Dr. Larry takes the housemates to his command center. He wants them to investigate the hospital. He puts a special backpack with a camera and a walkie talkie on Davie and directs him through the hospital. Dave is freaking out.

Dave thinks that there’s something in the room he’s in. Dave thinks he’s seen a ghost and his name is John. It’s the ghost of John Stamos’ career!!

Dave moves into another room. Turns out it’s the morgue. Dr. Montz starts telling Joey a story about a guy who was suffocated in a morgue drawer. Creepy.

Dave continues looking around. Larry tries to communicate with Dave again but he’s not getting any signal/ Where’s Dave? We’ll find out after the commercial.

First Commercial Break

We’re back and Dave’s signal came back in. We see him looking around some more, but something just moved a chair in the room. Now he thinks something hit his shoulder.

Dave is really, really scared and comes back to the command center.

Dr. Larry wants Ryan to go investigate with Jordan, but Ryan’s being a little bitch bitching about not wanting to go in. Charo agrees to do it, and Dr. Larry hooks them up with the same apparatuses he equipped Dave with.

Jordan’s really scared. Seems to be a recurring theme.

Charo is clinging to Jordan’s arm

They are in the mental ward, and Dr. Larry tells another story about a guy named Carlos who escaped and something or other.

Light’s are beginning to flash and Charo starts to freak out hysterically

They walk into the blood sample room which also served as the electroshock therapy room.

Dr. Larry wants Charo to pull the sheet off of the electroshock chair. She starts screaming and runs out of the room. Is there something strange in the hospital? We’ll see

Second Commercial Break

Charo’s crying. Charo believes something was there, and heads back to the command center

Dr. Larry wants Brigitte and Flav to go to the medical records room. They go inside and find a Quiji board in the room. Dr. Larry wants Brigitte and Flav to communicate with a dead orderly.

They ask him questions and when they ask if the orderly is angry in the hospital Brigitte starts crying and rushes back to the command center.

Dr. Larry asks Ryan again if she’ll be able to investigate but she won’t. She’s too afraid of the dark. Pussy.

Brigitte didn’t like the experience.

Neither did Dave.

End Episode

Personal Thoughts- I think ghosts are a bunch of crap so I couldn’t really relate to the castmates in that sense. I’m claustrophobic, but that applies anywhere. It was amazing to see an episode that featured no Glava Flav for 2/3rds of the way through. The episode jumped right into the event of the week and gave everyone equal time, except the wimpy Ryan, who proves even more useless as the weeks pass. If ghosts do exist I hope they kill her for no other reason than that I don’t like her. That’s enough isn’t it?
A good Halloween episode, as assuming there won’t be one next week. In that case have a good holiday.