RAW News: HEAT Tapings [Spoilers], Dark Matches

Following are HEAT spoilers and dark match results from tonight, according to Jason Geary and PWInsider.com:

Dark Match:

*Muhammed Hassan (with Khasrow Daivari) defeated Val Venis via submission with the Camel Clutch. Hassan and Daivari’s gimmick (based off the mic work they did tonight) appears to be that although they grew up in America, ever since 9/11, they feel as if they are being treated differently by people and they have targets on the back of their head. It sounds as if it’s a heel deal where they are striking out for being treated wrongly by “Anti-Arabic” Americans.

Sunday Night Heat:

*Rhyno pinned Rodney Mack with the Gore. Tajiri put Jazz in the Tarantula during the ending moments of the match.

*La Resistance defeated Ken Anderson and former WCW star Lenny Lane, who were announced by their last names only.

*Chris Benoit pinned Chuck Palumbo. Benoit carried both World Tag Team championship belts. Palumbo called himself “Custom Chucky P” making a lot of references to customized cars. Palumbo got a lot of offense, including getting to the ropes while in the crippler crossface and evading the Sharpshooter.