RAW News: Update On Backstage Situation Last Night

As previously reported, Vince McMahon was not at RAW last night in Iowa, and no reason was given for his absense, according to 1wrestling.com, although PWTorch.com is reporting that he had some surgery last week and wasn’t yet ready to travel. He communicated with the creative team, led by Stephanie, and agents by phone and made several changes that required rewrites late in the day — some which weren’t finished until 2 hours before showtime. Some wrestlers didn’t get their promos until much later than usual.

Kevin Dunn is on vacation and was also not at the show, and while Bruce Prichard was in attendence, he has not yet returned to the writing team, according to 1wrestling.com, who has also reported that he “rubbed several people the wrong way” whis his attitude.

[Credit: 1wrestling.com, PWTorch.com]