NWA TNA News: Impact & Xplosion Taping Results [Spoilers]

Spoilers according to 1wrestling.com and Alan J. Wojcik of alanwajcik.com:

TNA Impact and Xplosion report for Tuesday October 26, 2004 to air on Friday October 29, 2004.

Before the fans were let into the soundstage Fox Sports Best Damn Sports Show Period’s Tom Arnold was interviewing people for the shows to be taped tomorrow night. During that taping there will be a midget match, a Six Sided of Steel cage match between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy as well as an Ultimate X match between Sonjay Dutt, Prime Time Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin. Decent sized crowd in the building but it should be more less then two weeks to Victory Road. Jimmy Hart claimed in his pre-show spiel this would the best Impact taping to date. There was a rumor that Lex Luger was backstage but he was not on the TV show.

TNA Impact! matches:

The opening video showed the huge fight from last week as well as some of the matches to be at victory Road. AMW, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Jerrelle Clark, Mikey Batts and Chris Sabin were around the ring as Dusty Rhodes came to the ring. D-Ray 3000 carried a Dusty 2004 sign. Rhodes talked about the PPV and his election campaign to be the DOA. Rhodes introduced 3 Live Kru proclaiming them to be the next NWA World Tag Team champions. Next Rhodes brought out the next X Division champion AJ Styles. Lastly Rhodes choice as the next NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy came out but the party was cut short as the current DOA Vince Russo came to the ring with Don Harris. Russo claimed for the last five years he has been run out of the business for sticking up for the young talent (appeared to be a shoot.) Russo called Rhodes an egomaniac and that made Rhodes attempt to attack Rhodes. Jeff Jarrett arrived at the building with a ladder in his car.

Out of the commercial Raven in a straight jacket did some poetry about Monty Brown, Abyss and their Monster’s Ball match.

(1) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated Erick Stevens and Mark Stevens in a handicap match. This didn’t last too long as Brown POUNCED both men and then pinned both. Brown got the house mic and said to Raven this was not the place to play games. Brown then opened a laundry bag that contained a mask and straight jacket which on both of which he put on his opponents. Brown then called out BDSSP co-host Brian Cox. An Abyss promo played hyping the match with a voice that claimed he is the one person that can articulate Abyss’ message, sounded an awful like Father James Mitchell.

Out of the commercial played the X Division gauntlet match vignette.

(2) Chris Sabin won a six man gauntlet battle royal. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley (wearing a gangsta rag on his head) began the match. Next to the ring came Frankie Kazarian who assisted Shelley in double teaming Sabin. Next out was Sonjay Dutt who eliminated Kazarian. He was followed by Michael Shane (w/Traci Brooks.) Trinity came out and said something that could only be heard by the TV audience. She then had a confrontation with Traci as Shark Boy was the last entrant. Sonjay Dutt was eliminated by a Michael Shane superkick but he was then eliminated by a Chris Sabin clothesline. Shark Boy was eliminated by Shelley. Shelley fought him off as best as he could but Sabin got the pin.

Shane Douglas talked to Scott D’amore about Jeff Hardy putting his hands on him last week. Petey Williams talked about his match with Jeff Hardy and the 11/7 match with AJ Styles. Jeff Jarrett brought his ladder to the interview area to hype the World title match.

(3) 3 Live Kru (Konnan and BJ James) defeated the Naturals. Douglas wasn’t wearing the tape on his injured leg. I felt the match was too short as Konnan pinned Douglas with a power bomb. Not sure what brought this match on as it made the former World Tag Team champions look bad.

The Scott Hall and “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash’s vignettes played for the fans in attendance. Don West and Mike Tenay spoke before the Nash vignette aired. Nash reminisced about the years of friendship he had with Hall and told Jeff Hardy he had is back. West and Tenay spoke again but the live crowd only heard the bagpipes play as RODDY PIPER came to the ring. Piper spoke to the fans about the matches on the PPV. Jeff Jarrett seemed to be heading to the ring for the main event. Before the main event was announced by Jeremy Borash, Jarrett came to the ring and sat on top of the aforementioned ladder to do TV commentary.

(4) Jeff Hardy defeated NWA World X Division champion Petey Williams (w/Scott D’amore). Hope this looks as good on TV as it did in person. Williams tossed Hardy to the floor a few times so D’amore could get in some cheap shots. Williams has Hardy rolled up with hand full of tights but Hardy kicked out. Hardy went up for the Swanton but Jarrett pushed him off as D’amore distracted Rudy Charles. Williams had Hardy set for the Canadian Destroyer but AJ Styles came out and hit the springboard slop drop. Hardy pinned Williams as D’amore and Jarrett couldn’t get there in time to break up the pin. To end the show Jarrett told Hardy that he would walk out of Victory Road still the World champion.

Jimmy Hart came out to remind the fans about the BDSSP taping.

Between the shows match: Trinity defeated Traci Brooks. The fans chanted the match was “better than Hardy.” Both ladies showed they are not just eye candy. Traci climbed to the second rope and was laying the right hands into Trinity’s head. The punches seemed to have no effect as Trinity grabbed Brooks’ legs and power bombed Brooks to get the pin. After the match Jeremy introduced Tim Welch and Larry Zybzsko who would be part of Xplosion.

TNA Xplosion matches:

The Impact! opener played to open Xplosion.

(1) AJ Styles defeated NWA World Tag Team champion Eric Young (w/Scott D’amore). What a great way to begin Xplosion. Styles had control until he took his focus off Young and put it on D’amore. That allowed Young and D’amore to get on the offensive. Styles got out of a dragon sleeper and attacked Young in, out and above the ring with high impact moves. Styles then finished the match off with”¦the Canadian Destroyer?? You got it Styles sent a message to X Division champion Petey Williams.

Tenay, West and Zybzsko talked but the studio audience couldn’t hear them. They appeared to throw it to a vignette that also didn’t air for the audience.

(2) NWA World Tag Team champion Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore) defeated D-Ray 3000.

D-Ray had some chances to pin Roode but he fell to the back of the head clothesline. D’amore attacked D-Ray and that brought out Shark Boy but he was attacked by Roode. 3LK member Ron Killings came out to clear the ring of the Canadians.

(3) XXX defeated “Uptown” Frankie Capone and Puma. It was a short match that saw Capone fall victim to a XXX double team neckbreaker as they called out their Victory Road opponents America’s Most Wanted.

(4) America’s Most Wanted defeated Roderick Strong and Lex Lovett. Good tag match but AMW hit Strong with the Death Sentence not before Harris crossed his arms in an X for XXX.

(5) Ron Killings defeated Abyss (with the mystery lunch bag) via DQ in a Monster’s Ball PPV preview.

This match went in and out of the ring. In the ring Abyss used his superior strength to manhandle the former World champion but Killings kept fighting back. Team Canada came out and attacked Killings. 3LK came out and took out Team Canada onto the floor as Raven and Monty Brown came out to attack Abyss. The show ended with the group brawling their way to the locker room

[Credit: 1wrestling.com and Alan J. Wojcik of alanwajcik.com]