New Kids On The Blech: The Final Simpson\'s Spectacular Countdown

This is it, after seven weeks the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Number one on my top seven favorite episodes of “The Simpons” list. Here’s where we’ve been so far and for further descriptions on each episode check the archives below:

7. “A Star is Burns”

6. “I am Furious Yellow”

5. “Moaning Lisa”

4. “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(ANNOYED GRUNT)cious”

3. “King Sized Homer”

2. “Bart Gets Famous

That leaves us with this, the final one”¦.

“Itchy and Scratchy Land”

Written by John Swartzwelder Directed by Wes Archer, originally aired October 2nd 1994.

The Gist of it- Pressured by ads, Bart and Lisa beg their parents to go on a family vacation to Itchy and Scratchy Land, and despite Marge’s fears of inevitable embarrassment and Home’s frugality the family goes and hilarity ensues

Favorite Moments- Bort license plates, the violent rides, baby guts, Hans in the phone booth, Shark Boy, Parents Island, Travolta, Li’l Bastard, Pinitchio, The Sorcere’s apprentice, Itchy and Scratchy dollars, the parking lot, The helicopter pilot’s mistake, Homer on the Bible, and Ku Klux Klam just to name a few.

What Flat Out Sucked- The robotic zombie scene went on too long and felt tacked-on, thus hurting the third act of an otherwise flawless episode.

M.V.C.- The guy in the Itchy suit. I think we’ve all had our experiences either ragging on this guy or being him. “I just want to entertain”!!

Personal thoughts- There are episodes that have more laughs and episodes that Maybe it’s the living in Florida thing and just having a natural hatred for theme parks and a natural love for anyone willing to destory them. When I first saw this episode as an eleven year old boy on Sunday night I thought to myself “this is the greatest episode and none shall ever top it”. I was right. This episode has slapstick and satire, and never takes itself serious for one second. Haven’t seen it in awhile? Watch it again, it’s well worth it.

The Simpson family has traveled to many places over the years besides Itchy and Scratchy Land. Here’s my
Top 3 Simpson Trips

3. The Simpsons head to WashingtonD.C.- “Lisa Goes to Washington- A classic earlier episode that’s even more politically astute now than it was back then. And who didn’t want to see Mark Russel whacked in the face with a slingshot? Priceless.
2. The Simpsons go to England- The Regina Monologues-Who says the show has stopped being funny? This episode from last season was great, with some cool celebrity cameos like the delightful Sir Ian McKellan and none other than Tony Blair!! Now if only Bush would do the show.
1. The Simpsons go to New York- “Homer Vs. The City of New York- Narrowly missed the top seven, this episode captures New York as the sleazy cesspool it is. Fuck post 911 sensitivity, jokes about New York will always be funny.

That was a blast to do and thanks for reading it. I’ll be back next Sunday to review the new “Treehouse of Horror” special. Till then catch some of the past Treehouse episodes that they should be playing in syndication on an affiliate near you.