WWE Smackdown & Velocity Taping Results 10.26.04

WWE Smackdown/Velocity Spoilers
From Omaha, NE
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Velocity Taping/Dark Matches

-Funaki & Luther Reigns won dark matches over local talent.

-Carlito Caribbean Cool def. Shannon Moore

-Hardcore Holly def. Doug Basham

-Rob Van Dam def. Rene Dupree.
Notes: Kenzo, Fifi, and Hiroko were kicked out two minutes into the match. RVD won it with the five star.

Smackdown Taping

-Show opened with the Tough Enough contestants entering the arena led by Al Snow. They went into the locker room, where Big Show promptly kicked them out for having not paid their dues – including shoving one of the smaller guys into a locker. Al made them leave their bags in the hallway and head to the ring.

-In the ring, the contestants were assigned their first test: Cut a promo on the Big Show with only 20 seconds of time each. Most cut pretty vanilla promos, with Mike “The Miz” Mizanin of Real World fame getting the best reaction – a mixed one – while all the others were pretty much booed. To Mizanin’s credit – there were a few “Miz” signs in the crowd.

-Next test: Take a body slam from The Big Show. Several of the guys completely no sold the body slam,immediately jumping right up. This was a BODY SLAM from the BIG SHOW, and they absolutely no sold even a bounce in the middle of the ring. You could actually see a producer or someone call Al Snow over and tell him something in a panic, the final few guys actually took extra shots from Show so that they’d make some effort to sell. Probably a 20 minute segment in all.

-Chavo Guerrero def. Nunzio
Apparently the FBI is heel again. Kidman came out for commentary, tried to shooting star Chavo but missed, and Chavo quickly put away Nunzio for the win with plenty of time to stare down Kidman who glared back from the stage area.

-Backstage Heidenreich talked on his phone to Heyman about how much he wanted his match with The Undertaker. Pretty brief segment and this was all we saw in the arena. If I remember right last week Long gave Heyman one week, so more of this segment could be edited in to the final show.

-Carlito Caribbean Cool was interviewed backstage by Josh Matthews. Carlito has a new bodyguard who wears long yellow overalls – couldn’t understand his name – but the bodyguard bullied Matthews around a bit. Josh eventually asked Carlito about the Cena Nightclub incident, and Carlito responded by having bodyguard hold him while he spit apple in his face.

-Rey Mysterio def. Kurt Angle
Pretty solid match as you’d expect from these two. As you’d expect, plenty of outside interference from Jindrak & Reigns until RVD came out and made the save. Angle tried to cheat to beat Mysterio but in came Eddie Guerrero to hit the frog splash on Angle and rolled Mysterio over in time for the ref to count the pin.

-Backstage Teddy Long ordered a Survivor Series elimination match between Team Guerrero and Team Angle. Each team captain had to pick one additional team member so that it would be a “traditional” Survivor Series elmination match.

-JBL & Orlando Jordan interview is quickly interrupted by Booker T, Long intervenes and what results is a match between Booker T and Orlando Jordan tonight. If Booker wins, he gets JBL for the WWE title at Survivor Series.

-Halloween Costume Contest is a no decision between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson. Dawn is dressed as a nurse and starts giving shout outs to Charlie Haas. Enter Miss Jackie who then removes said nurses outfit in a good old fashioned cat fight.

-Pre-Taped Tough Enough stuff. John Meyer the marine quit after one day at Trax because he couldn’t handle the constant pain on his body.

-Eddie & Big Show have a backstage segment which ends with Big Show officially joining Eddie’s team for Survivor Series.

-The Dudleys have a confrontation with Kurt Angle, Jindrak, and Reigns. Spike says he wants a Dudley on Angle’s Survivor Series team. Angle says if they can eliminate the Big Show, there would be a spot on his team for one of them. Spike accepts the offer, but Bubba and D-Von question Spike’s decision and act all nervous.

-Booker T def. Orlando Jordan
Pretty average match. End saw JBL attempt to interfere but ends up getting knocked down as O.J. runs right into a Booker T sidekick for the clean pin. JBL panics in the ring to end the taped portion of the show.

After the show JBL makes fun of the Husker Football team, then points out that since JBL has been champion there have been “No Terrorist Attacks In This Country” and on November 2nd to vote JBL.

Other Notes

-Really sad attendance for a SD taping. Raw was live at the same arena in February and was nearly sold out. The entire upper bowl was tarped off, and the non-tv side (the entire south side of the arena) all of the actual seats were tarped off except for the first 6 or 7 rows. The main floor was completely sold out but still it’d be a generous estimate of a crowd of 6,000 in a 15,000 seat arena.

-The commercial breaks seemed a LOT longer than usual which could attribute to more yet to be taped stuff of Heyman searching for Undertaker. It really killed any momentum. The Chavo/Nunzio match was DEAD SILENT to the point it was almost creepy and you could even hear the lights buzzing.

-Six year old kids screaming profanities for nearly 3 hours disturbs me, it really does.

-The Tough Enough thing is basically the Diva search with dudes.

-I’d to the traditional pops/heat, but honestly with no John Cena and a newly turned Booker, no Undertaker, and no set entrance for Eddie Guerrero (a run-in) there really wasn’t an overwhelming crowd favorite. The loudest pops were actually during the WWE Desire (Lonely Road of Faith) video that had shots of Hogan, Rock, and Austin.

Overall a pretty average show, not much wrestling content, but it could come off better actually watching it on TV instead of on a screen in an arena.