Romo\'s World: The World of Everwood Colorado

This week’s episode main focus was on Ephram and Amy’s future. They both are looking at schools to attend after graduation. Much to her dad’s disappointment Amy is applying to schools based on their proximity to school’s Ephram has applied to. This does not include his choice for Amy, Princeton.

This is an important subject for the show to deal with. I am sure the writers and producers are trying to solve the problem of what to do when Ephram and Amy graduate. They seem to have left open a backdoor by breaching the possibility of both of them attending Colorado A&M.

Both Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott want the best for their respective children but this just causes them to interfere and screw things up. Dr. Brown was none to pleased to hear Ephram was considering giving up on his dream of Juliard and going to a state school. They went on a campus tour where Dr. Brown proceeded to act like a jerk saying the dorms have a “refugee camp vibe”. Which was my personal favourite line of the episode. Dr. Abbott goes behind Amy’s back to talk to Ephram about his desire to have Amy go to Princeton. Amy figures out the plot when Ephram brings up the idea of applying to a music school in New Jersey close to Princeton.

The two side plots dealt with in his episode both have some possible long term ramifications.

Irv is fired from his job as a bus driver due to age and tries to convince Edna to travel the world with him. Irv imagines a relaxing day on a beach for his retirement, while Edna wants to join the Peace Corps (is she insane?). Edna proceeds to quit her job after Jake (Scott Wolf) berates her for being an hour late. Of course by the end of the episode she realizes she needs to work and takes her job back. Edna declares she doesn’t want to leave Everwood. Irv says he will stay for now but that he is getting the itch to leave.

Obviously this is leading towards Irv exiting the show in the near future. If he does leave the show then the possible story lines of a single Edna could lead to some interesting fights with her son, who never really approved of her relationship with Irv.

The other side plot dealt with last week was the continuing saga of Dr. Brown trying to manufacture another miracle.

Andy is trying to help out Amanda’s (Anne Heche) husband with music therapy. To recap he is pretty much a vegetable due to a stroke. Amanda is not so sure about the idea and makes Dr. Brown watch home movies to show her what kinda guy her husband was like before the stroke. I was expecting to see all these negative pictures but instead it shows some bad karaoke. What was the point of that? So yeah your husband is a nice guy who loved you. I was confused about this and how Andy will react to it. It almost seems like, hey we felt bad for the actor who is stuck in the wheelchair so we gave him 30 seconds to appear on screen where he is not a vegetable.

To me this whole side plot has some potential for romance and even if that doesn’t happen it could cause conflict with Nina who has discovered she is in love with Andy. Will Nina really want Andy hanging out with an attractive woman, who while married, hasn’t been getting any in several years? Also Andy seems to be growing attached to Amanda, at least on emotional level. The writers may use this plot line as a way to get Nina to tell Andy how she feels.

Things I didn’t like about the episode:

Amy’s cheap shot towards Bright, who is being totally underused in my opinion, in regard to how “anyone with a pulse could get in there (Colorado A&M).”

Much to my dismay Bright is pretty much on par with his mom in their screen time. Come on I want to see some of those parties where Bright is picking up all these chicks.

Amy’s using ex-bf Colin dying as a reason for following Ephram to where he goes to school. It was cheap of her to do.

The Dr. Brown apology to Ephram about how he acted on the campus tour. Can we please go an episode where Andy doesn’t apologize to someone? He must be the only person alive who can realize he made a mistake and apologize within an hour.

Things I did like:

When Dr. Brown perhaps gives Ephram the inspiration and confidence his dad cannot give him. His whole speech about genius was a bit cheesy but it was a good way to get Ephram back on track with his music and I like the odd moments when they allow Dr. Brown to show that he is not a total jerk.

I am glad they aren’t going to just ignore Amy and Ephram graduating. It was good to deal with it now so as to give the viewers time to adjust to the idea of Everwood without Amy and Ephram (if that is even a realistic possibility or not).