InsidePULSE’s WWE Smackdown Report


WWE Smackdown for October 28th, 2004. Taped from Omaha, Nebraska.
Report by Brad Jennette, EXCLUSIVELY for www.insidepulse.

We open the show with the 7 Tough Enough finalists being led by Al Snow. They walk into the locker room and The Big Show immediately kicks them out for not paying their dues. He actually physically shoved one of the kids out of the room. Al then informs the kids to drop their bags and head to the ring. The TE kids head to the ring to virtually no reaction whatsoever, outside of The Miz. I have to say I like Puder the best of the group because he is a legit shoot fighter. Snow says each of them have 20 seconds on the mic to cut a promo on the Big Show. None of them do a particularly good job in my eyes. Snow calls out Big Show and he gets in the ring and gets in all the kids faces. Show gives all of them a body slam and they cut away right before we can see the kids no-sell it. I give the Miz credit for selling the back the longest (after he got up.)

Recap of Booker T taking JBL out last week on Smackdown is shown.

Commercial break.

Chavo Guerrero vs Nunzio
Nunzio doesn’t get an entrance. Kidman decides to join us for some color commentary, which works in my book. Chavo gets attacked from behind at the start and Nunzio slugs him down. Chavo comes right back with some hard rights and chops in the corner. Chavo hits a clothesline and a European uppercut. Chavo stomps away and hits a back suplex. Chavo goes to the chinlock so he can jawjack at Kidman. Nunzio escapes with a kick and hits a FAMEASSER FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE! Nunzio chokes Chavo on the ropes and goes to an armbar. Chavo escapes with a headscissors but gets caught with a drop toehold. Nunzio goes back to the chokehold and then hits a lariat. Nunzio hits some clubbing blows and chokes Chavo some more with his foot. Chavo comes back with some right hands and then a leapfrog. Chavo hits a clothesline then a backdrop. Chavo hits a spinebuster and follows it with a back elbow. Chavo and Nunzio eat each other with a double clothesline and Nunzio goes flying out of the ring. Kidman leaves the announcer table and goes for the shooting star press but misses! Nunzio quickly follows with a dropkick for 2. Chavo counters a springboard into the Gory Bomb for the 1-2-3!
Winner – Chavo Guerrero

Josh Matthews is backstage with JBL. JBL admits that Booker T beat him, but says it was only a tag match and that he would never beat him one on one. Booker shows up and gets in JBL’s face but Orlando steps in. Orlando says Booker has to go through him if he wants JBL. Booker tells Orlando Jordan to go make him a sandwich, House Boy. A fight is about to breakout when Teddy Long shows up and makes Booker T vs Orlando Jordan for tonight’s main event. The catch is, if Booker T wins, he gets a WWE title shot at Survior Series.

Backstage, Heidenreich is on his cell phone with Heyman. He keeps telling Paul to listen to him and he tells Paul how much he NEEDS to have this match at Survior Series.

Commercial break.

We come back with Heyman in a dark room apparently talking to The Undertaker. Heyman says this match and the whole “driving the truck into the hearse” was all Heidenreich’s idea. Taker’s arm comes into the picture and grabs the contract. He signs the contract and passes it back to Heyman who starts to leave, when the arm shoots into view again and grabs Heyman by the throat. Taker comes into full view and he tells Heyman that he will give him a pass for Paul Bearer incident. He wants Heyman to witness what happens when you look into the eyes of the dragon. Taker says this contract isn’t going to be for a match, its going to be for an execution.

Commercial break.

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio
This should rock. Angle comes out alone because Long barred them from ringside for this match sayz Cole. Angle works the mat with Rey and sets him on the top rope, tapping him on the head like a child. They work the mat a little more and Angle takes him down with a shoulderblock. Rey gets mad and tries another shoulderblock and this time doesn’t fall down. He tries it again, only this time he kicks Angle in the shin and the move works. Angle chases Rey and Angle gets dumped to the outside. Rey mocks Angle’s spinning celebration. Angle comes back in and kicks Rey in the gut and follows it with a hard right hand. Rey comes back with a headscissors and a double boot to the face. Angle is dazed and Rey charges him…. but Angle CATCHES HIM AND BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEXES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! REY IS FUCKED! Rey is lying on the ground dead as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break.

We come back with Angle going for another belly to belly suplex but Rey headbutts out of it. Rey charges but gets caught with a picture perfect belly to belly suplex for 2. Then another 2. Then a third 2 count. Angle stomps away and chokes Rey with his boot. Angle hits a scoopslam and works the back over with a bearhug. Angle whips Rey into the corner and hits a GERMAN for 2. Angle snapmares Rey down and goes to a body vice. Rey fights out and Angle tries a tilt-a-whirl slam, but Rey counters to a DDT for 2. Rey hits a seated senton and follows it up with a head scissors. Rey hits a bulldog for 2. Angle comes back and goes for the ankle lock but Rey counters and sets Angle up in the 6-1-9 position. Rey runs but Angle slides out of the way. Rey springboards off the ropes and tries a crossbody but he hits the referee. Rey sends Angle into the ropes for the 6-1-9 but the Honor Society runs out and Jindrak moves Angle, taking the brunt of the blow himself. Luther grabs Rey and hits a backbreaker and slides Rey back into the ring. RVD runs down and takes out Jindrak and Luther. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Rey in the ring but Eddy runs out and he takes Angle down and hits the Frog Splash! Eddy grabs Rey, drapes him on top of Angle and the referee counts the 1-2-3!
Winner – Rey Mysterio

Torrie Wilson (with some major boobage action) is backstage getting dressed for her costume contest. Kenzo comes in and starts flirting and singing to her until she freaks out.

Commercial break.

We come back with the Honor Society and Eddy, RVD, and Rey Mysterio in Teddy Long’s office all yelling at each other with Teddy in the middle of it all. Teddy announces that Angle and Eddy with each assemble a 4 man team and have a old school style Survior Series match at Survior Series.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is with CARLITO CARIBBEAN COOL and a tall latino man in yellow overalls. Josh starts to interview YOUR US champion when the tall man in overalls grabs him and and lifts him up against the wall. Carlito calls the man off and introduces Josh to his new bodyguard, Jesus. Josh asks Carlito if he was at the same club when Cena was stabbed. Carlito says he was and he was but he left when Cena showed up because he didn’t want trouble. Carlito says Cena is a thug and thugs aren’t cool. Carlito says Josh isn’t cool, and he knows what he does to people who aren’t cool. Jesus grabs Josh and holds him in place while Carlito grabs his apple. Carlito takes a bite of the apple….. THEN SWALLOWS IT AND TAKES ANOTHER BITE! HAHAHA! Carlito then spits his apple in Josh’s face as he and Jesus walk off.

Commercial break.

Halloween Costume Contest: Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie
Solid eye candy business but nothing we haven’t seen 100 times before. Dawn gets the microphone and says this is the outfit when she nurses Charlie Haas back to health. Stupid. This brings out Charlie’s real fiance Miss Jackie who tackle’s Dawn and rips her clothes off.
“Winner” – The Fans?

Big Show confronts Eddy in the hallway and DEMANDS to be on Eddy’s Survior Series team. Eddy acts all pissed off, but its just an act as he allows Show to be the 4th member of the team.

Commercial break.

Raw Recap: I don’t care.

Backstage, The Honor Society are freaking out about Eddy picking The Big Show as his 4th member. The Dudley Boyz show up and Spike suggests one of the Dudleyz get to be the 4th member. Angle suggests if they take care of his “big problem” he would let them in. Spike says he has a plan as we go to commercial break.

Commerical break.

Recap of the Tough Enough kids getting “beatup” by The Big Show.

Booker T vs Orlando Jordan
We go to a commercial break before the Big B Teezy even comes to the ring.

Commercial break.

We come back with Orlando and Booker going at it. Orlando tries a hiptoss and Booker lariats him down. Booker starts wailing on Orlando with hard right hands and stiff chops. Orlando rakes the eyes and starts clubbing away with forearms. Orlando backs Booker into the corner and starts wailing away with rights and lefts. Booker comes back with rights and chops of his own. Booker hits a lariat for 2. Booker goes to the armbar but Orlando backs him into the corner and hits some Lesnar-like shoulderblocks into the corner. Orlando chops Booker and hits a back elbow for 2. Orlando chokes Booker on the ropes but Booker comes back with some right hands and chops. Booker hits a spinkick and clotheslines Orlando over the top rope as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break.

We come back with Booker nailing Orlando with a vertical suplex, then another. Booker hits a back elbow that sends Orlando to the outside. JBL distracts Booker long enough for Orlando to sneak up and slam him against the steeeeeel steps. Back in the ring, Orlando punts Booker in the ribs for a 2 count. Orlando stomps away on Booker and hits a scoop slam. Orlando goes to the chinlock and when Booker fights out, Orlando hotshots him on the top rope for 2. Orlando hits a sidewalk slam and heads to the top rope. Orlando hits a flying crossbody but Booker rolls through and gets a 2 count on Orlando! Orlando gets up and sends Booker straight down with a lariat. Orlando does back to the chinlock. Booker fights out and hits a swinging neckbreaker as both men are down. Booker has a noticeable busted lip/nose. Orlando recovers first and hits some kicks to the midsection but Booker comes right back with a flapjack and both men are out. After an 8 count, both get up and Booker starts lacing into Orlando with right hands and hard chops. Booker hits a flying forearm and a lariat. Booker hits a spinkick for 2. Booker with some more right hands to Orlando and then a right hand to JBL when he hopped on the apron. Booker kicks Orlando low and hits the scissors kick for the 1-2-3!
Winner and #1 contender for the WWE Title – Booker T.

End of Show.