InsidePulse Indy Report 10.29.04: SUN Shows


NEWS: D’Lo Brown Clinic in Manchester, England
CIW – 10/23 – Tabor City, NC
BCW – 10/24 – Windsor, Ontario
PWX – 10/24 – Tillsonburg, Ontario
SUN SHOWS – 10/31:
MPW – Maple Grove, MN
FC – Ocala, FL
NWA CW – Kingsport, TN

D’Lo Brown Clinic in Manchester, England

D-Lo Brown will host a special training seminar at the Future-Shock Wrestling School in Manchester, England on Saturday, 11/6.

This is a chance for budding wrestlers to learn the ropes inside Europe’s only 20 x 20 wrestling ring at the Future-Shock gym in Manchester.

The seminar starts at 12.30pm and runs until 4pm. The fee is £20.

For more details on the D-o Brown Seminar at the Future-Shock Gym, Salah’s Martial Arts Centre, 217 Ashton Old Road, Beswick in Manchester, log on to or call the hotline on 0774 2539115.

Costal Impact Wrestling results
Sat, 10/23 – Tabor City, NC

Crowd: 65
*Justin Feechie (w/ Commander Balsif Steele/The Phat Boys) def. Solitude
*The Stro def. Sik via pin after a piledriver
*Sean Cruise/Eric Gibson def. Simply Delicous Dino/?? (w/ Moses Manson/Chaos)
*K~CI Mcknight/Tito Rains (w/ Justin Willams) def. Leo Allure/”Stunning” Steve Micheals
*Dream Lovers def. East Coast Bodily Harm
*Zane Dawson/Tre G (w/ Balsif Steele/Sik) vs. Dave Renegade/Hangtime went to a no contest
*CIW Tag Titles Match: Team Egotrip (K~Ci Mcknight/Tito Rains) (w/ Justin Willams) def. The Dream Lovers
*CIW Coastal Gauntlet Match: Hangtime

Border City Wrestling results
Sun, 10/24 – Windsor, Ontario

*Tim Titan def. Phil Atlas via pin
*El Reverso def. Adam Fontaine
*Kris Chambers/Jaime D def. Chris Clontz/Shenaynay
*BCW TV Title, Contender Match: Gutter def. N8 Mattson & Danny Daniels
*Eddie Venom def. James Champagne by pin
*”Mr. Class” A-1 (w/ Jade) def. J.T. Playa
*Dyson Pyrce/Brad Martin def. “Smooth Mover” Chris Pillon/Johnny Bravo (w/ Jimmy Trump)
*The High Class Cripplers (Ruffy Silverstein/CK3) def. Chris Sabin/D-Ray 3000

Pro Wrestling Xtreme results
Sun, 10/24 – Tillsonburg, Ontario

*Jake O’Riley def. Mike Stevens
*Evan Storm def. Jayson Chambers
*Freak Show def. Jessy Jones
*Shopping Cart From Hell Match: Dragon-X def. Joey Reveal
*CK Sex def. Phil Latio
*PWX X Title Match: Kaos def. Predator
*PWX Pro Division Title Match: Cody Steele def. Eddie Osbourne

Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena, 11760 Justen Circle Ste F, Maple Grove, MN
Sun, 10/31

Funking Conservatory presents “Morbid Power II”
Dory Funk Arena, Skate Mania, Ocala, FL
Sun, 10/31

NWA Championship Wrestling
National Guard Armory, 4401 West Stone DR, Kingsport, TN
Sun, 10/31

*NWA CW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Powerhouse” Ray Idol vs. Super Destroyer (w/ Clarence Clippenback)
*NWA CW Unified Tag Titles, No DQ Match: champions Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy vs. The Bombers (Big Daddy/Thorn)
*”The Cold” Alyx Winters vs. “Mr. Charisma” Chris Gilbert (w/ Clarence Clippenback)
*NWA CW Tri-State Heavyweight Title Match: champion Ryan Phoenix vs. “Cut Throat” Josh Cody (w/ Clarence Clippenback)
*NWA CW TV Title Match: champion “Pure Talent” Eric Darkstorm vs. Thorn (w/ Big Daddy)
*NWA CW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Superstar” Shane Matthews vs. Clay Connors
*”Kingsport’s Own” Wayne Adkins/Nick Hammonds vs. The Dark Carnival
*Also featuring “Handsome” Beau James & more

Tickets: $10 Front Row, $8 G.A. Adult, $6 G.A. Under 12