The Smackdown Short Form, 10.28.04


In Memoriam: HRH Princess Alice, the Dowager Duchess of Gloucester. Truly the end of an era.

I think I’ll keep it to Smackdown only this week. The bloom is off the Impact rose, and its upload is delayed by days and only grudgingly done so at that point (and I don’t have it on my digital cable, which meant that doing it live was no option). So, I apologize. Maybe as we get closer to Victory Road…wait a minute, we are close to Victory Road. This situation won’t change. So unless I can get a copy of Impact by, say, Saturday afternoon, it’ll be Smackdown-only for the Short Form. Let’s get on with it…


Match Results:

Chavito over Nunzio (Pinfall, Gory bomb): Bleh match, and Kidman was bleh on commentary. But it was a good piece of work to get Chavito back to speed. So I won’t complain much about it.

Chavito does the “This Is You” thing to Kidman

Rey-Rey over Kurt Angle, Transition Special Feature (Pinfall, Guerrero frog splash): Until the rolling interference at the end (Jindrak, Reigns, Van Dam, Guerrero), this was a damn sweet little match. These two work really well together, a lot better than you might think given the obvious stylistic mismatch. But they’ve proven time and time again that styles don’t really matter with them. Rey-Rey can work mat, Angle can work semi-lucha. Talent does shine through sometimes.


Booker T over Orlando Jordan (Pinfall, scissors kick): We all knew the result of this one the moment the stip was made. However, the “getting there” was halfway-decent. Booker sold well for Jordan and…okay, I wasn’t enthused, but it was a decent main event. Just move on from there.

Orlando Jordan takes it to Booker T

Angle Developments:

The Moral Equivalent Of Bad Breath: Can we please avoid the fifteen-minute Tough Enough opening promos from now on? It’s awfully difficult to ignore it when it’s shoved into our faces like this. Hopefully, this’ll be the last time. Instead of this crap, here’s a cap of TBS on Enterprise.

Regrettably, TBS doesn’t choke-slam T’Pol. She deserves it.

And So The Set-Up Is Made: Booker/High-Quality Speaker Boy at SurSer. Hey, I’m down with that. As long as Booker wins the match there, that is. Maybe that way Scooter will come back to doing Smackdown and I can stop doing this.

Teddy Long makes the match

And So The Match Is Made: Well, that hope just went down the drain with UT/Heidenreich. Keith absolutely LOVES that kind of match. It’ll be a train wreck, but maybe it’ll be a good train wreck…oh, what am I thinking? It’ll suck donkey balls and spoil SurSer.

“Kiss me, you fool!”

An Actual Survivor Series Match?: Team Angle versus Team Guerrero? Oh, yeah, I’m there. Still not enough to make me pay for it, but I’m there. I just wonder who the fourth men are going to be. Dear God, don’t make them Tough Enough contestants, please. Although TBS is just about as bad of a choice.

Teddy makes another match

Personal Jesus: Well, why not? Everyone else has a hanger-on, so why not Carly? Let’s hope he turns out to have more personality than Jindrak…wait, he can’t have LESS personality than Jindrak, so that’s not much of a goal. Let’s just hope he turns out to be…well, cool.

Matthews gets introduced to Jesus

And that’s it for this edition. Remember, if you’re in the US and over 18, prep yourself to vote on Tuesday. This time, it’s for real and for all the marbles.