Terminal Velocity- The WWE Velocity Report 10.30.04


-OK, I caught the flu this past week, so unfortunately this week I’m keeping the report short n’ simple. I’m only gonna recap any notable portions/the end of the matches. Sorry you won’t be able to get the full dose of my awesomeness this week, but ah well.

WWE Velocity- 10/30/04

-We start off with the pyro, etc, etc. Josh mentions it’s Halloween eve, and cracks a joke about Demott. Out comes Shannon Moore, looking like a reject from the Road Warrior. Following him is none other than CCC, who’s already here opening Velocity.

-CCC vs. Shannon Moore. Holy shit, speaking of Road Warrior, Demott just said Shannon looks like Mad Max. PHYSIC CONNECTION’D. Carlito wins with his ‘Swinging Modified Neckbreaker’, aka Overdrive, aka Elix Skipper’s finisher. Actually an ok match, **1/2 on the Velocity Scale.

-Tonight, Luther Reigns will take on ‘some poor soul’, as Josh says. Psss, kids”¦.. that’s codename for ‘jobber’.

-Also tonight, Rene Dupree will take on RVD. Bill thinks things will get crazy tonight. I bet.

-DOR ad.

-Back on Velocity, a recap of the Tough Enough segment of SmackDown. These guys have to cut a promo on Big Show, and practically all of them suck at doing so. Gotta love that Justice guy, though. “Yyyyyyyyoooooo Big Shooowwwwwwwwwww!” After this, Show comes out and bodyslams them, and everyone but the Miz no-sells it. Rookies.

-Up next, Luther Reigns is in action.

-Luther Reigns vs. Mike Mondo. Mondo’s fresh offa jobbing to Rodney Mack on HeAt. He is, despite his last name, a little man. And he gets thrown around a lot. Mondo gets some Random Jobber Offenseâ¾Ã‚¢ in, but is quickly put down. Miniscule reference to Ernest Miller by Demott. Reigns puts this away with his rolling DDT-like thing, as it doesn’t quite resemble the ROTD anymore. *3/4.

-We’re reminded that tonight, RVD’ll take on Rene Dupree.

-And now, the WWE ‘Monster Job of the Week.’ You know, somewhere in there lies a clever insider pun”¦.. anyways, it’s Chavo beating Nunzio on SmackDown. Quite frankly, it wasn’t THAT big of a job”¦..

-To make my night complete, here comes Doug Bashams, set to take on Haadkow Haaly.

-Hardcore Holly vs. Doug Basham. Classic ol’ cheatin’ Bashams during this match here to help Doug take the advantage, but pretty soon he’s jobber feed and Hardcore Holly finishes this off with the Alabama Slam. I think the Alabama Slam would be better if it was called the ‘Alabama Slama.’ Just my two scents. **.

-Up next, we get a recap of Booker/Orlando from Smackdown.

-Back here on Velocity, a replay of Booker/Jordan. Of course, Booker picks up the win to give himself a title shot at Survivor Series.

-WWE Rewind time: Eddie costing Angle his match against Rey from Thursday.

-RVD vs. Rene Dupree. Pretty good Velocity-style main event, with back and forth momentum. Some interference by Kenzo gets he and Hiroko thrown to the back. Dupree tries to pull a fast one by throwing his title belt in the ring, and, when the ref was putting it back, using a chair, but RVD connects with the Van Daminator instead to put this one away. ***.

-We end the show with RVD celebrating and Josh telling us to have a happy Halloween.