InsidePulse’s WWE Afterburn Report


It’s October 30, 2004 and we’re on the air with WWE Afterburn!

Last week: Booker T pins the WWE champion.

Our host today is Josh Matthews. Survivor Series is right around the corner. Booker T faces OJ later on. But first:

Last Week: Chavo gets some retribution on Kidman

JIP, Chavo vs Nunzio, with Kidman on commentary. Chavo with chops and an uppercut. Chavo with a clothesline as Kidman says he is here to support Chavo. Chavo points to Kidman and keeps beating on Nunzio. Cole says the SSP is injuring people and this is why Kidman does it. First, he gets booed because he doesn’t do the SSP; now he’s getting booed because he does it. Weird. Chavo with a suplex for a 2 count. Nunzio comes back with a 2nd rope rocker dropper for a 2 count. Nunzio with a resthold, while Kidman says that last time was an accident for what he did to Chavo, but next time, it won’t be. Chavo with a flying headscissors, but Nunzio drops him on the 2nd turnbucles. Nunzio chokes and punches Chavo. Chavo with a cradle for a 2 count. Nunzio back on Chavo with a clothesline, punches and choking. Chavo with punches and a couple of clotheslines. Backbody drop and a spinebuster for a 2. Chavo says to Kidman “this is you” and Kidman is less than impressed. Chavo going for the Gory special, no, Nunzio with a kick and a whip to the corner -> double clothesline. Nunzio is outside. Kidman goes to the top rope and misses the SSP. Nunzio tries to take advantage for a 2 count. Chavo gets the Gory bomb for the 1, 2, 3.

Coming Up: Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle
Up Next: Heidenrich wants UT

We’re back with Josh talking about Heidenrich-UT.

Heidenrich is on the phone with Paul Heyman. He keeps repeating that he wants the UT. He is begging to get a match with the Dead Man. It looks like is going to give it to him, because Heidenrich ends the conversation with a “thank you”. He is a polite monster.

We now see Heyman in the dark with the UT arriving, without showing his face. He puts all the blame on Heidenrich for what happened. After some more talking, Undertaker signs the contract and grabs Heyman by the throat. UT gave him a pass with the Paul Bearer situation, but don’t think for one minute that he wouldn’t take Heyman out. UT wants Heyman to watch what happens to Heidenrich. This won’t be a match, it’ll be an execution. Heyman runs away as UT laughs.

Coming Up: Booker T vs OJ
Up Next: Carlito speaks

Afterburn returns with Josh talking about John Cena. He is making progress in his recovery. His kidney is healing, but it is unknown when he will return.

On SD, Josh Matthews catches up with Carlito Cool. Josh asks him if there is any truth to the rumor that Carlito, oops, a big guy grabs Josh, picks him up and asks if he got a problem. Carlito tells the big guy, Jesus, to put Matthews down. Back to the interview, Josh continues his question. Rumors aren’t cool. Carliton was at the club that night celebrating his US title victory. Cena was bothering a lot of people that night, so Carlito left. Josh isn’t cool, so he gets the apple treatment. Now, I’m no detective, but wouldn’t it be easier to just ASK CENA WHO DID IT?

Up Next: Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle

Afterburn is back.

JIP, Angle vs Mysterio. Kurt going for a back suplex, no, Rey flips out of it, now Angle going for a belly to belly, no, Rey with headbutts, Angle shoves Rey into the corner, Rey with a boot up and now Angle does the belly to belly. Angle with a back breaker for three 2 counts. Angle with kicks and a slam for a 2 count. Angle with a resthold. Rey gets out of it with elbows and punches, but Angle gets a German suplex for a 2. Another resthold. Rey gets out of it with a cool DDT for a 2. Replay of the DDT. Angle throws Rey out of the ring, but Rey lands on the apron. Springboard and flying headscissors on Angle. Bulldog for a 2 count. Angle going for the anklelock, no, Angle is in position for the 619, but he ducks it. Rey with punches, off the ropes, reverse, duck, springboard and down goes the referee. Kurt going for the Angle Slam, no, Angle is the 619 position. Luther and Mark come down. Mark moves Angle out of the way and takes the 619 from Mysterio. Luther with a backbreaker. RVD comes out and knocks Luther and Mark out. Angle Slam on Rey. Eddy is out with punches and then, a frogsplash on Angle. Crossbody block on Luther. Rey covers Angle for the 3 count.

Backstage, all 6 men are arguing with SD GM Theodore Long in the middle. Long makes an old school 8 man elimination match.

We see Big Show having a meeting with Eddy. Big Show wants to be in Eddy’s team. Eddy says he already made his choice on the 4th person. It’s Big Show.

Angle talks with Luther and Mark. Dudley Boyz come and says the boss wants to talk to them. Spike says that Angle needs a 4th person and that could be one of the Dudley Boyz. Angle wants the Dudley Boyz to take out Show, and then, one the Dudley Boyz will get that chance.

UP Next: Booker T vs Orlando Jordan

We’re back with our final segment of Afterburn.

Josh Mattews is talking with JBL and OJ. JBL says Booker T isn’t in his league. Booker T shows up and brags about beating him last week. He’ll do it again; next time, it’ll be for the title. Jordan steps up and says Booker T isn’t even in OJ’s league. OJ calls him a punk. Booker T tells OJ to make him a sandwich. Long says that Booker T will face OJ, and if Booker wins, it’s be JBL vs Booker at Survivor Series for the WWE title.

JIP, Booker T vs OJ, JBL is at ringside. Booker T with a suplex, right hand and elbow. OJ is outside and Booker follows him. Booker and JBL are face to face. OJ takes the advantage and uses the steps twice. Back in the ring, a kick to the ribs by OJ for a 2. OJ with more kicks and a bodyslam. We got a resthold. Booker T with elbows and punches, but OJ does a hotshot for a 2. Sideslam by OJ. Now, OJ is mocking Booker. OJ to the top for a crossbody block, but Booker reverses it for a 2 count. OJ with a clothesline, kicks and a resthold. Booker gets out of it with elbows and a swinging neckbreaker. OJ with 3 right hands and 4 kicks. Whip, reverse, flapjack by Booker T. Both men up at 9. Booker T with punches and a chop. Booker with a clothesline and spinkick for a 2 count. Spinebuster for a 2. Booker T with punches, whip into the corner, reverse, OJ goes over, superkick by Booker T. Booker knocks out JBL from the apron and does a scissors kick to OJ for the cover, the count and the victory. Booker is going to Survivor Series!

Josh Matthews says his goodbyes and that does it for Afterburn.