Weekend News

Weekend News, 10-31-04

Well, Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks again to those of you who wrote to me
in response to my last column. I figured that writing about Scott Keith would
touch some nerves, but the feedback was 100% behind my opinions. Anyway, ranting
aside, I was actually able to download Smackdown in time this week, so my opinions
follow. Enjoy!


Well, another incredibly slow news week in a series of them, so once again,
this won’t be a long section.

Vince McMahon and Stephanie had an argument over Tough Enough footage taped
on Tuesday for tonight’s Smackdown, where Big Show bodyslams the contestants.
Vince wanted to include it all, which includes some of the contestants no-selling
the bodyslam, along with Show’s reaction, but Stephanie felt it would expose
the business. The only bodyslams that will air tonight are those where the contestants
appear hurt or in pain.
credit: pwtorch.com, wrestlingobserver.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
I’m siding with Stephanie on this one; I can’t believe the contestants weren’t
told to be sure they sold the bodyslams. Anyway, more on this in the Smackdown

Many wrestling news sites reported yesterday that TNA will no longer pay the
local enhancement wrestlers to do jobs on iMPACT! or Xplosion, but TNA management
is now telling the jobbers that they will in fact be paid $100, the pay they
were recently getting, after originally starting at $200. The word is this was
a decision they had yet to make as the Net reported it.
credit: wrestlingobserver.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
Hey man, as long as they’re getting paid. People gotta make a living.

There was a lot of backstage talk this week about the upcoming Rise and Fall
of ECW DVD, with it getting a lot of praise from former ECW talent.
credit: pwinsider.com

One Asshole’s Opinion
I’m certainly curious to see how it turns out. It obviously has the potential
to be really good; here’s hoping.

The Adventure of Links

It would be a crime if I went another week without linking gloomchen.
One of the most tremendous columns on the Web, week after week.

times a Szulczewski.

checks in with an excellent column. Give it a look if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, read Mathan‘s
Who’s Who in the DCU.

Better late than never; go read Jim‘s
Marvel Handbook.


Overall, I thought the show was pretty good; however, it was very heavy on
angle advancement, and very light on wrestling (only 3 matches). I think 3 matches
is unacceptable for a 2-hour program…well, hour-and-a-half minus the commercials.
That said, here are one asshole’s opinions:

I didn’t think the Tough Enough segment was as bad as everyone said. I thought
the promos were decent, but I really wanted someone to touch on the fact that
the Big Show got his start in the business by getting picked out of a crowd
at a WCW event. Oh well; I consider it a lost opportunity. Anyway, it seems
like a stronger group overall than those in years past.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Kidman is making a tremendous heel.
He was great on colour commentary (who knew?). I just hope there’s room for
Paul London when the feud with Chavo is over.

I don’t know why, but I think Booker T calling Orlando a "house boy"
is hilarious. "Make me a sandwich" indeed. Fabulous.

The Heyman/Undertaker exchange was excellent. Too bad the match is going to
suck a dick.

Angle and Mysterio could face each other every week for all I care. Simply

Kenzo rules.

I can’t wait for the traditional Survivor Series match (and it looks like we’ll
get one from Raw too). My first live wrestling event was Survivor Series ’92,
and imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be the first year that they
did away with the traditional elimination matches. Damn them! Oh well, at least
I got Hart/Michaels.

Note to fellow IWCers: let’s not call Carlito’s friend Jesus "tall"
until we see him next to somebody who’s NOT Josh Matthews. I mean come on…that
guy’s like 5’2".

I love Dawn Marie.

The Booker/Orlando match was pretty good, and it’s nice that Orlando was given
so much offence. However, if they’re trying to build up Booker T as the top
contender to the title, maybe he shouldn’t have had such a tough time putting
away a noted lackey.

Coming to a Cinema Near You

Rosey was having nightmares…nightmares about grown men oiling themselves
up and rolling around in a ring in their underwear. Chief among his nightmares
was a man named Shane Helms, who keps trying to convince Rosey to join him.
So scared was Rosey that he tried to keep himself awake, because the oily men,
and the evil Shane Helms, had no power over him in the waking world. Eventually,
however, sleep overtook him, and he was imprisoned by Helms, who put Rosey into
training to be just like him. Wassupwitdat?

Well, that’ll do it for this week. Keep the e-mails and IMs coming, and let
me know what you thought, along with any suggestions of things you’d like to
see here.

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