InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 10.31.04


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Taped from Des Moines, Iowa
Hosts are Johnathan Coachman & Todd Grisham

Rodney Mack w/Jazz vs Rhyno w/Tajiri – Actually good pop for Rhyno. Rhyno gets a hiptoss, and ges for an early Gore, but misses and lands outside. Jazz attacks, and Rod throws Rhyno back in for 1. Some beatings get 2. Single arm DDT gets 2. Crowd chants “Lets go Rhyno” as Mack works over the shoulder. Rhyno comes back, and eventually gets a superplex for 2. Belly to Belly, and Rhyno goes for the Gore. Jazz steps in, but Tajiri locks on the Tarantula, and Rhyno Gores Mack @ 5:32. Great finish.

We pick up at the Benjamin/Y2J match with Benjamin getting a Northern Lights suplex for 2. The two exchange inside cradles, but Jericho gets out and goes for the Walls. He opts t catapault him, but Shelton jumps on the turnbuckle. He goes for a 2nd rope sunset flip, but Jericho rolls through and goes for the Walls again. Shelton counters it with a bodyscissors and gets the win. Christian gives him the Unprettier afterwards. That should be a good match.

Footage of WWE superstars(?) rocking the Smackdown! Your Vote tour.

La Resistance vs Ken Anderson & Lenny Lane – Resistance bashes our voting system, as that’s the reason they lost their titles at TT. Ken gets a quick roll-up for 1. Anderson works over the arm, and tags in Lenny Lane, who looks way too much like Chris Jericho. Lenny gets a roll-up for 2, but Conway dumps him. Robert assaults him, and Sylvain gets 2 off of it. Resistance gets a double-team clothesline, and knee gets 2 for Grenier. Sylvain eventually misses a splash in the corner, giving Lane a chance to tag in Anderson, who dishes out some awkward looking forearms. Spinning heel kick gets 2, thanx to Sylvain. Au Revoir finishes it @ 4:54.

We see footage of Foley going to some school in Harlem, and handing out Tales from Wrescle Lane.

Video package of the faces finally standing up to Evolution.

Chuck Palumbo vs Chris Benoit – Palumbo complains about how he didn’t get voted in at TT. Crowds chants “Benoit”. They lockup, and Chuck slaps Benoit. Not smart. Chris chops him, but Palumbo shoulderblocks him down for 2. Chuck misses a big kick, and gets sent outside. Benoit follows him with a suicide dive. Commercials. Back, and Palumbo gets a back suplex for 2. Short clothesline gets 2. A PUNCH gets 2. Chris goes for the Crossface, but Chuck makes the ropes. Some shoulders get 2 for Palumbo. Benoit comes back with 5 Germans, but the Diving Headbutt misses. Big Boot gets 2. Chuck goes for his Somoan Drop, but Benoit counter into the Crossface. Chuck quickly taps @ 12:54.