InsidePulse Indy Report 11.1.04: Results & TU-TH Shows


NEWS: Kurt Angle, Edge, Steve McMichael Sign Autographs
IWW – 10/24 – Dublin, Ireland
IWW – 10/25 – Portlaoise, Ireland
IZW – 10/26 – Tempe, AZ
MSW – 10/27 – Beckley, WV
IWA MS – 10/28 – New Albany, IN
SBW – 10/28 – Mobile, AL
WOHW – 10/29 – Schenectady, NY
Chikara – 10/29 – Reading, PA
XCW – 10/29 – Denton, TX
NAWA – 10/29 – Dallas, TX
PCW – 10/30 – Arlington, TX
FSPW – 10/30 – Ellenton, FL
SCW – 10/30 – Bedford, VA
TUES SHOWS – 11/2:
IZW – Tempe, AZ
MPW – Oak Hill, WV
WED SHOWS – 11/3:
LV – Chicago, IL
CCW – Evansville, IL
THURS SHOW – 11/4:
NWA FL – Tampa, FL
IWA MS – Rensselaer, IN
LV – Cleveland, OH
MSW – Beckley, WV

Kurt Angle, Edge, Steve McMichael Sign Autographs

Kurt Angle will be signing autographs on Tues., 11/2 at Slackers CDs & Games, 2869 Veterans Memorial Parkway, St. Charles, MO from 12 Noon to 1 pm. Check out or call 618-659-9331.

Edge will be signing copies of “Adam Copeland on Edge” on Wed, 11/3 at Virgin Records Union Square, 52 East 14th ST, New York, NY starting at 6:30 pm. Check out or call 212-598-4666. On Thurs, 11/4 Edge will be at BookEnds, 232 E. Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood, NJ starting at 7 pm. Call 201-445-0726 for more info.

Steve McMichael will be signing his new book
“Tales from the Chicago Bears Sideline” at the Book Cellar, 4736-38 North Lincoln AVE, Chicago, IL starting at 7 pm. Call 773-293-2665 for more info.

Irish Whip Wrestling results
Sun, 10/24 – Dublin, Ireland

*Red Vinny def. CJ Summers
*Brain Roche def. Dave Zero
*Irish Dragon def. Frankie Shamrock
*Joey Cabray def. George Armstrong
*Battle Royal: Mad Man Armstrong
*Darragh Galligan def. Burning Spirit
*Alex Breslin def. Delle Morte
*Galldubh def. Vid Vain & Matt Stryker

Irish Whip Wrestling results
Mon, 10/25 – Portlaoise, Ireland

*Vid Vain def. Galldubh
*Red Vinny def. Irish Dragon
*Joey Cabray def. CJ Summers
*Dave Zero def. Danny Demento
*Brain Roche def. Burning Spirit
*ACWA Women’s Title Match: Delle Morte def. Alex Breslin
*Galldubh/CJ Summers def. Vid Vain/Joey Cabray

Impact Zone Wrestling results
Tues, 10/26 – Tempe, AZ

*Kharma def. Sheik Samir Hussein
*GQ Gallo def. Antonio Mestre
*Ryan Lynch/Lucha Reigns def. Lil’ Nate/Peter Goodman
*Lawrence Tyler def. Hawaiian Lion (w/ Adrenelyn)
*Navajo Warrior (w/ Crock) def. CC Starr

Mountain State Wrestling results
Wed, 10/27 – Beckley, WV

*Jason Kincaid def. Dan Richards
*Roger Hamm def. Eric St. Clair
*TJ Phillips def. Scotty McKeever
*Big Bad John def. Cuban Assassin #2 by DQ
*Brad Batten def. Dave Scott
*Jack Miller def. Chance Prophet

IWA Mid-South Wrestling results
Thurs, 10/28 – New Albany, IN

*Salvatore Rinauro def. Brandon Thomaseli
*Ace Rockwell def. Josh Abercrombie
*Nigel McGuinness def. Todd Sexton
*Jimmy Jacob def. Shawn Tempers
*Tank def. Ian Rotten
*Team Wildside (Salvatore Rinauro/Todd Sexton/Shawn Tempers/Tank) def. Team IWA Mid-South (“Spyder” Nate Webb/Jimmy Jacobs/Nigel McGuiness/Ian Rotten)

South Bayou Wrestling results
Thurs, 10/28 – Mobile, AL

*Heath Trenchcoat def. JP Brutal
*Surge vs. Agent Orange went to a double DQ
*Joseph def. Lamar Mirabeau
*Eddie Larue def. Evillive by DQ when Joseph interfered
*Battle Royal: JP Brutal

World of Hurt Wrestling results
Fri, 10/29 – Schenectady, NY

*Wonder Woman (Miss DeVille) def. Tinkerbell (Synndy)
*The Next Generation: Capt. A.I. Takei & Cmdr. Kayla (Axel Phoenix/Kayla Sparks) def. Shaggy & Scooby (“Buttery” Bert Williams/Timmy Wright)
*Freddy Krueger (Swinger Sidusky) def. Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack
Skellington & Sally (Shane Alden/Barbie)
*Elimination Match: Wonder Woman/Catwoman/Batman/Spiderman (Miss
DeVille/Mickey The Quickie/Himself/Himself) def. The Joker/Executioner X/Teen Wolf/Elvis (Dickey Sanchez/Virus/Shane Alden/Colin Olsen)
*Monkey Mulligan (Himself) def. Gilligan & The Skipper (Reed James/Scott Scarsdale)
*Hogan & Macho Man (w/ Playboy Bunny Gorgeous George) (Nick Neighborhood/Chuck Deep) (w/ Shana) def. Repo Man & Berserker (Kenny Casanova/Olaf The Belligerent Scandinavian)
*Jason Voorhees (Vendetta) def. The Power Rangers (Jimmy Olsen/Colin Olsen/Mike Pizzaz)

Chikara results
Fri, 10/29 – Reading, PA

*Mano Metalico def. Joker via pin
*2/3 Falls Match: Lance Steel def. Darkness Crabtree
*Submission Match: Lance Steel def. Darkness Crabtree
*Hardcore Match: Lance Steel def. Darkness Crabtree by pin
*Falls Count Anywhere Match: Lance Steel def. Darkness Crabtree
*No Time Limit, No Count Out Match: Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree went to a no contest when they left the building with the ref
*Matt Bomboy def. Din Mak
*European Rules Match: Claudio Castagnoli def. Sabian by K.O.
*IWA Mid-South Tag Titles Match: champions The Wild Cards retained over F.I.S.T. (Gran
*Allison Danger def. Lacey
*Skayde def. Hallowicked by pin
*IPW Mexican Title Match: Oriental def. champion “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush
*Larry Sweeney/Crossbones/American Gigolo/ShareCropper def. Jigsaw/Jolly Roger/DJ Skittlez/Shane Storm

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 10/29 – Denton, TX

*”Dirty” Craig Jerikho def. Jacob Ladder by DQ
*XCW Heavyweight Title, Contenders Street Fight: Bull def. Bullman Downs
*XCW Ironman Title Match: Kit Carson def. Lady Draven
*XCW Tag Titles Match: champions Scott Phoenix/Drunk Adam def. Total Justice (Dave the Rave/Bryan Justice)
*XCW TNT Title Match: champion Jack Drastic def. Gemini
*XCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion John Allen (w/ Todd Diamond) def. Action Jackson by DQ

New Age Wrestling Alliance results
Fri, 10/29 – Dallas, TX

*Dragon def. Stephen Murphy
*Andrew Dalton/Texas Red def. Brown Brothers
*NAWA Juniorweight Title Match: JT Lamotta def. Sean Cordova
*Larry Green def. Pendragon via DQ
*Code/Chris Richter def. Bryan Lewis/Seth
*NAWA Title Match: champion Joseph retained against Logan

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/30 – Arlington, TX

*BJ Turner def. Nathan Sane by knockout
*Apocalypse def. JT LaMotta via pin
*PCW Full Throttle Contract, Battle Royal: Claudia
*Action Jackson (w/ Claudia/Crystal) def. John Allen (w/ Paul Lewis) by DQ
*PCW Heavyweight Title, Contender Match: Mike Foxx def. “Sexy” Steve DeMarco, “Superstar” Jared Steele, & “Bomber” Chris Stevens

FSPW results
Sat, 10/30 – Ellenton, FL

*”Superfan” Mark Zout (as Eugene) def. BoneZ the Cutthroat
*Demetric Malloy/Vindetta def. Big Daddy Pimp/”Suga” Shane Hartline
*No DQ Match: Heater def. CIA member Son of Sicily (w/ “Italian Stallion” BaddBoy)
*Barney Rumble def. Pretty Fly & “The German Heartthrob” Amir
*FSPW Cruiserweight Title Match: champion “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo def. “Italian Stallion” BaddBoy (w/ Son of Sicily)
*FSPW Tag Titles Tournament Match: Los Chalupas def. The Psychedelics (James Morrison/Jerome Hendrix) (w/ Heather) via DQ
*FSPW Hardcore Title, Casket Match: George the Punisher def. Bo Tayvian
*FSPW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Deathrow Jethro def. Torcher

Southern Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 10/30 – Bedford, VA

*Brandon Day def. Kid VCW
*Krazy K def. Alex Sage
*Dexter Poindexter/Seymour Snott def. Ross/James Hall
*Phil Brown def. Dorian DeVille via DQ
*Sean Lei def. 6D6

Impact Zone Wrestling
The Sets, Tempe, AZ
Tues, 11/2 – 7:30 pm

*IZW Women’s Title Match: Erica Porter vs. Morgan
*Nikki vs. Sara Del Ray
*Adrenelyn vs. Desire
*Kharma vs. Fire
*Becca vs. Diana
*Also featuring So Cal Val

Pow Wow Community Center, Bud, WV
Tues, 11/2

Mountaineer Pro Wrestling
Barry’s Skateland, Oak Hill, WV
Tues, 11/2

Lucha VaVOOM
Park West, Chicago, IL
Wed, 11/3

Coliseum Championship Wrestling
Evansville Coliseum, Evansville, IN
Wed, 11/3

NWA Florida presents “Masquerade Massacre”
1503 E. 7th AVE, Tampa, FL
Thurs, 11/4

*NWA Southern Title Match: champion Lex Lovett vs. Bruce Steele (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi)
*”Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews vs. “Master of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong
*Featuring NWA Southern NWA FL Heavyweight champion “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison, The Shane Brothers, Mikey Batts, Rod Steel, NWA FL X champion Sedrick Strong, O.G. Scarface (w/ Ana Mosity), Most Valuable Playas (Erick Stevens/Luther “Bodybag” Jackson), The LadyKillers (Kevin Devine/Ricky Romeo), & more

Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at the door, FREE Kids Under 12

IWA Mid-South Wrestling
National Guard Armory, 1117 E. Grace ST, Rensselaer, IN
Thurs, 11/4 – 7:30 pm

*Falls Count Anywhere: Ian Rotten vs. “Metalhead” Steve Stone
*Petey Williams vs. “Spyder” Nate Webb
*Chris Sabin vs. Brandon Thomaselli
*Also featuring Zach Gowen, Mickie Knuckles, & more

Tickets: $15 ringside, $10 general admission, St. Joseph’s College students present student ID & sit at ringside for $10

Lucha VaVOOM
The Agora, Cleveland, OH
Thurs, 11/4

Mountain State Wrestling
Bargain Park, Beckley, WV
Thurs, 11/4