'Gilmore Girls' Spoilers


Episode 5.07: You Jump, I Jump, Jack
Airdate: November 2, 2004

Emily does not find out about Lorelai and Luke from Lorelai or Rory.

Rory wearing a gown and Logan, a tux, at an elaborate event.

Lorelai is mortified at the prospect of Luke interacting with her snooty parents—and Luke soon learns why; Rory participates in a bizarre off-campus event to research a story on Logan’s secret clique; Lane and Zack (Todd Lowe) have a stay-at-home first date.

Rory is impressed when Logan (Matt Czuchry) brings her to an elaborate event staged by his secret society, and she suddenly finds herself participating in a thrilling but dangerous stunt. Meanwhile, when Emily discovers that Lorelai is dating Luke, she insists he come to dinner. Not to be outdone, Richard invites Luke to a game of golf, and Luke finds himself overwhelmed by the strength of the elder Gilmores’ personalities. Keiko Agena also stars. Daniel Palladino wrote the episode directed by Kenny Ortega.

Rory goes “umbrella” jumping with the guys from the “Life and Death Brigade” gathering. Luke is highly uncomfortable at the golf game. He has new golf club. Richard inquires about Luke’s hobbies but the latter can’t think of one.

Lorelai and Luke go to the Gilmores’. Yet, another new maid greets them. Rory goes to a “Life and Death Brigade” gathering held at a Wooded Safari area. There, a few boys are playing a game where they have to talk without using the letter “e” and are shocked when Rory comes up to them and say “Hello”. Later the boys play a game using paint guns. Richard brings Luke to a golf game at the club.

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