[Beats] Rapper Mac Dre killed

Vallejo rapper Mac Dre was killed in a shooting and crash in Kansas City Missouri.

Investigators revealed that two men in a car were headed north on Highway 71 near 85th Street earlier this morning when another car pulled up and opened fire.

The driver of the vehicle fired upon went into the southbound lanes and into a ravine. The passenger in the car was killed, but it wasn’t immediately known whether the victim died from the gunshots or the accident.

As of press time, police refused to reveal the victims name and reports suggested the men were from out of town.

Dre was from Vallejo, California. He gained notoriety on the Romp label in an interesting case.

In the mid 1990’s, Mac Dre was accused of being affiliated with The Romper Room Gang, who were accused of robbing a string of banks.

On the back of his What’s Really Going On EP, he acknowledge the Romper Room Family and released a song called “Punk Police”.

He addressed the bank robberies and called out the Vallejo Police Chief by name. A subsequent investigation revealed Dre’s ties to the gang.

He was arrested and charged with bank robbery 1991, when the FBI spotted him riding in a vehicle with one the suspected bank robbers, who was also wired.

He served five years in prison and was released in 1996. Mac Dre, along with such rappers as B Legit, Mac Mall, E-40 and later releases from the Young Black Brotha record label helped put Vallejo on Hip-Hop’s map.

The rapper had released material as recent as 2003.

Credit: Allhiphop.com